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Monday, November 21, 2011

Alarm to Disarm

Its on ongoing much debate of army revocation and abuse of AFSPA given to Indian army to cope with insurgency situations and to deal with security issues to counter terror attacks .....................

How can Army become our harm,
                    who protect us ignoring cold and warm?
All border fences under whose arm,
                    patriotic men  facing  revocation   storm??
Lost TADA & POTA in political charm,
                    now   AFSPA  under   seclusion  norm??

Thousands of Jawans and civilian lives,
                    hopeless parents and dreamless wives.
lost we all to appease separatist,
                   now again !!  shaping  their  wish   list??

                                   Who   will   care  of     indian   fence,
                                                                                           to save countrymen from enemy's lence?
                                   Can Farooq or Omar guarantee us ,
                                                                                       another means curbing insurgency wrench?

                                   Having militant group homegrown everywhere,
                                                                                   their   representative   in   assembly    there.
                                   The only hope with the Indian Army,
                                                                                 to  push    them   ground   for   every   unfair!!

                                   Peace from PAK is a dream rare,
                                                                                  now   China's   intrusion to  rich   the    layer
                                   Revoking security from insurgency area,
                                                                                   provide   them   another   chance to     dare !!

                                   Stop playing with patriotic Army,
                                                                                     betraying   country   and  appeasing  enemy.
                                   Political game at behest of Pak,
                                                                                    J&K Govt   and    separatist     along    walk!!

                                    Beware countrymen!! from Disarm supporters,
                                                                                                        challenging the constitutional form.
                                    Awake to suppress pseudo peace porters,
                                                                                                     with danger bell of Alarm to Disarm !!




  1. Saurabh I Liked ur post but in the end isnt it true that Guns are made only to kill

    Robin Garg

  2. sir u put ur precious tym to read and give input to my blog's content so i'd lyk to say thnx 1st of all..yeah of course guns r to kill but the question is who is to be killed by whom..either the innocent people should be killed by terror outfits or such terrorist should be killed in protection of country's peace and harmony ..Power if utilized for mankind then brings calm n peace and if uncontrolled then definitely bring unrest ..and to curb this unrest created by ill-minded people itz necessary to gun down them..God has always used weapons to finish evils from earth so its "the Dharma" also which guide us to suppress demon....


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