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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Victims of kargil war & Adarsh Society scam

They think self seldom facing bomb
                on turning martyr who cares their tomb !

Why      forget    we       26/11
                   soldiers only were the hope of nation    !

They stand straight on border fence
                     to make our life free from tense             !

Left the world fighting for country
                     scams blocked their own home entry  !

Leaders get protection of such soldiers
                  still they ployed to be 'Key holders'         !

shameless leaders of congress party
      don't play with country for sake of almighty   !

If politician claim property in the name of martyrdom   !
                        call a  funrel for them ,  to   let   feel Kargil freedom  !!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interlocuter's demend of PAK - talk in J&K

PUPPET of govt rejected ,gone for talk of peace
                   Known truth of Dogs' Tail ;cann't mould with ease !

An Inborn Pig - how would become Cow? ,
                  They  want       PAK to join        talk now !

Let them throw in burning Fire ,
                 A       lean      govt of        Keep & Hire !!

                 Awake India.......................................

RSS :Hurdle to anti-nation

When they fail at political front,
         and let free those of national shame   !                         
Owing to the lust of a community vote,
               never deter to ruin nation's fame      !!

Scam is a unique character of them,
         bureaucrats part in their favourite game !
every conspire whose go in waste,
         to  defame RSS    with trusted       tame !!

Obsessed of praying foreign name,
            nothing left to them but to RSS blame !!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

To Overcome hurdles in life Have faith In God: Awake India from fake media

To Overcome hurdles in life Have faith In God: Awake India from fake media: "This to the demand of secession by Geelani & Arundhati Roy in a debate held at Delhi a few days ago ................... How lean we go,to..."

Awake India from fake media

This to the demand of secession by Geelani & Arundhati Roy in a debate held at Delhi a few days ago ...................

How lean we go,to cope seclude r's fire,
                       They impeach sovereignty with secession desire .

Paralyzed govt appease those separatists,
                       Bubble    of      water and      fit   to         the fist .

'Jammu' is crying with such invaders,
                       ohh! UPA is only     with       impotent    leaders .

Pet of 'PAK' came delhi for sedition,
                        NDTV    channeled      it with   clear ambition  .

How dare They are ,to sound Anti-nation?
                        Congress!!get over from 'Muslim Profession' 

How we survive with bought media ,
       Awake India!! from Secular fob ea .    

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ayodhya Issue and Indian Muslims

We all came across the useless forecasting of Govt on much awaited High Court verdict at the Ram Temple Issue by deploying forces with the susceptibility of riots and vacating school, colleges for any unprecedented emergency from the angry mob specially from muslims.
Issue is still in abeyance as verdict is to come on 30th but the basic question is ;why government is threatened with the supposed outcome ?  
If one country can be made on the plea of religion (Pakistan),if Hag Subsidy is being given in the so called secularist country -around 900 Cr every year(no kind of pilgrim package is disbursed by Govt to HINDUS),if one state is given autonomy on the demand of its hard core community ,if separatist are being appeased by politicians by offering them bulk monetary fund and the development programme for those caught in terrorist activities ,where thousands lacs of Mosque are present despite the known truth that all Temples were demolished in Lahore by pak and in Afghan ,where Kerla govt can pass a bill in legislature to rescue a terrorist on the ghaztted holiday of HOLI ,where Shahbano case is resolved out by Parliament act ;does it give any sense that a Verdict if goes in favour of those majority whose culture is "Vashudhav Kutubmkam" ,who have ever grasped the cruelty of a few number of muslims right from Mugal Empire to till date ;these community will come on road for riots ?
Around 30,000 temples were demolished during Mugal empire and in present around 3000 mosque in India are above the historical structure of those temples .these temples were ruined to suppress and finish our great culture in spite of this we accepted them after Independence to make still alive their civilization in our country with arms length freedom.
Ayodhya ,Mathura ,Kashi are symbols of Hindu's idols which were damaged to make feel hurt to their followers and truth of which is omnipresent .
Useless ownership in these three symbols of faith should be amicably surrendered by muslims to express their owe to the whole heartedness of Majority otherwise they will pay a lot by loosing a lot because A kind Hindu's outburst will sabotage their civilization and very existence .  

