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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FB post and rage

Many of us explore feelings on FB as a post, like or share regardless the legal consequences it wore and serious implications; even endangering life for the provocative one from the people or group targeted or subjected in the post or share.
Recent incident of Pune engineering student murder and past similar actions against the FB addicts from the hurt felt people or by the Police on complaint against the objectionable content is again the talk of walk in the country and on internet gallery.
Modern and liberal voices call it a damn crush of the freedom of democracy while extra modern and self assumed pleader of secularism call it shunning of Right of expression and Talibanization or a step ahead name it Saffronization.
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While the so called hurt group thump it surpassing of limit to defame and deign the prestige and pride of ethos and culture. They also view it a projected continuous attack on targeted religion through the use of media writings and defaming caricature of deities.
Without prejudice to any religion, this fact should bear in mind by every one that if a torn out piece of a paper of Quran thrown knowingly or ignorantly by any one leads riots and communal disturbance every now and then round the world then it is quite imperative to attract a sharp reaction over a clear defamation of the opposite one.
But a hard to understand fact, why people resort to such things? Be it a FB post or rioting against torn out Quran paper piece or the same.
Similarly soon after such incidents political parties surviving only on such controversial politics start blaming Hindu wings and their apparent supportive political wings for the do.
They cunningly forget that in the similar cases when they or their torch bearers were flaming the fuels of communal violence across the country under the rule of their protector political wing would deny their role and still that time blamed those whom they are blaming now for the against case. It means for the sin and punishment for the same they would blame the other only.
Abu Azami said, “Modi should control Hindu separatist”. But we didn’t hear his remarks on Azad Park incidence of Mumbai or other similar incident happened hundreds of times in UP & Assam in 2013-14.
Now the question comes who would punish or be punished for such useless incidents? Wall writing on Facebook or a simple like/share can cause a death??
Does a freedom of expression mean to write and voice anything?? Before election result of Loksabha many in the country announced that they would leave country if Modi becomes PM, few in Bollywood ran a proper campaign of signing to stop Modi becoming PM, Owaisi still calling Modi Kutta in recent video post election result like his similar like minded political outfits in UP and south, few writers and academicians also voiced similar excerpts against Modi .
They were and are of the view that their bullshit speeches and useless thoughts are part and right of freedom of expression.
Question still persists; if a mere ignorant mention of their deities in their own perceived way of Defamation cause riots and outburst of their anger on road then how they can imagine defaming the culture and dignity of majority of a country publically??
Agreed!! It doesn’t mean that one should be punished death or else way treatment as there are established laws for all such issues to handle with but the fact can’t be ignored in lighter way as to why to fall victim of such non issues of defaming other’s deities just in the name of freedom of speech or so called secularism? If you claim to be secular then must behave and practice Secularism in its pure spirit.
One should realize the fact that if majority of a country is so liberal that minority gets more priority than former both in constitutional law and society and they enjoy more comfort and freedom than the countries of their own origin then why to abuse the ethos and culture of the country which sees world as Vashudhaiv Kutumbkam?
You may have a different religion and belief for the almighty but you can never ignore the fact India and its core Hinduism including all its sects is worshiped across the world for the ideology and preaches it taught to the world.
We allowed to live all other religion with us with equal respect and dignity despite knowing the bitter truth that their forefathers (whom they worship) were cruel invaders and post independence they snatched part of our land to form own country of own religion.
Would they be able to resort similar stand of “Freedom of speech” in other part of world than India??