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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hindu!! You are not secular

If you can abuse Indian culture,

                                       Sure you are true secular !

If you can nude Hindu idols
                                        Sure you are true secular !

If you can’t allude Muslim atrocity
                                        Sure you are true secular !

If you allow to intrude church for conversion
                                        Sure you are true secular!!

If you can scold Hindu at your best,
                               If you project minority meagre from rest.

If you can applause their barbaric history,
                       If you don’t comment on their heinous mystery.

If you remain pure for all their impure
                                                    Sure you are true secular!!

If you can see cow to be chopped,
                                                     If you set fire Hindu scriptures

If you can’t supress Islamic terror,
                                            Allow pedagogy with tainted lectures

You would be called true secular
                                    Rewarded from paid media to avoid demur!!

Final crux of Indian polity and paid scholar
                                          Appease Muslims as Hindu not secular!!


  1. You mean u need to be atheist to be secular..
    absolute non sense!!

    1. u need to read once more .. neither to b atheist nor to be political ..its all about pseudo secularism ..thx

  2. Replies
    1. yes ofcourse ....bcs of the anti national thugs present in media and politics ..Thx


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