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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jehadi Birth :The Mourning Motherland

Probably indian muslim guys are unfit to marry her !!
Motherland to Sania..................

Given you birth
                      remove your dearth
in oblivion you
                     given the earth .

In the open sky
                         allowed you to fly
in tripidation you
                         never let you lie .

Blood war of neighbour
                                 not secret with you
you heard many times
                              the layman's cry .

The blood in you 
                       was supposed to be Indian
why you forget 
                   to be part of the Union ?

Why should not
                      we be suspicious ?
your Jehadi birth 
                       will come to kill us . 

I gave chance to play Tenis not the emotions of India ----

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