" Tumne Pakistan manga,Diya nadan samjh ke .Tum Kabristan mangte ho,dete hain mehman sanjhke .Tum mandir ko masjid banana chahte ho !Hindustan ko Turkistan samjhke?? "

Monday, August 16, 2010

CWG Vs. CAG – A game of Common Wealth

I can recall the day of TV interview of Ms Sheila Dixit and Mr Vijay Kumar Malhotra taken by Mr. Prabhu Chawla (AAj Tak ) during last assembly election of Delhi .where in response to the question put up by Prabhu Chawla in regards to the development of delhi ,“if BJP comes in the rule, how would be the successful completion of the common wealth game (CWG)”;Ms Sheila Dixit profoundly replied, “They(BJP) are incapable of sponsoring and managing the CWG” .her connotation was arrogant despite the known truth that CWG sponsorship was brought to india in the chairmanship of Mr V K Malhotra .

Now, conversion of CWG to Common Wealth Garbage has revealed the worth of the words of Ms Sheila Dixit .expensed amount till date in the preparation of CWG is around 1000 Lac Crore ;a sum with which Olympic can be organized .meanwhile the work is so incomplete that we are going to be part of sarcasm over the world with the loot and multiple scams coming out from the revelation by CAG ,before the supposed game start .

It means other than the over burdened expense of incomplete preparation of CWG, now again the public coffer will doll out to the pocket of investigating agencies to probe the scams which will last upto indefinite period as per our Indian legal proceedings and most probably after the cessation of the life of the offenders .after all nothing action will be taken against such bureaucrats for the alleged scam as brought out by the CAG in the light because they are the key persons to array for successful elections time to time and due to which government is paying the cost of their loyalty in the form of multiple scams .

The basic question is what government wants to show to the country and world ;if crores of people are living below the poverty level ,lacking of colleges for medical ,technical & management degrees with cheaper fees ,shortage of infrastructure facilities, continuous rise in prices of essential goods, threatened internal security whether it be from Maoist, bodo, ulfa or from the separatist of Jammu & Kashmir being financed through ISI ;was it necessary to show the sarcastic image of the country ?

By posing burden on the common man and leaving crores of people hungry every day, government is in preparation to welcome foreigners to fulfill their basic requirements as to contraceptives ,liquor & prostitutes .however afterall they will describe India as -except some part of the metro cities ,india is a country of poor & beggar people where elected members of parliament swallow public money in the name of Economic and Infrastructure Development .

No doubt common wealth game has become a game of Common Wealth .

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TV Today & News Editing

Some days before what happened in TV today Office -delhi ,is known to all .matter was the opposition of RSS activists against the broadcasted news in which on the basis of footage of a meeting held somewhere amongst the convict of Malegaon blast ;who were also convicted for the conspiracy of murder plan of some RSS leaders ,hindu organisations were held for the conspiracy of so called hindu terror .
First question that comes in the mind is, how way TV Today get themselves managed to have the footage which is under the probe of investigating agency as everybody knows that clippings were from the convicted Dayanand's Laptop ?secondly if any how they managed to get that one then what is the reliability of investigating agency for confidentiality ?
This poses two prime question as to in the meantime of extreme opposition from the countrymen against Price Rise all round and failure to control the extremist of Kasmir & Naxalists, why govt.'s pet dogs released this video to a TV channel to  change the concentration of masses from the government's failure on hot issues ? everybody should remember in mind that congress is good in handling such important issues in a disgusting way that whenever they are blamed for any thing wrong nationwide ,they always try to change concentration with the help of Govt missionaries & purchased Medea .
At the time when Pakistani Militants were plying the havoc of genocides in the mumbai ,despite strong stand on the neighbour they invented a new word of Hindu Terror and edited a new chapter of fake stories ,maligning the image of Hindu organisations,Military and hindu monks with the help of Army officials .
Those talking about the discipline of RSS should ask for the discipline of news editing .Freedom of Expression doesn't mean to defame any worldwide reputed organisation which is attaining its 80 years of grand stand, to increases TRP of Channel and for the sole purpose of selling news MASALA .
People coming home late night after office work load want some healthy news with some relevance and reason .unfortunately news channels now a days have become a sponsored episode which can be had against a lumpsome cost by a political party or others to defame and suppress opposition .
No doubt a day will come that every news channel will have to give advertisement to watch their programmes if this continues in a shameful way .

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Think Tankers of India- Really They Are ?

