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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Office Masoori Trip

Finally by bus we got into Masoori,

                       Differentiated room arranged by Sh manori.

1’st day starts with DJ night,

                                             Crazy Articles with buzz smite.

In two days trip with full Make-up kit,

                                                 Boys tried best to look as fit.

Girls with bunch of attire gadget

                                         Showed it all to whom she met.

Those Articles having hotel’s labour room

                        Rare stayed there to enjoy beauty boom

2’nd day we visited Kempty Fall,

                       Male stripped off to attract babe enthral

Although shivering with cold and chilled pale chick,

                          But ignored all to be in girl’s photo click.

Kothari got new talent of Shayar face,

           Explored theirShayri to impress her with grace.

During bone fire they tried their best

           (So sad !!) Listening HIS Shayri SHE moved her nest.

Now we come to Fun valley,

                                           A great chance- to dance belly

Ignoring tummy- boys dare to nake,

                                           So as to catch baby’s eye take

After all we back to delhi

                                     Again now audit and classes daily.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Sardar: written By Sh Tarun Vijay;01 November 2011, 12:43 PM IST

"We want the entire territory ... and battle for the whole of Kashmir.”
– Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, 23 July 1949

Yesterday, October 31, was the birth anniversary of Sardar Patel.

The man, who would have been the first Prime Minister of India, chose to accept Gandhi’s advice and remain happy to be Home Minister in Nehru’s cabinet. As history tells us, the Congress held a presidential election in the knowledge that its chosen leader would become India's head of government. Eleven Congress state units nominated Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, while only the Working Committee suggested Nehru. Sensing that Nehru would not accept second place to Patel, Gandhi supported Nehru and asked Patel to withdraw, which he immediately did.

A man of highest personal integrity and a transparent public life, Sardar not only gave us an India without ulcers, but also had Lakshadwep integrated in time, which was eyed by Pakistan immediately after August 15,1947. He had the prudence to send Naval ships to the island, barely informed of the independence, and thwarted a Pakistani Navy attempt to seize the strategically located and almost an ‘out of sight’ island. Our naval ships had seen Pakistani Navy nearing Lakshadweep and had them returned.

Sardar integrated 562 princely states with swiftness and alacrity of a Bismarck.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was given the task to have J&K merged. He not only turned it into a permanent pain in the neck but during his reign, we lost 1.25 lakh sq km of Indian land to China and Pakistan. The Survey of India’s map showing the J&K area is incomplete in the sense that we still have to take back the Aksai Chin and Gilgit region from China and Pakistan, which were annexed in 1947-48 by them. And the unpreparedness of India in 1962 is too well known.

A few years ago I had bought a book titled "Inside Story of Sardar Patel: The Diary of Maniben Patel" (Vision books) , which gives vivid details of Sardar’s thoughts and his clarity on various national issues. It’s a dairy written meticulously by his daughter Maniben.

Rathin Das from Ahmedabad reported this year on July 12, 2011 that the entry in Maniben’s diary on September 20, 1950 says that Sardar told Nehru that the Babri Masjid’s renovation was different from reconstruction of the Somnath Temple for which a trust was set up that raised nearly 30 lakh for the purpose. Government money was not spent on reconstruction of the Somnath Temple, Sardar told Nehru following which the Prime Minister kept quiet, Maniben’s diary notes on September 20, 1950.

As Sardar Patel’s wife, Zaverba, died very early, Maniben had taken up the multiple roles as daughter, secretary, washerwoman and nurse to the ‘Iron Man’ till his death on December 12, 1950. Since 1936, Maniben had started maintaining a diary in which she recorded her illustrious father’s daily events and comments.

Another entry, on September 13, 1950, quotes Ghanshyamdas Birla as saying “Nehru’s whole family would have embraced Islam if they had not come in contact with Gandhiji.”

Particulary significant are Sardar’s views on Communists, Muslims and the conversion of Hindus as chronicled by Maniben. It says, Nehru tried to go soft on the Hyderabad action, apparently to appease Muslims. But the Sardar told C Rajgopalachari in no uncertain terms that nothing would stop him from pursuing strong action to remove 'an ulcer', and that Nehru should remain within his limits. The diary says: ‘‘Sardar Patel bluntly told Rajaji that he would not want the future generations to blame and curse him for allowing an ulcer in the heart of India. On one side is western Pakistan and on the other side eastern Pakistan (with their idea of (a) pan-Islamic bloc...(they want to) come to Delhi and establish the Mughal empire again. Once we enter Hyderabad, it is no longer an international affair. It is the State Ministry’s function. How long are you and Panditji going to bypass the Ministry of the States and carry on?’’ (September 13, 1948).

