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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blast- No Last

 Scattered dead body,

          Bleeding people on road.

          Left family behind,   

                                            Crying hopeless in abode.

Infant child and the one unborn,

        Lonely wife to live with shorn.

Defected body of those survived,

   Misery full life with severe pain tide.

Blast in India a seasonal festival,

       The hub center of Jehadi carnival.

The more they blast -

                             The more we lost.

We feed them in jail -

                      And treat ‘Death Host’.

Crying mom- on son’s cremation,

        Fainted wife dreaming all relation.

The kid in lap - Lost shadow of father.

        Enough to explain - The blast narration.

Countless lives we lost every year,

          Everyday we live With cower and fear.

Govt. says –they can’t wipe your tear

                   As terror attacks are out of gear.

A proved "Impotent" with gutter polity

                   Why we expect –govt. be gutsy??

Feeding militants in country’s jail,

                  Trying to let them get soon bail
So as to en-cash their community vote

       Propagating Hindus in fake terror trail.

Corrupt congress bowing to jihad

      The sole foundation whose national fraud.

Wait you eagerly another blast

                Accustomed India of Blast –No last.