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Monday, January 23, 2012

The election Time: We are less corrupt !!

Political effort to woo muslim voters
Puzzled a lot from where i should start writing .it be advertisement  in TV nowadays of Samajwadi Party in which some muslim weavers are picturized to be assured for regular supply of electricity or to that one where Salman Khurshid announce 9 percent reservation for minority to support his wife.
It be haphazard step of government to ban internet content and issue notices to Google ,face book because government is fed up with the real caricature and stories of UPA heros or  Gandhi family’s  relentless visit in constituencies to let people appraise of how honestly they are carrying UPA-3 and urging people to forget and ignore all worse facts of UPA alliance.

It be covering of BSP party symbol at election commission’s notice  or ministry redressal of BSP cabinet or controversy and uproar on visit of Salman Rushdie and support of congress to radical Islamic clergies for needless anger against Rushdi’s visit in rajasthan or fake terror threat to Salman Rushdie by rajasthan police at behest of state government or repeated voices in favour of Batla House incounter.

After all anybody can conclude that its election time and its all about appeasement of minority which leave a question ,if muslims in india are cared at election time only or they are just vote bank.

It would be completely vague to repeat again all issues of terrorism ,home grown Islamic terror groups ,separatist of J&K ,corruption and all good virtues of  Indian politics  because after second  phase failure of Anna’s fast, we have forgotten UPA’ hero Kalmadi,Raja, Kanimojhi and other endless.

BJP’s effort to regain lost regime of UP and congress’ sleepless dream to replace Mayawati is under words war everywhere despite the fact that BSP ,SP still are a part of UPA at centre.

We can see this a unique example in the world where all individual of a family live collectively in joint house but openly struggle in war like situation outside the house.

TMC ,DMK,SP,BSP etc are all part of UPA but they don’t want to see each other at public front and hence battling independently . i would like to frame this situation of Indian polity as –

“ Mana Ki Tu Mera Hai Aur Hum Sab Apne ,Par Iss Public Ka Kya Kare Jisse Hum Bekuf Samjhte hai “

Despite knowing  the fact of UPA alliance and honesty they are showing with nation ,still we gather in mass meetings to have a glimpse of Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi and to hear the smear of Mayawati and Mulayam.

Its a political battle where every polilical party is trying to prove that they are less corrupt than their counterpart.

Where BJP wants to shift from Rammandir to Ramrajya but no other party wants to happen such so because they will lose opportunity of being Seasonal Secular and cant blame BJP for so called communalism. They even think that muslim leaders in the BJP are symbolic only and only they have original  muslim born minority leaders or you can say according to them having minority leader is the prerogative of all parties other than BJP.

You can admire the courage and spirit of UPA alliance that with the branded tag of corrupt and proved communal they are dreaming and manoeuvring public to vote for them only and criticizing opposition for bad and ill governance.

Probably they have their own definition of corruption and loot and what Anna camp and country is demanding for may be outside the scope of corrupt governance.

After all we are amid election campaign and we’ll go for vote for sure but the very fact of voting our favourite;he may belongs to our caste ,community or party specific ,can not be ruled out in india where countrymen forget all nation good when they are given vote power and after that they start blaming mis-governance and leaders throughout the year and criticize politics not the self who let them come in rule because of their own wrong decision.

It is the public only at the behest of whom politician claim that “if they are being blamed as corrupt so why public elect them to rule “ so politician consider it as manifestation of public to continue loot and corruption as we bestow them power and right for the same.