Patel's hold over the Congress party organization was certainly greater. Nehru considered Sardar a rival who could dethrone him. Maniben's diary, however, reveals that Patel had no such ambition, particularly after he had given his word to Gandhi. Upon the Patel-Nehru differences played many others, notably Rafi Ahmed Kidwai, the socialists, and even Maulana Azad. The diary reveals their manoeuvrings to oust Sardar from the Cabinet. Significantly, Nehru consistently ignored the many allegations of corruption against Kidwai, a fact that puzzled many Congress leaders.

The Sardar was happy to see Guruji Golwalkar, the then RSS chief, released from jail and wanted to welcome RSS workers in the Congress. On August 3, 1949, says the diary: ‘‘Glad at release of Golwalkar—ready to welcome in Congress. Bapu’s (Sardar’s) task to make their entry easy.’’ Today, the Congress laments that Osama was not given a fair burial, but won’t say a word on the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh. The Sardar reacted differently under similar circumstances. Maniben records: ‘‘Sardar Patel was not happy with the Nehru-Liaquat Ali Pact as it did not stop the exodus of Hindus from East Pakistan which went on increasing and a large number of Hindus continued to migrate to India. Sardar Patel observed that he was not so much worried about the killings, after all 30 lakh people had died in the Bengal famine, but he could not stand assaults on women and their forcible conversion to Islam... (April 5, 1950).

The Sardar further said: ‘‘Hindus had been totally finished in Sind, Punjab, Baluchistan and Frontier Provinces. It was being repeated in East Pakistan and people like Hafizur Rehman, who had stayed on in India, would be clamouring for (a) homeland in India. What would be our position then? Our posterity would call us traitors.’’ (April 24, 1950)

Sardar Patel did not trust the Communists either. He told M O Mathai, Nehru’s Special Assistant, ‘‘if we have to build up the nation, Communists would have no place there.’’ (September 13, 1948).’’

He didn’t know that though his photo would be used on the Congress manifesto, and that the same people would join hands with the Communists whom he had despised most.

Interestingly, Maniben mentions in her diary that Sardar had one common goal with Savarkar. They differed on several issues but both of them wanted the ‘‘four crore Muslims in India to be loyal to the country; otherwise there was no place for them (August 16, 1949).’’

The diary says, ‘‘Sardar Patel was very unhappy that Nehru had taken the Kashmir issue to the UN which tied India’s hands. His idea was that India should extricate itself from the UN patiently and then solve the Kashmir problem forever. He was also unhappy when reports came that the fertile land left behind in Jammu by Muslim zamindars who had migrated to Pakistan was not being given to Hindu refugees. Instead, the Sheikh was insisting on settling only Muslim refugees on such land (May 1, 1949)... (there were reports) that the majority of government employees were pro-Pakistani.’’

Nehru was a close friend of Sheikh Abdullah, while the Sardar didn’t trust him at all. The diary reveals that even Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, former prime minister of Kashmir, felt that the Sardar could have solved Kashmir if Nehru had not intervened. ‘‘Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, on the other hand, was insisting that the Sardar should settle the Kashmir issue as he had done Hyderabad. But Nehru would not allow it. Iyengar reported that the Sheikh wanted to have an independent Kashmir. Upon hearing this, the Sardar said he would ask the Maharaja to return to Jammu as he did not place any trust in Sheikh Abdullah (May 12, 1949).’’

Maniben also refers to a discussion about the possibility of the partition of Kashmir, which involved India retaining Jammu and handing over the rest of the state to Pakistan. Patel retorted: ‘‘We want the entire territory... and battle for the whole of Kashmir” (July 23, 1949).

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tragedy Tale- FDI in Retail

To get rid of colonial rule,
                                 fought along to preserve resources pool.
In the name of globalization,
                                         indecisive  FDI to make   us    fool.

Economist PM with necessary knowledge tool,
                                seems to have lost his economy school.
Worst inflation and needless plan(Five Year Plan),
                                                    GDP stat leads us to yawn.

Nothing is left from those British trapper,
                                          again inviting via FDI plan paper
FDI in retail for sham opportunity,
                                            to vanish traditional retail unity.

