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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saurabh Sarthak nominated for Indian Blogger Awards -IBA'13

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Mess with IAS

I'm not going to explain again the appeasement policy and political party's pray to Muslim voters but to question the condition of IAS and their actual administrative power.
Recent suspension of IAS Ms. Durga Shakti Nagpal by Namazwadi Party of UP (You can also call it Mughal Party) for adhering SC order of demolishing the boundary of an illegal mosque being built at the behest of local Mafia .Can anybody expect such a hassle and speedy action if it would have been the case of a Temple demolition ?? So this is for you - the IAS and those aspiring to become IAS not for the dirty politicians-

He works hard for his golden dream
           Struggle half life for for the next half cream !!
The highest post and India's reputed cult
           Politically victimized faces everyday insult !! 
For ruling party plays cameo role
                            for steps against begs console !!
They beat reservation to become IAS
            they fought along against "Quota" mess 
But helpless IAS works for "Quota" party
            for righteous work feel pray and guilty !!
The worst country around the globe 
           where administrator serves at politician's abode
Where IAS sacked out to save family face
           to built a mosque or for honesty chase

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Betraying Proudly

Need to fight with the betrayal politics not the Modi

Core corruption and policy affront
                          Passé economist behind economic front !!

Berk spokesperson speaking freely blunt
                             bruiting the bumf with intended brunt !!

controlling media & authority with purposeful hunt
                 detracting mass from national issues to shunt !!

India's public have nothing yet learnt
                                    still voting the anti national  cunt !!

For what they doing so loudly
                                               betraying India so proudly !!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hindu!! You are not secular

If you can abuse Indian culture,

                                       Sure you are true secular !

If you can nude Hindu idols
                                        Sure you are true secular !

If you can’t allude Muslim atrocity
                                        Sure you are true secular !

If you allow to intrude church for conversion
                                        Sure you are true secular!!

If you can scold Hindu at your best,
                               If you project minority meagre from rest.

If you can applause their barbaric history,
                       If you don’t comment on their heinous mystery.

If you remain pure for all their impure
                                                    Sure you are true secular!!

If you can see cow to be chopped,
                                                     If you set fire Hindu scriptures

If you can’t supress Islamic terror,
                                            Allow pedagogy with tainted lectures

You would be called true secular
                                    Rewarded from paid media to avoid demur!!

Final crux of Indian polity and paid scholar
                                          Appease Muslims as Hindu not secular!!