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Monday, May 16, 2011

Does victory meant to be free from charge ?

A few months ago in a talk show of a leading news channel ,i heard a congressman defending corruption charges with words as Our come back to rule for the second consequitive term of UPA was a manifestation of faith of indian Public and the dicto line was repeated by Pranab Mukherjee after the grand victory of Mamta Banerjee over CPM in theWest Bengal & Tarun Gagoi in Assam in words as BJP and others should stop campaigning that UPA is unstable as proved with the poll results.

Debacle of M Karunanidhi ;incharge of corrupt family and whose family is the epicentre of major corruption charges today seems to be forgotten by Pranab Da in his said press release.
Of course it should be a matter of debate as to why BJP couldn't encash corruption charges into public votes in recent states election but at the same time inferences should not be hurridly pass on to UPA for the vote of public trust.
Then it would again refer the manifestation of corruption by public which no one would like to digest .
It took 34 years in the W. Bengal to wipe-off CPM rule and all kudos goes to Mamta Banerjee for her direct fight against CPM and this change was much needed and awaited since years .

No doubt role of local leaders play much in state poitics because even being in central politics they fight and think for their own state only leaving the rest of the state untouched and ignored.But this rule should equally apply to Karunanidhi also to  whom Tamil nadu is only the whole  country not the india and what happened despite his such great love to his state is evident after the poll result?

Good governance must be voted either it be BJP or other but victory of alliance or the main party due to vested reasons of state never absolve charges against it.
Its unfortune in india that state level politics does not come in sync with national issues and people vote with their vested interest with political party or candidates.
No country can prosper well where people avoid to merge their problems with nationality and differentiate state/province from the rest of the country.
After so many years of Independence we should at least try to learn the best for our country not only best for ourself before going for vote.
Whether we want a government in state which has its roots to the party sub merged into the corruption & support the belief of corrupt Netas or the one with proven record of excellence and national security.Why we try to demarcate national issues with the states ?.we should never forget that being a part of sovereign country every state has to pay for the wrong doings of central govt.
We all are represented by a nation as a whole and not by a state/province over the world and get recognition with being part of  whole india only.So why not to promote and support national values and a party with nationality whether it be on state level or on nation level politics .

Victory does not mean to be freed from all charges rather it speaks of the truth that the presence of some good people helps to survive but not for ever;till the their own survival.