Reminding the era of East India Company,
                                         came india for business and trade.
Ruled us for more than 100 years,
                                         still   carrying  the ill  they  made.

Overseeing india's economy in obsess of USA
                 bit is left from corruption rest inviting MNC to play.
What good they do we can't understand,
                                     but certain we'll beg with bowl in hand.

Facing FDI in higher education,
                                             certain to humiliate own institutions
Now target the retail sector,
                                       To make us dependant on foreign nation.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Alarm to Disarm

Its on ongoing much debate of army revocation and abuse of AFSPA given to Indian army to cope with insurgency situations and to deal with security issues to counter terror attacks .....................

How can Army become our harm,
                    who protect us ignoring cold and warm?
All border fences under whose arm,
                    patriotic men  facing  revocation   storm??
Lost TADA & POTA in political charm,
                    now   AFSPA  under   seclusion  norm??

Thousands of Jawans and civilian lives,
                    hopeless parents and dreamless wives.
lost we all to appease separatist,
                   now again !!  shaping  their  wish   list??

                                   Who   will   care  of     indian   fence,
                                                                                           to save countrymen from enemy's lence?
                                   Can Farooq or Omar guarantee us ,
                                                                                       another means curbing insurgency wrench?

                                   Having militant group homegrown everywhere,
                                                                                   their   representative   in   assembly    there.
                                   The only hope with the Indian Army,
                                                                                 to  push    them   ground   for   every   unfair!!

                                   Peace from PAK is a dream rare,
                                                                                  now   China's   intrusion to  rich   the    layer
                                   Revoking security from insurgency area,
                                                                                   provide   them   another   chance to     dare !!

                                   Stop playing with patriotic Army,
                                                                                     betraying   country   and  appeasing  enemy.
                                   Political game at behest of Pak,
                                                                                    J&K Govt   and    separatist     along    walk!!

                                    Beware countrymen!! from Disarm supporters,
                                                                                                        challenging the constitutional form.
                                    Awake to suppress pseudo peace porters,
                                                                                                     with danger bell of Alarm to Disarm !!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Victor’s victory and victim’s veil

   After all with a vision to toll,

          Still struggling at the verge of fall.

IAC team in a shielded wall,

                                                        Moving ahead without the pawl.

Trying to distance with the national tall,

          Proving to be needless secular loll.

Deafening voices of those in thrall,

              Loosing pride of public enthral.

Victor of corruption with heinous tricks,

              Shaping every day the betrayal bricks.

Victims- the countrymen only with the veil,

                Never ending tragedy of politics tale

Congress rule of voter licks
          Willing to usurp mocking national lyrics.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Soothing Voice......................

 My tearful homage to the legend Sh Jagjeet  Singh

Dipped in sorrow
                           The painful heart .
Can't get solace
                      leaving Ghazal apart .

My search of calm
                        Got certain thwart
The day i heard
                          End    of an   art .

The addict audience
                           of soothing voice
whose life was to -
                      making all us rejoice .

End of an Era -
                          in music industry
maestro of ghazal
                  and his voice mystery .

Still we'll listen his voice magic
         and trace out heal to our heart,
mesmerizing voice of Jagjeet Singh
            always serve as tranquil dart !!

 Paying tribute to the legend art ,
     whose ghazal are saurabh's soul part !!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blast- No Last

 Scattered dead body,

          Bleeding people on road.

          Left family behind,   

                                            Crying hopeless in abode.

Infant child and the one unborn,

        Lonely wife to live with shorn.

Defected body of those survived,

   Misery full life with severe pain tide.

Blast in India a seasonal festival,

       The hub center of Jehadi carnival.

The more they blast -

                             The more we lost.

We feed them in jail -

                      And treat ‘Death Host’.

Crying mom- on son’s cremation,

        Fainted wife dreaming all relation.

The kid in lap - Lost shadow of father.

        Enough to explain - The blast narration.

Countless lives we lost every year,

          Everyday we live With cower and fear.

Govt. says –they can’t wipe your tear

                   As terror attacks are out of gear.

A proved "Impotent" with gutter polity

                   Why we expect –govt. be gutsy??

Feeding militants in country’s jail,

                  Trying to let them get soon bail
So as to en-cash their community vote

       Propagating Hindus in fake terror trail.

Corrupt congress bowing to jihad

      The sole foundation whose national fraud.

