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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Starvation :Death Desire or Salvation ?

".....Ek aah bhari hogi hamne na suni hogi ,jaate -jaate tumne awaj to di hogi ;the heart touching ghazal of Jagjeet Singh repeatedly played by me on the heart breaking news of sad and unfortune demise of CA.Anuradha Behl in noida who starved to death two days ago.
I could recall the day of year 2008 ;the cremation of Late Sh S K Agrawal ;a practicing Chartered Accountant in noida ,who also met a sudden accidental & mysterious death under whom i'd spent my starting days of Articleship Training .
It was the every flame emanating from the burial of Sh Agrawal at Nigam Bodh ghat in Delhi then,hammering a curious question in my mind of what leads to death a person blessed with an apparent happy life in all respect and the idea that come to their mind before such detachment and renunciation from this worldly life ?
Death of Ms. Behl and Sh Agrawal was not due to want of any transient happiness but the sudden insight of  delusion of such transience.

I would like to attract attention to the holy verse of Bhagwad Gita as to -

Death is certain for the born,and rebirth is inevitable for the dead .you should not therefore grieve for the inevitable)

Illusion of the worldly life have almost covered the truth of death from our eyesight and made our life devoid of tranquility ,calm & peace.We never try to learn from the calamity of nature and God and keep us busy in the achievement of our desire by any means causing hurt to others knowingly or unknowingly.Even the death of neighbor or known one doesn't make us feel sorrow and when it happens to the self ,it makes us feel a devoid in the world leading to sudden deadly steps in life in a kind of death desire.
Both the persons were caught unnatural and unprecedented death leaving behind a well established family with no solace.
There may be several reasons in these tragedies but the very fact of our ignorance from the ultimate  desire of almighty is the root cause of our miseries and resentment in the routine life.
Its a serious question on family relationship which is getting worse in pursuit of self centered ideology to try to refrain from the relatives one.
As the maxim goes "Life is too short to waste time hating any one " i'd like to end this article on social and family relationship with this favourite Ghazal of Jagjeet Singh -
" Kisne Paya hai Sukun Duniyan Me ,Jindagi ka Samna Karke ! ....Ghar se Nikle The Hausala Karke ,Laut Aaye Khuda-Khuda Karke .......!! "...

With tearful homage to the deceased one, may god give strength to the survived sister to get over from the current status to the happy life to stand up again to face this world afreash .

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