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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Mobile Relation of new generation

Quick reply of a useless message,
                                                Sudden revert when call get missed.
Missing each other every seconds edge,
                                                 A bit ignorance makes feel as pissed.
A new one comes with the passage of time,
                                                 Messaging him now becomes prime.
Old one thinks latter might be busy,
                                                Wait   for  reply  with  friend’s  hymn.
Sooner the old get out of coverage,
                                                 Get single reply of hundred messages.
  Knowing the fact of friend’s hedge,
                                                    Stop recharging message packages.
Start searching a new messenger,
                                                           To fall into a fresh commitment.
Forgetting all what committed earlier,
                                                  A new beginning of new engagement.
Who knows how long this survive,
                                              When this commitment come to an end?
Mobile relation of new generation,
                                                 Forms and Fuse like the passing wind.


  1. a bitter truth..!

  2. hi HImani heard u after a long tym....this blog missing ur visit.


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