Wait you eagerly another blast

                Accustomed India of Blast –No last.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ignite to unite against corruption fight

Revealed corruption and Anna’s fight,
             Ramlila witnessed peoples ignite.

Stirred anger of Aam Aadmi,
                                   Now on road to express their right.

Tremendous support of every class
                                   Fasting Anna to let LOKPAL pass,
Playing war of words -the govt. tyrant
                               Diving in dark- doing national prank.

The whole country is against corruption
                                Govt. arrogance of Ruling addiction,
How long people carry patience within?
                               Public voice- Last nail in the coffin.

An           urge           to      public
                                  To     through   this   Govt.    out .
Shameless          Govt.      
                            Full        of           lickers              clout.
This youth aggregation in India’s history
                               Sign of peoples frozen power mystery.

Shaken congress in corruption fight,
                                  Undreamed reality of ignite to unite.

                                “Vande Matram”

Monday, June 13, 2011

Yell against Yogi: Frustration of Anti-nations

You keep on voting us and we’ll never leave a single chance to vex and deign you by vetoing your legal and constitutional right and by compromising with the sovereignty and dignity of this country. This line becomes true again by the vicarious barbaric incidence made to happen by ruling government at Ramlila Maidan on 4h’th of June midnight over peaceful protesters of Baba Ramdev demanding for repatriation of black money stashed outside the country through illegal means by corrupt netas of the sleazy ruling party .
A closed pandal was set fired and the overcrowded mob comprising of elderly ,children and ladies were forced to vacate the venue in the midnight when all were sleeping after a daylong fast by Lathicharge , tear gas and stone pelt. Thousands of innocent people came across the country to support Baba’s movement were thrown away to the unknown streets of delhi simmering with hunger, pain and thrust of water in the sizzling summer day.
Although  the sycophant police officials tried their best to curtail their inhuman and heinous act of cracking down and dismay the protesters by disconnecting electric supply of the venue and the microphone but thanks to the  private media channels who continually reported the live telecast of brutal & cruel act of police atrocity and tyrants of government because neither DD news nor the official FM radios disseminated this shameless pre-mindset of government to forcefully oppress and gag the voices of their own citizens. 
In the backdrop of this incidence, I would like to attract your attention to some notable points which are sarcastically being manipulated and tainted by media in its usual way as it used to do with every issues of national prominence by way of punning their news headline titles and captions of breaking news so as to delude the zeugma and create an atmosphere of misunderstanding of false and fake information among educated public who rare get time due to their hectic office schedule and have only source of news through TV.

