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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crest Of Corruption

Gambler of Commonwealth

CAG reports with countless corruption ,
Regular revelation of political addiction .

Charged scams are those in light ,
                unearthed scams are pending to fight .

How many billion to go in fraud ?
                 judicial will fail to be measuring rod . 

Tale of A CHOR Raja
Public money treated as Benediction,
 we are living in crest of Corruption

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hail To Hussain

MF Hussain now fascinated with Vidya Balan followed with Anushka Sharma in furtherance of his addiction series from Madhuri ,Diya & Amrita rao....his contention is being admirer of art ..HIS LADY ADMIRATION HAS ONCE CROSSED HIS LUST LIMIT IN WHICH HE PORTRAYED NUDE PIC OF "BHARAT MAA" .& of recent "Rape of India " (see the pics on right corner )........
This poem is on his lady addiction and to those Indians who passionately see art in him and call this disgusting person as indian Picasso.........
MF Hussain often get smite,
                                  obsessed to ladies with Canvas might .
Indian beauties get Qatar invite,
                             aged ninety five!!but quest nude insight .

Eloped to Qatar when charged for crime,
        carved nude Goddess & called PICASSO OF TIME .

Watch movies having voluptuous portrayal,
                        then call actresses to see Body Peripheral .

Our actresses!! go soon excite ,
                                  for buzz smite of Hussain's eye sight .

Come to India(dude) we'll offer Babe-watch ,
                                 back to Qatar you'll need Day Torch .