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Friday, December 27, 2013


He talks everything
             but not economics
Nor development structure
          and growth dynamics!
Nor national security
           and currency statics
Nor daily needs 
            and market tricks!!
Nor business model 
               and trade matrix
Nor inflationary trends 
                                 and policy -growth mix!!

He talks SWA-RAJ
                like Pre-Independence
He supports Marxist 
              challenges federal fence??

He wear Captioned cap 
                  for political change
And CHANGE in tacit way 
                 of Political exchange ??

What he think for Communal Violence Bill ?
How he"ll protect our coastal and Hill?
Whom he supports for riot and kill ?
Why keep mum over diplomacy skill?

Whats your view for sovereignty?
How you define Political Honesty?
 An Honesty tie with amnesty ???

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Casuistry of Referendum

Fought with stardom, claimed for debutant come!
Cause célèbre for dehiites, voted him with premium!!

Well done in election, some play seldom
Got twenty eight seats and now Referendum?  

If voted for promise of honesty and refrain,
If voted for sweeping of corrupt and gain,
If voted for justice of AAM-Aadmi pain,
If voted to infuse blood in dry vein,
If a community voted for safety sustain,
To reverse the verdict of Bathla House lane,
If you left Anna for political train,
If chastened team IAC for your ambitious brain,
If got offer for your dream reign,
If voter got mad for promising chain,
If you claim being voted against political insane

                              Then! Why this drama for Referendum??
                                       Proving election mandate a mere tantrum??

                              If this is only anger against incumbency,
                                                       And you got benefit of voter’s fancy

                             Then sure it’s last of your dream ambition
                                              We need execution not the moony nation!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


"I could  have earned crores when I was Income Tax commissioner ";probably for this remorse of resigning the post and regretting for not earning that "crores",Kejriwal strategically planned to climb the crore value ladder of becoming a public figure with Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement a few years back with controversial lawyer Bhushan & Sons.

Hazare who is miffed at Kejriwal's political ambition and use of his name for political gains in Delhi assembly polls by #AAP ,utilization of fund collected under the banner of India Against Corruption with false claims by Kejriwal that he would pass Lokpal Bill after getting victory (befooling delhites as Bill can only be passed at Parliament not in assembly);would not have smeared about the planned strategy of Arvind & friends.

Crores of fund collected during the crusade of Hazare ,database of people and mass public support which made the movement a great success wouldn't have achieved without the active and visible support of BJP,RSS,ABVP and other saffron outfits who were with Anna because of the issues BJP itself voices to.(and this is why Hazare and Kiran Bedi distanced themselves after conversion of #IAC to #AAP)

Opportunistic Kejriwal,who was apparently sheer opponent of corruption and unethical behaviour of Congress is now himself footing into the rage by appeasing hardcore muslim outfits to allure the muslim voters as he recently requested #Tauqeer Raja Khan to campaign for AAP ,who was held culprit in #Muzaffarnagar riot and appealed to various muslim groups for the AAP kind of justice in the Bathla House encounter case calling it fake (See video- which his close aide Bhushan had also filed a PIL in the court and this way denying the martyrdom of brave delhi police officers even knowing the fact that Bathla House encounter was declared right by court.
He is stooping such low that recently he has released a pamphlet urging delhi's muslims to vote only to AAP as according to the pamphlet- only AAP  is secular and can secure their seeded interest for which Election Commission has also slapped a show cause notice for violating the moral code of conduct of campaigning on communal lines and below political standard.

His manifesto talks about electricity and corruption which is already one of the core concern of BJP and being a national party with its good track record of ruling state government and NDA ,what else AAP is going to give for the employment, national security ,development and economy?
His close aide Bhushan advocates for the referendum in Kashmir and joins hand with separatists of J&K and Kejriwal keeps mum over the alarming issues of country's security rather follows a cheap politics like Congress & SP in UP to appease muslims and promoting divisive policy in the country and dividing the countrymen on caste and religion.

Kejriwal & Co has nothing to do with the fair politics but to spread rumour of falsification with tainted aides and news like congress and to destroy the growing imgae of #BJP and clearly he is playing a character role of congress to divide vote percentage of BJP in Delhi for which #AAP is getting huge funding even from unidentified foreign donors.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Digging the dream and Brooming the clean

A political Sadhu dreams buried gold
                                   Sleeping Govt. wake up to take hold
Neta's real Gold stashed in Swiss bank
                                      but Indian's dream couldn't unfold !!

One is Rahul Gandhi and Kejariwal naïve
                                     with tainted stats trying to be brave
          in public rallies weeping Gandhi's toll
                                                                                         another is brooming for Jan-Lokpal !!
Both the person have no reason to oppose
                                knowing the fact "Indian vote on pose"
Kejriwal feeding only Congress' dose
                                        diving in mud against rising Rose !!

