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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indian Muslims- fashioned for Riots & Curfew

A day before riot by thousands of Kashmiri Muslims is once again the repetition of the planned mindset with which the so called Minority of this country continuously hammering on the sovereignty and peace of the nation with patronage of like minded political people since their entry into the undivided India.
Yes i do want a healthy debate for the remedy of this bloodthirsty community and politicians who support them for their seeded interest.
 Youth !!Pls. come out to save the roots of this country ! The Hindu & Hinduism !!

What can you do of being so irate
               Your helpless ire against Muslims's inveterate!

Heinous lamming not just of late
                       Cruel community infamous for such trait!

You wish them Eid with privilege of minority rate
                 They reward you death go for terror operate!

You give them shelter and treat innate
                       They give you gift of massacre and hate!

You pay your tax for minority weight
                     They snatch your life connive with pirate!

Dirty community now a national threat
                               lest Hindu would be lost -its a bet !!