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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ayodhya Issue and Indian Muslims

We all came across the useless forecasting of Govt on much awaited High Court verdict at the Ram Temple Issue by deploying forces with the susceptibility of riots and vacating school, colleges for any unprecedented emergency from the angry mob specially from muslims.
Issue is still in abeyance as verdict is to come on 30th but the basic question is ;why government is threatened with the supposed outcome ?  
If one country can be made on the plea of religion (Pakistan),if Hag Subsidy is being given in the so called secularist country -around 900 Cr every year(no kind of pilgrim package is disbursed by Govt to HINDUS),if one state is given autonomy on the demand of its hard core community ,if separatist are being appeased by politicians by offering them bulk monetary fund and the development programme for those caught in terrorist activities ,where thousands lacs of Mosque are present despite the known truth that all Temples were demolished in Lahore by pak and in Afghan ,where Kerla govt can pass a bill in legislature to rescue a terrorist on the ghaztted holiday of HOLI ,where Shahbano case is resolved out by Parliament act ;does it give any sense that a Verdict if goes in favour of those majority whose culture is "Vashudhav Kutubmkam" ,who have ever grasped the cruelty of a few number of muslims right from Mugal Empire to till date ;these community will come on road for riots ?
Around 30,000 temples were demolished during Mugal empire and in present around 3000 mosque in India are above the historical structure of those temples .these temples were ruined to suppress and finish our great culture in spite of this we accepted them after Independence to make still alive their civilization in our country with arms length freedom.
Ayodhya ,Mathura ,Kashi are symbols of Hindu's idols which were damaged to make feel hurt to their followers and truth of which is omnipresent .
Useless ownership in these three symbols of faith should be amicably surrendered by muslims to express their owe to the whole heartedness of Majority otherwise they will pay a lot by loosing a lot because A kind Hindu's outburst will sabotage their civilization and very existence .  

" Tumne Pakistan manga,Diya nadan samjh ke .Tum Kabristan mangte ho,dete hain mehman sanjhke .Tum mandir ko masjid banana chahte ho !Hindustan ko Turkistan samjhke?? "