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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Digging the dream and Brooming the clean

A political Sadhu dreams buried gold
                                   Sleeping Govt. wake up to take hold
Neta's real Gold stashed in Swiss bank
                                      but Indian's dream couldn't unfold !!

One is Rahul Gandhi and Kejariwal naïve
                                     with tainted stats trying to be brave
          in public rallies weeping Gandhi's toll
                                                                                         another is brooming for Jan-Lokpal !!
Both the person have no reason to oppose
                                knowing the fact "Indian vote on pose"
Kejriwal feeding only Congress' dose
                                        diving in mud against rising Rose !!

This Modi cyclone is rarely seen
                                a favourite choice of Old, Young ,Teen
Having no answer to Modi's remarks-
                           Digging the dream and Brooming the clean!!