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Monday, April 5, 2010

Insane Sania

On political ground they profoundly scold and discriminates Indian policies of friendship,on humanism ground they bless us with serial blasts and massacre in the name of jihad,on play ground they play like enemy ,they are guilty of killing multiple of thousands of our great security gaurds and innocent people,they are culprit of destroying the country's premises, from several decades they are playing with the dignity of our country and its countrymen,they are lacking with basic necessities in their own country but purchasing weapons of mutiple crore dollors ;the true insane country of the world - Pakistan .

Our tenis player, upon whom country and country men feel proud and for whom government has incurred crores of rupees to make her face of the country and let her facilitated to make her own name attached with this great country; fell in love with a criceter in pakistan .She is in love at the cost of nation's proud,at the cost of nation's dignity,at the cost of countrymen's emotion,at the cost of sacrifices of other indian players .

Perhaps no indian muslim ,if not a Hindu one,is fit to marry with her or she and her family believes that true muslims live in Islamabad only .it puts question her faith in the country and asks question with the indian muslims whether they would raise any voice in whatever tone they feel to show nationalism in the same way as they pass fatwa every now and then .

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  1. Truly speaking.......she has shown her reality and vandalise muslim community again........she should hang to death and her family should be expelled out from country to Pakistan...


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