This Modi cyclone is rarely seen
                                a favourite choice of Old, Young ,Teen
Having no answer to Modi's remarks-
                           Digging the dream and Brooming the clean!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indian Muslims- fashioned for Riots & Curfew

A day before riot by thousands of Kashmiri Muslims is once again the repetition of the planned mindset with which the so called Minority of this country continuously hammering on the sovereignty and peace of the nation with patronage of like minded political people since their entry into the undivided India.
Yes i do want a healthy debate for the remedy of this bloodthirsty community and politicians who support them for their seeded interest.
 Youth !!Pls. come out to save the roots of this country ! The Hindu & Hinduism !!

What can you do of being so irate
               Your helpless ire against Muslims's inveterate!

Heinous lamming not just of late
                       Cruel community infamous for such trait!

You wish them Eid with privilege of minority rate
                 They reward you death go for terror operate!

You give them shelter and treat innate
                       They give you gift of massacre and hate!

You pay your tax for minority weight
                     They snatch your life connive with pirate!

Dirty community now a national threat
                               lest Hindu would be lost -its a bet !!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Saurabh Sarthak nominated for Indian Blogger Awards -IBA'13

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Mess with IAS

I'm not going to explain again the appeasement policy and political party's pray to Muslim voters but to question the condition of IAS and their actual administrative power.
Recent suspension of IAS Ms. Durga Shakti Nagpal by Namazwadi Party of UP (You can also call it Mughal Party) for adhering SC order of demolishing the boundary of an illegal mosque being built at the behest of local Mafia .Can anybody expect such a hassle and speedy action if it would have been the case of a Temple demolition ?? So this is for you - the IAS and those aspiring to become IAS not for the dirty politicians-

He works hard for his golden dream
           Struggle half life for for the next half cream !!
The highest post and India's reputed cult
           Politically victimized faces everyday insult !! 
For ruling party plays cameo role
                            for steps against begs console !!
They beat reservation to become IAS
            they fought along against "Quota" mess 
But helpless IAS works for "Quota" party
            for righteous work feel pray and guilty !!
The worst country around the globe 
           where administrator serves at politician's abode
Where IAS sacked out to save family face
           to built a mosque or for honesty chase

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Betraying Proudly

Need to fight with the betrayal politics not the Modi

Core corruption and policy affront
                          Passé economist behind economic front !!

Berk spokesperson speaking freely blunt
                             bruiting the bumf with intended brunt !!

controlling media & authority with purposeful hunt
                 detracting mass from national issues to shunt !!

India's public have nothing yet learnt
                                    still voting the anti national  cunt !!

For what they doing so loudly
                                               betraying India so proudly !!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hindu!! You are not secular

If you can abuse Indian culture,

                                       Sure you are true secular !

If you can nude Hindu idols
                                        Sure you are true secular !

If you can’t allude Muslim atrocity
                                        Sure you are true secular !

If you allow to intrude church for conversion
                                        Sure you are true secular!!

If you can scold Hindu at your best,
                               If you project minority meagre from rest.

If you can applause their barbaric history,
                       If you don’t comment on their heinous mystery.

If you remain pure for all their impure
                                                    Sure you are true secular!!

If you can see cow to be chopped,
                                                     If you set fire Hindu scriptures

If you can’t supress Islamic terror,
                                            Allow pedagogy with tainted lectures

You would be called true secular
                                    Rewarded from paid media to avoid demur!!

Final crux of Indian polity and paid scholar
                                          Appease Muslims as Hindu not secular!!

Friday, May 31, 2013

UP Brahmin: Once a leader now vying around tawdry leadership

A few weeks ago, UP CM AkhileshYadav was addressing in an event organized by his one of the cabinet minister Pawan Pandey from Ayodhya on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Lord Parashuram (from last few years they have started this culture to woo UP Brahmins unlike their known face for the whole time event manager of a special community).
He painted the gathered audience as highly talented and revered in society and recalled the great contribution of Brahmin to the society since immemorial and regarded high respect of what Brahmin guided and preached to the generations. 

During her tenor as UP CM,Mayawati’s Brahmin card is known to all and in fact the very reason of her triumphant victory and of course the ouster from the rule in the UP assembly also. BJP’s oust in UP is nothing but the love of Brahmins to these state centric parties who wooed them with respective social engineering of caste and vote percentage.

Rivalry among regional parties to attract the vote of Brahmin and use of political parties of the intellect of Brahmin as their think tankers to play the strategic role in the party activities is meager on the part of latter not only because of the Brahmin’s lost intuition and self-respect but also the gone sense of the intellectual and spiritual highness entangled with inborn spirit of cultural purity which led the society for centuries and guided the generations.  