Some days ago read an article in a leading news paper of india and also heard a lot about the Rangnath Misra Committee's report ;a reflection of the odour of appeasement like ever .as per the report minority in India are being tolerated by Hindu hardcore and they are unable to come in line with the development of the country due to such suppression .report says they are not getting privileges of government grants/benefits and they suffer & face harassment in the country than in the other part of the world .

Can i ask to such torchbearers of so called tripidated Minorities that what they'd call to those Militants caught in blasts over the world having degree of' Engnng. or studying in national/International universities .despite government's continuous call for pedagogy appraisal of Madarsa Board they deny to cope with just because of fundamentalist approach and that of Paggamber's Order .
They fire national flags ,oppose openly to reciprocate national anthem,made expatriate Kasmiri Pandit in their own homeland ,sound anti national slogans ,support anti national activities,deny to follow population eradication movement,accustomed of polygamy and specially with Hindu girl ;are they still being exploited by majority community or everyday maligning the emotions of latter ??.

Oh!!!  think tankers of India stop sudo secularism !!! don't spoil this country again in the name of caste/creed and for Vote lust .

Friday, July 2, 2010

Speech Experts of Govt.

Like ever the unrest going on in Kashmir ,unresolved and burning issue of Maoists' cruelty of blood game ,uncontrolled prise rise of essential goods represents Policy Management of UPA's learned and talented Ministers .

Mr. Chidambaram and Mr. Manmohan singh are expert of delivering a well drafted and aptly polished speech on such important issues .

One thing is clear that after every such event what action they decide to take is unknown but definitely they pen  elaborate explanation in advance of the supposed mishap .

We are accustomed of these speech ...............!!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Shiela Dixit's allegation on Patil......Shame Congress...Shame

A day before delhi's CM Mrs. Shiela Dixit accepted in an interview the open secret for which during elections congress has contended that there is delay in hanging out Afjal due to legal procedure but now she has accepted that its due to Shivraj Patil for delay in File proceedings................Mrs. Shiela Dixit & Mr. Patil are responsible to the Indian people to reply for their moral duty with which they are bound to serve for the nation and for what nation gives them the power to rule upon no way they can scape for the only reason that someone has not forwarded something .
This incidence again reveals out the truth of congress that it has the only policy of appeasement in its very core at the cost of national sovereignty ,dignity and security .
Country needs answer from UPA Govt. as to for them whether "Afjal is important or countrymen".whether they have mercy for Kasab or for the Martyrs of country ???
Patil and Shiela both should come to the public to answer otherwise it would be construed that terrorist have connivance with congress...........A shameful act towards country !!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kasab,Afjal and the like Vs. Congress Govt.

India ;a country suffered with multiple problems either it be matter of internal security in terms of Naxallites,Maoists,ULFA,BODO and others or PAK projected Islamic Terrorism, is being ruled up by the UPA government in its second term of UPA coalition with majority of MP's and without any threat of CPI or Lalu Prasad with firm commitment to public to provide peace and prosperity all round .
UPA's commitment is much far from the fact as we  live in a country  where  terrorists sentenced to death enjoy the legal facade benefits despite their proven hands in massacre,where cruel naxallites move freely to let thousands of innocent people die their unnatural death ,where so called learned people and sudo secularists and biased political parties favour openly to the giants of humanism in lust of vote,where minority community overrule the emotions of wholeheartedness of Hinsdus ,where every week multiple crores of rupees are floated to restructure and rebuild the damages and compensation to the victims caused due to unprecedented heinous attacks every now and then ,where ministers commit high profile promises that always awaits to come out from papers itself.
In our country a long list of terrorists are with judicial authorities to hang up but they are enjoying in jail like guests from decades in hope of mercy  petition  and  surprisingly  Govt.  contends that  there is delay due to procedural  norms.
Delhi government in last 10 years didn't get time to proceed further the file of Afjal Guru because of upcoming Elections and supposed anger of Muslim voters.Kasab is sentenced to death but no doubt he too may be lucky like Afjal on the mercy of UPA government .
We are  destined to live up with such a paralyzed  Government which is celebrating its Successful Rule of  UPA-2 with  apparent failure at every front  ;continuous price rise,NAREGA  scam,Internal and Boarder security,foreign policy ,controversial statements of its trusted ministers etc.

In a nutshell India is a safe country to Pakistani terrorist and internal inhumane giants not for AAM AADMI.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jehadi Birth :The Mourning Motherland

Probably indian muslim guys are unfit to marry her !!
Motherland to Sania..................

