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Saturday, May 19, 2012

LAC & LOC: Border of enemies Harbour –Blessings of INC

The prosperity and growth of a country without giving importance to security threats get abolished in post management of damages caused by intruders of security. And it becomes a serious concern to a country with lacks of disputed kilometre of border fence with permanent neighbouring enemies. 

Having already lost 16,000 sq. KM of J&K (Now POK) and around 36,500 sq. KM (plus 5500 Sq KM friendly donated by Pakistan to china) to Pakistan and china respectively (illegally occupied by these two enemies), we are at the door step to lose more by allowing them to trespass due to lack of political courage and ceded political ambition.
The decades of ongoing terrorism war; crossed the border fence and registered its presence on Parliament, Hotel Taj and blessed innumerable serial blasts all over India, is enough to describe the havoc of security threats which swallowed lacks of people’s live (except those innocent life which we lost during partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh) ,thousands of security officers and Jawans as a cost of protection other than the multibillion monetary fund of countrymen. And how many lacks more we will lose is to be answered by government only.

Where at one side Nepal, which now a days has become an easy gateway to invaders due to Maoist and their growing relations with Islamic terror outfits ,on the other the continuous transgression movement of Pakistan and China eying to our border from all dimensions (North-east,Middle,Western)having already occupied illegally thousands of kilometre of India in Western and North – East ; posing a serious question on the will of congress government who are still carrying and nurturing the ill-will of their fore-fathers and thrown us today at the verge of this apparently incurable disease of  almost 65 years old. 

The repetitive revelation of Chinese PLA’s (People’s liberation Army)violation over LAC (4057 KM Actual line of Control area )with clear intent of cartographic aggression in India through an aggressive border management policy to stake claim to disputed areas in all the three sectors-western (Ladakh),middle(Uttarakhand & Himanchal Pradesh )and eastern (Sikkim,Arunanchal Pradesh) is not new but the furtherance of the Chinese strategic intrusion continued since 1962 and government don’t take this transgression (over 500 times in immediate last years )activity as border threat.(Times of India; May 17’th 2012)

Keeping mum on the abolition of distributive Article of constitution -370 and flaring the voices of small no of separatist (limited only in small area of J&K-Baramula,Srinagar,Pulwama , Anatnag and Shopian covering 14% area of Kashmir valley),allowing free movement of terrorist leaders Mirwayze & Geelani all over in India to camp and organise seminar is nothing but the betrayal culture of congress of creating an atmosphere around the world that J&K solution rests in its autonomy (so called “Azadi” of separatist) and not in the Indian sovereignty and this is the reason that last year the group of interlocutors( Dilip Padgaonwaker ,Radha Kumar and MM Ansari)have voiced the same tune of seclusion that Kashmir resolution can’t be done without the involvement of Pakistan and this is despite the commitment of the then government of India in parliament on 14th November 1962 and duly passed proposal in Sansad of 22nd February 1994 that “we’ll certainly take back the area illegally occupied by china(1962) and Pakistan(1947) and no government can compromise on this issue”.

Denying to be part of the Union is because of the ceded interest of Omar, Farukh and Mufti to trap Muslim voters in hand and to keep on ruling in the state without intervention of Indian government and to not to lose Muslims voters across the country congress favours this betrayal will of anti national leaders (of course our Muslim population is just a vote bank of these parties in India and probably they themselves don’t want to get over from this tendency).

International interest (as proved by the revelation of captured terrorists that intrusion and terror activity are being financed by various foreign nations to Pakistan and Pakistan supported Jihadi groups) in J& K is because of the POK region (Gilgit-Valtistan;of 63,000 sq KM adjoining 5 countries with India namely Pakistan,Afganistan,Tajakistan,China and Tibet )which links Middle Asia to south Asia and a very important central place to maintain control all over in Asia. And USA’s dubious character on this disputed issue is only because of this so as to control the key in hand. 

China’s growing activity in illegally occupied Tibet by preparing airbases and laying network of railway lines and illegal intrusion to laddakh and North-East border are serious threats to India other than existing problem of Islamic invaders through Pakistan,Bangaladesh & Nepal.
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