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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Casuistry of Referendum

Fought with stardom, claimed for debutant come!
Cause célèbre for dehiites, voted him with premium!!

Well done in election, some play seldom
Got twenty eight seats and now Referendum?  

If voted for promise of honesty and refrain,
If voted for sweeping of corrupt and gain,
If voted for justice of AAM-Aadmi pain,
If voted to infuse blood in dry vein,
If a community voted for safety sustain,
To reverse the verdict of Bathla House lane,
If you left Anna for political train,
If chastened team IAC for your ambitious brain,
If got offer for your dream reign,
If voter got mad for promising chain,
If you claim being voted against political insane

                              Then! Why this drama for Referendum??
                                       Proving election mandate a mere tantrum??

                              If this is only anger against incumbency,
                                                       And you got benefit of voter’s fancy

                             Then sure it’s last of your dream ambition
                                              We need execution not the moony nation!!


  1. Nice one Saurabh, also please try to use a little bit simple English, that's a request because people read your blog as you post a very different topic. Thanks


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