The community which was a guiding force among the society paving the way for the integration of societal values by providing or assuming historical leadership; represented the society with core spirit of nationalism is now betting their community respect and pride in flattering and appeasing of the betrayal forces of the country.

It’s not only a question of a lost pride or societal respect but an alarming threat to the community of their accumulated goodwill and after all holding the credit of being culprit of a national loss by facilitating tawdry leadership having  great inure of anti-nationalism and a divisive politics of caste.

Brahmin need to look their glorious history of pride and reverence that society bestowed on them not for the role of a priest or Pundit but for the great contribution to the nation building and guidance to the leadership.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beef hungry Karnataka voted for congress: Defeated nation not the BJP

With the proven record of whole system failure of congress government at center having great appetite to loot and corrupt India the extent they can as they are doing since more than 50 years with this helpless country ,the state Karnataka Congress was in hunger of beef much eager than those community who declares themselves to be the passionate consumer for the beef ,as soon after resuming CM post Siddaramaiah announced reversal of Anti cow slaughter act advocating  the taste and passion of beef eaters and leather need shows his alacrity to appease and play caste game-in which the whole congress is expert and has a bloody history ;the very reason MK Gandhi was of the view to dissolve the then congress after independence because he knew the fact that then congress led by Nehru has taken a shape that would destroy this country and certainly the fact is visible today.

Still recalling the speech of Narendra Modi in Belgaum-south Karnataka during state election campaign and the scornful factual public address in Bangalore on 28th of April -the day I landed in Bangalore; what he warned Karnataka men has started taking shape just after a day of Siddaramaiah’s sworn as the state CM.

Siddaramaiah announced to waive off loan dues of SC/ST/ backwards and Minorities and moved to reverse back the prevention of cow slaughter act with some other waving announcement with a sheer and definite target of 2014 election to lure voters the same way congress did in 2009 by waving of agriculture loan.

Innocent people forget the fact that how congress will recover this huge coffer loss which in sudden instance seem to voters as a benevolent government. But Public soon realize this conspiracy when they live with scarcity and force to cut off even their daily needs through the government tenor with high price rise and corruption all round.  Where you are not even able to count the loot figure of taxpayer’s hard money anyway. 

Advani may write in his blog of the expected poll outcome in Karnataka due to division of state BJP in KJP and BSR Congress and sharing of total BJP vote percentage, I also don’t want to be indulge in after poll analysis as the Karnataka people are enough literate to decide their fate; what is an alarming havoc at the country face is to how to curb anti-national forces to come into power. 

In an environment where government is being jeered on daily basis by SC for the alleged maligning of governmental agencies and inaction for the revelation of daily corruption in every ministry and impotency of foreign ministry in dealing with neighboring countries and to the world, where the common man is striving to cope the family demands even after earning more than he could, where national security is at the brisk, where the cultural harmony and education system is at the verge of loss, where home grown Islamic terror outfits are being nourished so as to suppress the majority of this country just to attract their community votes ,where every policy decisions are community centric to appease them with elections in mind ;they are still getting full majority despite the giant failure and inaction and attested political impotency.

With an ambition of bringing Pink Revolution (slaughter of cow and other animals)in the country for which UPA is offering huge financial support to butcher houses and announcement of cow slaughter act by newly elected Karnataka congress govt. is not only to appetite the watering mouth of Muslims and the backward community to which Siddaramaiah belongs to but it’s an effort to hammer the cultural ethos of this country .

A country which was once known for its agricultural and animal prosperity, a country respected around the world for its preaching’s of compassion and peace and purity of life,a country where we see god in trees and animals is now moving to supply flesh with Pink Revolution to the world.

Karnataka! Keep in mind, congress is not only going to slaughter the cows, but gradually proceeding to assassinate your dreams and needs and of course the slaughter of the India’s culture and tradition.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Samajwadi detained at USA Port


He(Modi) never asked for VISA

                               They (so called secularist) ever mocked him for
He ever enjoyed prestige
                                      USA locked them(so called secularist) for !!
Khan's detention shows how alert they (USA) are
        USA also knows how perverted they(so called secularist) are!!

If you'll defame an honest person
                                                  just because his rising fame
Bear in mind you'll not be left
                                                Modi is Lion and you are just Lame !! 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Corporate Theft

Your lots of work and whole night labour
                                  Your relentless effort to put endeavour

Your dream to excel and advance regular
                                   Your quality worth and diligence ever !!

Your search of thoughts and professional trait
                                  Your own unique way of working slate

Your growing image and professional weight
                                           Bring closer your enemies to hate  !!

Your immediate boss feel insecure
                                           Your fellow colleague turn impure

They'll put you down with self inure
                                             Try their best to absorb you sure !!
They forget of what they promise
                                              leave nothing good so as to miss
It's become now corporate culture
                                              Corporate theft and pet flatterer !!