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Thursday, November 21, 2013


"I could  have earned crores when I was Income Tax commissioner ";probably for this remorse of resigning the post and regretting for not earning that "crores",Kejriwal strategically planned to climb the crore value ladder of becoming a public figure with Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement a few years back with controversial lawyer Bhushan & Sons.

Hazare who is miffed at Kejriwal's political ambition and use of his name for political gains in Delhi assembly polls by #AAP ,utilization of fund collected under the banner of India Against Corruption with false claims by Kejriwal that he would pass Lokpal Bill after getting victory (befooling delhites as Bill can only be passed at Parliament not in assembly);would not have smeared about the planned strategy of Arvind & friends.

Crores of fund collected during the crusade of Hazare ,database of people and mass public support which made the movement a great success wouldn't have achieved without the active and visible support of BJP,RSS,ABVP and other saffron outfits who were with Anna because of the issues BJP itself voices to.(and this is why Hazare and Kiran Bedi distanced themselves after conversion of #IAC to #AAP)

Opportunistic Kejriwal,who was apparently sheer opponent of corruption and unethical behaviour of Congress is now himself footing into the rage by appeasing hardcore muslim outfits to allure the muslim voters as he recently requested #Tauqeer Raja Khan to campaign for AAP ,who was held culprit in #Muzaffarnagar riot and appealed to various muslim groups for the AAP kind of justice in the Bathla House encounter case calling it fake (See video- which his close aide Bhushan had also filed a PIL in the court and this way denying the martyrdom of brave delhi police officers even knowing the fact that Bathla House encounter was declared right by court.
He is stooping such low that recently he has released a pamphlet urging delhi's muslims to vote only to AAP as according to the pamphlet- only AAP  is secular and can secure their seeded interest for which Election Commission has also slapped a show cause notice for violating the moral code of conduct of campaigning on communal lines and below political standard.

His manifesto talks about electricity and corruption which is already one of the core concern of BJP and being a national party with its good track record of ruling state government and NDA ,what else AAP is going to give for the employment, national security ,development and economy?
His close aide Bhushan advocates for the referendum in Kashmir and joins hand with separatists of J&K and Kejriwal keeps mum over the alarming issues of country's security rather follows a cheap politics like Congress & SP in UP to appease muslims and promoting divisive policy in the country and dividing the countrymen on caste and religion.

Kejriwal & Co has nothing to do with the fair politics but to spread rumour of falsification with tainted aides and news like congress and to destroy the growing imgae of #BJP and clearly he is playing a character role of congress to divide vote percentage of BJP in Delhi for which #AAP is getting huge funding even from unidentified foreign donors.