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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caesar's Wife -Shame for India

It was the single line repeatedly striking in my mind while returning from the ongoing hunger strike of Anna Hazare for demand of Lokpal Bill under the aegis of India Against Corruption as to Caesar's wife should be above suspicion.

Manmohan Singh -a self acclaimed caesar's wife who got perturbed and gone sleepless night on the arrest incidence of Dr Md. Haneef in 2007 in Australia is now taking full and extra sleep when everyone from every part of the country trying to awake him in the wake of multi billion corruption and mis-governance all round .
Having worked under supervision and direction of Sonia Gandhi;the lady not even confident and proficient in any language or subject of politics if we ignore other issues for a while related to her ,the lickspittle MM Singh's night dream is also seems to be under the grip of Sonia Gandhi who allows him to dream of what she desires to.that's why ,i think so,voice of crores of people are unable to struck the deaf ears of helpless PM.

Replacing Dr Kalam for making way to Pratibha Patil for the presidential post was an effort in furtherance of coronation of MM Singh so as to keep on defrauding this country with full motive that a party blessed women will remain calm & quite and apathetic against the party's ill will and mis doings ever.
Extremity of shameless government can be seen well with the election campaign going on in Assam & west bengal where congress is maneuvering to convert corruption charges into public votes.
Manmohan singh 'who says-Over the resources of india minority deserves first priority is also of the view that running a corrupt government is compulsion of coalition government.
His coalition compulsion is not only restricted to corruption but leads to compromise with the sovereignty of country due to which Geelani openly demands for sedition ,youth desirous of unfurling national flag treated with third degree torcher and held provocative of riot due to enthusiasm of nationalism,Afjal Guru's case file cann't move from the internal ministry deptt , religious conversion by muslim and Cristian is on full swing of which Kerla & Nagaland an evident example.
In place of curbing terrorism and punishing terrorist this government is busy in conceptualizing Hindu Terror in appease of Muslim votes who are going to touch 20% population of this country (Census 2011 on caste based is still to come with exact official fact).
Bangladesh & China intrusion across border ,insecurity from Nepal border and permanent presence of enemy Pakistan, threat of Maoist and worst foreign policy are all attributes of this government.
Its no doubt misfortune of this country being ruled by a lame ,helpless and of course useless economist;shame for India.


  1. This is Himani jain .

    I met u on orkut and really inspired and more impressed by ur words.

    What u realizing n writing is that youth is thinking!!!!!!!

    No doubt u say well n dere s spark in u.

    Y U r jst plying d role of media.

    Why dont v bring a ignition??

    Isnt a time to take action?

    A small single step is worthwhile than lot of sayings...!!

  2. thanks a lot Himani...its d last line of ur comment that inspires me keep on writing for youngsters...

  3. "A small single step is worthwhile than lot of sayings"


  4. hello ,this is sonu
    i m really inspire in your step plz keep it up
    and make a strong chain of youth who is rally want to built corruption free inda.

  5. जिस देश के प्रधान मंत्री पद पर एक पी एम् (प्यून मिनिस्टर) बैठा हो और असली राज किसी विदेशी के हाथ में हो तब
    देश की ऐसी दुर्गति ही होती है

    जय श्री राम


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