1.     Allegations are being made by government that permission for venue was sought for Yogshivir only but Ramdev started Satyagrah against corruption that’s why govt. had to take action to vacate the venue forcefully.
Ø Was govt. blind or deaf when it was a month before announcement of Baba Ramdev for the said Satyagrah and the same was being advertised through banners, pamphlets and media?
Ø Ramlila Ground comes under the periphery of MCD and the sanction was duly granted by the MCD for the said Satyagrah cum Yogshivir so why Delhi Police didn’t take permission of MCD before such action? Meanwhile MCD has served on notice to delhi Police.
Ø Since last so many years Swami Ramdev is struggling against corruption and corrupt netas openly through their organized campaign of Bharat Swabhiman and Yog Shivir across the country and cross the border where he blatantly discuss and speech over corruption issues. Then what was new that led government authorities to dismantle the Ramlila Ground Yogshivir for want of the said specific satyagrah permission?
Ø  Is it against sovereignty of India to talk about country’s wellness and letting country’s people know about the corruption issues?
Ø Why govt couldn’t take action against Jeelani who openly demanded sedition in delhi and impeach india’s sovereignty ?was it not provocative of unrest and threat of peace in delhi then ?where were the police force to arrest Jeelani?even delhi police couldn’t dare to lodge FIR against him?
Ø Why government not destroyed earlier Yoga Camps of swami if it felt that Satyagrah was done in the pretext of Yogashivir ;which is a part of his preach all the time to urge people to stand up against its eradication?
Ø Is Satyagrah; a constitutional right of Indians, a prerogative of people of Gandhi Topi or Round Topi only and a man with saffron attire cannot protest against government’s wrongdoings and fraud?
Ø   Was not it unexpected to govt that lacs of people will suddenly come to support crusade of Baba and congress got perturbed with the immense support of countrymen in the very first day of Satyagrah and hence took a frustrated step to suppress the rising anger aggregation?
2.                       Congress’ lickspittles are legitimizing the action of police atrocity because according to them it’s RSS behind the movement of Baba Ramdev so motive of Ramdev was a political drama than a Satyagrah.
Ø A world fame organization with millions of its dedicated followers around the world and having its grand stand from more than 80 years which runs thousands of charitable and welfare institutions and has proven record of nationalism which is indeed the basic cause of threat to anti nations was formed in 1925 to give momentum the freedom war against British Rule.
Right from its inception it has been crusader of national movements due to which Mahatma Gandhi also praised it many times. That’s why after his death, RSS was made accused of his death by this congress to malign the well laid image of RSS because congress was afraid of the growing strength of RSS and since then congress is trying to prove RSS as communal despite the truth that every communal violence is given birth by congress itself because of its sole policy of appeasing and licking Muslims and Christians in lust of vote and they call it Secularism and name real patriots of nation as a communal.  
Being a national organization with firm faith of crores of Indians in its policy of nationalism; what is wrong if RSS is backing Ramdev’s movement?
How can Congress digest support of nationalist RSS to a movement which is itself being supported by Muslim League; which was cause of India’s Partition and now part of UPA and share govt. with UPA-Congress in Kerla.
The bootlickers of a special community who compromise with the dignity of nation by avoiding hanging over the terrorist sentenced death by Supreme Court just because of his relation to Muslim community ; go far to insult this country and its dignity.
3.                              Ramdev was also made accused that he controls the Multi-Billion
empire in India and across the country and hence his property    should also come under the purview of investigations.
Ø  Where were these people before this movement of Ramdev against corruption to ask for his property probe?
Ø  The trust and companies being operated by Swami Ramdev with its empire of 1177 Cr. (Apprx.)  have its regular Audit Report and all contribution to trust is under the purview of FCRA and under the close surveillance of central government through its various mistneries of governance.
Ø  Can Govt ask for similar detail from Christian trusts and Madersa operated ventures which are in the top list of Foreign Contribution (As per FCRA Act) in India and everybody knows that these trust are involved in anti national activities by allurement of poor Indians and tribal societies to convert them in Christian and Muslims religion and by marrying Hindu girls by eloping her or through means of force? Funding of terror activities in India is also being financed by such contributions but government cannot dare to call for their interrogation because of the threat of losing their vote bank.
Ø  Christian activity in India has increased manifold and continuously increasing in the name of charity and welfare for which they are being funded by foreign Christian missionaries .Nagaland ,Kerla have been almost converted into Christian and now they are sprawling their operations in the rural areas of India.
Ø  They all are against RSS because RSS is the single hurdle to their motive  and movement and it was the RSS which curbed its growing operation in Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh’s tribal areas consequently rule of BJP govt. in these two states is result of welfare activities and continuous vigilance of RSS over Christian missionaries .
Ø  Why Islamic Terror groups are against RSS, is needless to describe to you all because a nationalist will always be a threat to a terrorist.
Ø  To be very specific, can govt ask detail of Robert Badhera’s stake in public companies who also has been found involved in 2G scams?
Ø  Almost all kind of Aurvedic medicines are being manufactured by Divya Yoga Trust and Divya Farmacy which were earlier being manufactured by MNC’s and were priced at quite double & triple.
Ø  Yoga camps being organized by Baba Ramdev are not a compulsion and a needy can also be benefited free of cost .fee collected for attending Yoga Camps are on volition of participants and are 100% applied for welfare activities which is known to everyone and also evident from Audit Report.
Ø  One can easily imagine about the expenditures needed for research & developments of medical herbs and cultivation of such herbs. Running expenditure of free welfare activities without the governmental support and operational expense of such a huge empire requires a lot of fund .Can anybody take challenge of such revolution in Yoga which again rejuvenated Indians across the world to feel proud over its ancient science which was almost extinguished and was supposed to be imported from other countries in India?
Ø  Today millions of people learn and practice Yoga every morning free of cost through AAstha TV and avoiding useless cost of medical treatment and moving towards natural treatment.
Ø  Crusade of Auyrveda again restarted by Swami Ramdev has now become an aspiration of medical students and they are feeling great future in it which was earlier believed to be in Allopath only.
Ø  Swami Ramdev’s movement is a serious threat to MNC’s exploiting this country through fake advertisement acclaiming their product to be a divine one.
Ø  Obviously MNC’s of consumer product and beverage have been adversely affected by the Divya Pharmacy’s products and Ramdev’ call to quit and throw out soft drinks and MNC’s product and an urge for use of Swadesi.  
Ø  Of course there will be unwanted and self grown enemies against these movements and no doubt government which is excessively blend towards these MNC’s in the name of Foreign Investment, ignoring other aspects of economy of avoiding home grown industries and products, will try to dismantle such movement to support and appease those MNC’s.

