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Monday, June 18, 2012

Prez Poll:Hunt of a Pet not The Patriarch

After rollback of Mulayam Singh leaving Mamta Banerjee chastened; a fickle character of all regional parties having permutations of their seeded interest with central government and a part of political pragmatism, now UPA with dithered rebellious allies is on the go to fill the Prez Post with another party pet to play a mute role and to be duty bound to the UPA’s ill wishes.

The similar way ,the State governors are appointed to work at behest of central government and the ultimate flattering foes are deputed with the charge so as to carry on their loyalties to the ruling party, Presidential Post ;chief of all such sycophant Yes –Mans have become contagious now.

A dignity post has now become a departmental vacancy to execute the task assigned under the blessings of the patron party or to keep mum over the ill doings of the ruling government.

Now, the two representative of the country –President and Prime-minister are supposed to deliver highly elaborative illusive speeches on Independence and Republic day only written by their respective advisors; the intent and content of which have no relation with the facts and reality.

Thus the duo dignity- turned-fiduciary posts are now meant to certify and authenticate the wrong doings of the ruling party and to work like the Spoke-persons of the mentor political party at center.

Satisfied with the flattery of Pratibha Patil for which she was coroneted and no-body knows what worth she did during her tenure, hunt of new pet is further effort to traditionalize this flattery culture to be at party’s beck and call ;a must feature of Indian polity and beaurocracy.   

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kosikalan Riots: Recurrence of Islamic fanatics at behest of Samajwadi Party

The riot ravaged hose of my friend CA Robin Garg and the ashes of burnt properties of Hindus and local authority /institutions in Kosikalan covering the whole locality into grip since yesterday is at the verge to become next Godhra.

In the very familiar way this time too the flame of hatred and bloodshed was started by the handful hardcore fanatical Muslim groups over the minute issue of touching the drinking water by a Hindu youngster leading dispute and the massive destruction of revenge aftermath.

Take history as evidence of the riots in India which made victim every time the patient Hindu majority and if we leave other part of India and talk specially about UP, Communal riots are the virtues of Samajwadi Party government which protects and nurtures the seeded blood wishes of Islamic hardcore groups in lieu of the assurance of The party’s electoral manifesto to promote the divisive interest of minority groups.

Kosikalan Roits is being protected by State ruling party in the similar way they protected Gorakhpur Riots, Mau (Azamgarh) Riots with leadership of infamous Mukhtar Ansari(SP Leader) in 2005 where thousands of Hindu hoses were burnt afire and Hindu women’s were raped and killed by local Islamic groups with full support of Mulayam Singh; the then CM of UP.

Although, in the licking atmosphere of Muslims by almost all political parties to appease muslims and specially SP in UP; it is hard to believe that Kosikalan victims will get justice and their ravaged property will be compensated as against the situational muslim victims of such riots who have prerogative to such compensation in every part of the country.   

Samajwadi Party with great track record of protecting communal riots by hardcore muslim groups is again at the bent to islamic berserk; The terror minded anti-nations.

Let the riot be in control (and we hope maulana Mulayam and mohammad Akhilesh Singh, having a bit faith in sovereignty will try to curb the growing rage)and after that it will be interesting how pseudo secular parties interpret and manipulate the issue and no doubt start to blame the flame of riots on RSS or other saffron groups.