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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Samajwadi Party :A mughal empire of riots and terror

Bodo Hindus eloping for safety
Aasam ; wrapped in the flame of riots of infiltrated Bangladeshi Muslims(continue since last week which affected lacs of Aasam people) creating a new Kashmir with hundreds of death toils till date and thousands of Bodo people forced to elope away from their home to search for a safe place is nothing but the replica of Kashmir and Kerla trying to convert the whole region in a muslim state ;being supported and nurtured by Congress and other anti national state parties forming part of UPA.
Muslim dangai in Aasam
Around 3-4 crore Bangladeshi are living in this country with the blessings of these political parties bearing voter ID and Ration card and hence permanent vote bank of congress-UPA; are now unfurling Pakistani flag (watch Times Now news-Yesterday)in Aasam curfew area and by assassinating Hindus openly challenging the Indian sovereignty like separatist in Kashmir the way they did to kashmiri hindus(Read : )
Samajwadi Party ;better to say the Jehadi Party of this country having the sole motive and political purpose of licking the spit of muslims going beyond the constitution doing every worse to Hindus to appease muslims.
Soon after the Kosikalan Riots near Mathura(UP) one month ago, this Muslim Government made happen communal riots in Ashthan (KUNDA-Pratapgarh-UP) where a minor backward girl were raped and killed by four local muslims last month  being protected by SP Cabinet minister Raghuraj Pratap Singh alias Raja Bhaiya under pressure of Muslim Nero Mohhammad Akhilesh Singh Yadav S/o Maulana Mulayam Singh.(Also Read :                                                  )
Having allocated more than 2000 Cr. budget for minority development (almost 81% hike in minority welfare in UP Budget-2012) ,Samajwadi Party disbursing all development fund to muslims only and shamelessly distributed crores of rupees to the family of rapist of Asthana-Kunda wounding not only the poor mother of the girl raped and killed but the whole 90 Crore Hindus of this country.
15 Cr muslims of this country are in the role of Gunda-gardi dancing over the head of 90 Cr hindus of the nation at behest of such political parties.
Within a few month of its rule, Samajwadi Party has blessed two major communal riots in UP and instead of prosecuting Dangai and rapist ;the hardcore muslims ,rewarding ,appeasing and protecting them by sending jail innocent victim -hindus in fake FIR who really have no relation with the incidents.
In Asthana –Kunda riots ,4 muslim families of rapists were told as 45 separate family (actually all 45 members were part of these 4 families) and crores of helping fund disbursed to all 45 muslim members separately.
Surprisingly ,secular leaders and media are out of the scene to cover and comment on the report and our useless PM who is Rajyasabha Member from Aasam enjoing flattery blessed chair keeping mum over the havoc and barbaric incidence as usual.


  1. Saurab, nice update regarding congress and its supporter samajvadi party,
    but yaar what can we do, all the ministers are corrupt, they can do anything for money and remain in power, no extent.

  2. they remain in power just because of us,due to our ignorance and avoidance of skipping vote during elections. at least we can choose and decide the national welfare and anti-nations by keeping vigilance on national issues.....avoiding things will only increase the situation worse....awareness is must as most of us even don't know the facts of any incidence due to bought media and fake news channels...

  3. But u tell if you have to select from 2 parties, and u know both are corrupt, then.

  4. corruption word itself is intolerable .no kind of corrupt and corruption should b allowed.but as i said earlier nation good is our prominence and which of the two is well in this rather than other;itz the matter at this dilemma?.first u tell me of the two which one is corrupt for you then only i can reply u befittingly ....

  5. suppose u have to vote from sp or congress, whom will u vote ?

  6. u skipped to name BJP or others India's context there certainly would be BJP or some other candidates having a far better individual and Party image than these country betrayals -UPA ...i'd prefer to vote them.... they may not b of BJP only and in our democracy ofcourse we have options to choose a candidate in every kind of elections even this time in presidential poll also we have 2 major and one independent we r at fault to give benefit to defaulter ....


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