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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Winning! #Conclave14

                        What Winning Means To Me

Years of failure and depressed innings
                           Collect happiness from smallest things!!
Never mind cut of my visionary wings
                          Get busy again restoring broken strings!!

Struggling for goal summer or springs
                           With broken heart and care for siblings!!
Career, life, family and such vicious rings
                                  All is purged with a bit of winnings!!

Still in seek to gain my dream
                                 When I can buzz the joy and beam
Could celebrate success with friends and team
                      With happiness and proud- I can scream!!

Winning means to me of the success door
                                  It means to me of becoming pure
It means to me for my work reward
                                     It means to me as my life award!!

Would mean to me as have been paid for
                                      For what I did and thought at par
Would give me peace and energy drive

                                To remain stood firm for success strive!!

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