4.                          Government forcefully expelled Baba Ramdev and his followers to maintain law and orders and peace in Delhi.
Ø    Why government gets paralyzed on occasions of open anti national torts of separatists and Islamic groups?
Ø    Why governments even dare to open mouth against those challenging our sovereignty and bends to their demands?
Ø    Patriots are provocative to national peace and security whereas invaders and terrorist are ambassadors of peace and are allowed to freely move and speak anywhere in the country?
Ø    Do you really think Baba Ramdev’s movement was vulnerable to national peace and security?

All congressmen were quickly available to express mourn on the death of so called Indian Picasso MF Hussain who has eloped to Qutar after carving on canvass nude pics of Hindu Goddess (and probably the reason why our media proudly call him Great Artist ) and who was in extreme lust of Indian actresses with his voluptuous desire of colouring their nude pics.But they were ramian quite neutral over 9 days fast of Baba Ramdev .
Indeed congress has much respect for Hussain ;the culprit of national shame and dignity and treats Ramdev as enemy of this country.
When the whole country is eager to know about the health of Swami Ramdev the two key person of congress Sonia Gandhi & her apparent heir Rahul are in foreign trip ignorant about the burning issues of country .but they can often be seen during election campaign or other symbolic politics which also becomes breaking news of our biased media.
To Rahul ,Bhatta Parsaul was the police atrocity but Ramlila Ground incidence was to maintain peace and security.
The dubious feature of this disgusting communal government is now evident to Indian public and I am sure certainly citizen of this country will give a befitting reply to the licking and appeasement policy of congress in next coming election throughout india.!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Does victory meant to be free from charge ?

A few months ago in a talk show of a leading news channel ,i heard a congressman defending corruption charges with words as Our come back to rule for the second consequitive term of UPA was a manifestation of faith of indian Public and the dicto line was repeated by Pranab Mukherjee after the grand victory of Mamta Banerjee over CPM in theWest Bengal & Tarun Gagoi in Assam in words as BJP and others should stop campaigning that UPA is unstable as proved with the poll results.

Debacle of M Karunanidhi ;incharge of corrupt family and whose family is the epicentre of major corruption charges today seems to be forgotten by Pranab Da in his said press release.
Of course it should be a matter of debate as to why BJP couldn't encash corruption charges into public votes in recent states election but at the same time inferences should not be hurridly pass on to UPA for the vote of public trust.
Then it would again refer the manifestation of corruption by public which no one would like to digest .
It took 34 years in the W. Bengal to wipe-off CPM rule and all kudos goes to Mamta Banerjee for her direct fight against CPM and this change was much needed and awaited since years .

No doubt role of local leaders play much in state poitics because even being in central politics they fight and think for their own state only leaving the rest of the state untouched and ignored.But this rule should equally apply to Karunanidhi also to  whom Tamil nadu is only the whole  country not the india and what happened despite his such great love to his state is evident after the poll result?

Good governance must be voted either it be BJP or other but victory of alliance or the main party due to vested reasons of state never absolve charges against it.
Its unfortune in india that state level politics does not come in sync with national issues and people vote with their vested interest with political party or candidates.
No country can prosper well where people avoid to merge their problems with nationality and differentiate state/province from the rest of the country.
After so many years of Independence we should at least try to learn the best for our country not only best for ourself before going for vote.
Whether we want a government in state which has its roots to the party sub merged into the corruption & support the belief of corrupt Netas or the one with proven record of excellence and national security.Why we try to demarcate national issues with the states ?.we should never forget that being a part of sovereign country every state has to pay for the wrong doings of central govt.
We all are represented by a nation as a whole and not by a state/province over the world and get recognition with being part of  whole india only.So why not to promote and support national values and a party with nationality whether it be on state level or on nation level politics .

Victory does not mean to be freed from all charges rather it speaks of the truth that the presence of some good people helps to survive but not for ever;till the their own survival.