Given you birth
                      remove your dearth
in oblivion you
                     given the earth .

In the open sky
                         allowed you to fly
in tripidation you
                         never let you lie .

Blood war of neighbour
                                 not secret with you
you heard many times
                              the layman's cry .

The blood in you 
                       was supposed to be Indian
why you forget 
                   to be part of the Union ?

Why should not
                      we be suspicious ?
your Jehadi birth 
                       will come to kill us . 

I gave chance to play Tenis not the emotions of India ----

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sania's curiosity Vs. Indian muslims and our media

Ultimately sania is going to marry with her dreamed fiance soiab as evidenced and declared from the news she is in hurry to marry with him as soon as possile lest any indian comes in the way as a hurdle but she needn't to woory about as what can one do to her?it's her own life and its on her to decide as to how to live upto .she has assured indians that to play for india only .isn't it enough courtesy to india and indians ?.

luckly she is an indian resident ;it doesn't matter about her faith to india, where so called secularist are present in large community who firmly believe that anti hinduism is the core fundamental basics behind the secularism theology.they are always ready to stand up in parallel with blind support to those who can play fullest with the nationalism,dignity ,sovereignty and the culture of india .to them anti-secularism is only those voices in against of the appeasement of muslims because of which whenever  a muslim get  married with a hindu girl no voices comes from the hindu community against this but as against this they feel honour in it to marry with a hindu girl .from film industry ,politicians to common man there are enormous examples from decades evidencing the same and there are also examples of blood war from muslim community against that hindu guy who dares to marry with a muslim girl .its a country where kasmiri hindus are living in rehabilitation camps who almost lost their identity in their own valley as against bagladesi's are priviledged with ration and voter ID cards .

Its a country where we try to prove the very existence of Sri ram and Ram setu and beg for a place for worship,our legally acquired land of Amarnath shrine board is overtaken with supposed threat that hindu will again dominate in the valley ,offerings of our temples are taxed,we take risk of death in travelling to priligims ,in muslim university a hindu candidate can not dare to contest but on the other hand their madarsa's are out of the reach of Human Resoure Department of india where it is proved that militants are nurtured and nurished and this is the reason that terrorism activity are planed in Karanchi and bomb/explosives instantly planted every where in india and our government release statements that terrorist were come from beyond the border .where were our security post if they came from across boarder?they try to evade the open fact .they are enjoing  minority quota despite their population is incresing with multiple leaps and bounds and they are expected to be in majority till 2021,they are facilitated with Haj subsidy and above all they are worshiped by our great politicians in every elections.

Surprisingly no man from the muslim community is openly opposing sania's fantasy but from within giving the silent approval of the same .our media is projecting the marriage as a landmark and giving this such an importance as apparently seems like sania is going to win  an another trophy.its not the first time of such kind of  role of media .mms ,rape,family disputes,fake astrologers,discrimination of hindu monks & related issue and the like unnecessary and irrelavnat issues are programmed and broadcasted by the channels in the news headlines as prime time news but such nationlism issues get fade away .media didn't feel necessary these issues to be  discussed upon by the masses .
Any way sania is in the way to shower love with that country who has never learnt about love but to Jihad

Monday, April 5, 2010

Insane Sania

On political ground they profoundly scold and discriminates Indian policies of friendship,on humanism ground they bless us with serial blasts and massacre in the name of jihad,on play ground they play like enemy ,they are guilty of killing multiple of thousands of our great security gaurds and innocent people,they are culprit of destroying the country's premises, from several decades they are playing with the dignity of our country and its countrymen,they are lacking with basic necessities in their own country but purchasing weapons of mutiple crore dollors ;the true insane country of the world - Pakistan .

Our tenis player, upon whom country and country men feel proud and for whom government has incurred crores of rupees to make her face of the country and let her facilitated to make her own name attached with this great country; fell in love with a criceter in pakistan .She is in love at the cost of nation's proud,at the cost of nation's dignity,at the cost of countrymen's emotion,at the cost of sacrifices of other indian players .

Perhaps no indian muslim ,if not a Hindu one,is fit to marry with her or she and her family believes that true muslims live in Islamabad only .it puts question her faith in the country and asks question with the indian muslims whether they would raise any voice in whatever tone they feel to show nationalism in the same way as they pass fatwa every now and then .