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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Happy Diwali From ACUITY

To You and your well wishers...........

    शुभं करोति कल्याणमारोग्यं धनसंपदा ।

शत्रुबुद्धिविनाशाय दीपज्योतिर्नमोऽस्तुते ॥

Saurabh Pandey 
                           Head- Internal Audit & Research

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unending Cry: Islam and women

Yesterday while reading about Ebola, I came across the term FVM on Google and related pics. Although my quest was to dig out the facts behind the deadly viral Ebola spreading in African countries and serious threat to India too. But the mutilation pics and literature in Google which incidentally took my attention and Meerut-UP incidence of rape and conversion in madersa; raised by MP-Meerut Mr. Rajendra Aggarwal in parliament yesterday, was the only nightmare I dreamt last night.
Circumcision in Islam was known to me since schooling when I used to hear abusing Hindu guys to Muslims for their cut foreskin and after grown up I also realized the cruelty over women in Islam through polygamy, multiple child production and Burka(Mask).
But this vaginal mutilation term was so heinous and cruel than to imagine and see in reality the dirty and inhuman thought.
The havoc doesn't end only to rape and force conversion but to the removal of Fallopian tube of the victim lady of Meerut like in Nirbhaya case.
This incidence is not new as there are lacks of such victim Hindu girls alone in India who have been forcefully eloped and converted to Islam and then left away after the sexual satisfaction and child birth because of their available Sariyat Law ;mocking the common civil code of Indian government.
Allurement of Hindu girls and forceful religion conversion is continue since Mughal empire in India and the present population of Indian Muslims including those in Bangladesh & Pakistan are generation of their timid Hindu forefathers, who adopted Islam in seek of safety and protection from the Mughal cruelty then.
A single religion on earth centered only on human genital part and sickness of lustful mind which observes women only as a means of population increase and sexual desire.
I could recall an incidence .I was returning from Bangalore in Karnatka Exp. last month and my berth was among the Madrasa student going Pune. In a day long journey my fellow -a Sikh passenger started chatting with those student studying in Madrasa. It was really a surprise that most of them aged 18-20, with long beard were married and were of full mood for the second and subsequent marriage having 2-3 kids at present itself.
They were so keen and excited citing this and on our surprise about this fact they laughed at and explained this is necessary for “expanding Jamat”.
When I asked,”where did you learn and who taught all this”. He awfully quoted Quran and preaching of Madrasa priest .We also inquired his view on Jihad and tried to know the thinking of Madrasa, it was exact the same that I once read in a book written by Dr Praveen Togadia and an English version of Quran written by a British Muslim. They do Jihad for Jannat and Hoor (beautiful girls) in Jannat. And Jihad is war against Kafir (all religion except Muslims).
However, in the backdrop of recent Meerut incidence or the hundreds of rape victims only in this quarter after the election, we cannot paint rapist to a particular religion but UP in the rule of SP has now become the hub of rape and riots.
Thanks to the Election 2014 for the Modi mandate to rout appeasement and fake secularism politics but still the ruling regional parties like SP and Trinmool Congress are leaving no stone left to appease Muslims and surprise silence over the barbaric incidence of majority of the country in the name of pseudo secularism to preserve the Muslim vote bank.
The situation becomes more worse when media section keep mum and maintain silence on such issues done by Muslims and cry day-night for a minor non issue done by a Hindu against Muslim.
The Roti-Ramjan issue is most recent example of media’s sham reporting where a forceful bread feeding by an MP to the mess in charge for mismanagement becomes national prime and a forceful rape and conversion with cruelty find no place in media prime reporting.
During election campaign, I watched Modi’s last media interaction with Arnab Goswami on Times Now where he stoutly scolded Arnab over his question of secularism and communalism and called it news trading and warned as to when the media section and the sick political class would get over from narrow mindset. Unfortunately after the formation of Modi govt. still it’s going on and I hope Modi soon will curb the double standard politics and reporting by media.
Rape and sexual assault against women is a burning issue and it’s really out of control if we talk about UP and Akhilesh Rule but it is a matter of mindset and thinking rather a cruelty and sexual desire.
Loss of morality, faith and fear from almighty is breeding all this and it is growing day by day as we are losing educational and spiritual values.
 Where in Hindu religion we believe “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devtah” and we worship goddess as a power and wisdom source, still the devils are roaming then what about a religion which talks about Noor in Jannat to justify Jihad and genital mutilation as a religious symbol ?? Where the whole Quran is based on sexuality and genital desire then how could we expect protection in society??
I would sum up with this poem written during Nirbhaya case –Rape of Humanity
Who runs the whole universe
                                     Forgive us from all curse
Remove hurdles from all worse.
                                   Never averse for any reverse.
She’s mom who give us birth
                                 She’s sis lovely creature on earth
She’s daughter of priceless worth
                                         Whose absence is a life dearth.
Whom you worship in Navratri
                                       To get strength and life tension free.
Whom you love and get marry
                                                Seeking your love dreaming scary.
Lechery eyes full of lust
                                               Voluptuous mind with genital gust
Who’ll cure your sick mind
                                                          Dirty gutter heart full of rust.
We lost a girl as a rape victim
                                         We lost a finest creation of God
Culprits are the whole humanity
                                   Who never demur and stand to prod.
What will happen through candle march?
                             What you’ll change through street protest?
You need to look through your inner torch
                                 Your sexual desire and damn mind unrest.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Prodding the Pride

Kalki Koechlin ;Wife of film producer Anurag Kashyap and bollywood actress who is better known for her bold scene and scripts, quotes budget allocation of 200 Cr should be for a giant sexy women instead of the Statue of Unity –Sardar Patel so that men can stare at ;I don’t know whom she wanted to refer with her lusty eyes and what sense it makes except to the TOI where her excerpts got place on the editorial page?
Kingshuk Nag of TOI writes an article on the issue sensing it as Modi mind and many others in the media are crying and calling it as wastage of public fund and diverting the money meant for else development.
TOI reported Kalki’s say in a box on the editorial page like others since the union budget has declared so. And there are many on social sites discussing and debating over the issue.
I also heard many people in my profession and during travel on office timing in the Delhi metro cursing government for the move.
While scrolling the facebook, I saw one factful shared post with thousands likes chiding the so called intellects voicing against the Statue of Unity.
The Post interestingly mocks Indians who go to have glimpse of Statue of Liberty in USA, Spring Temple Budhha in China, Eiffel Tower in France and For Cristo Redentor in Brazil.
The problem is not of allocating budget of 200 Cr for building 182 Ft statue of Sardar Patel but the mindset of Indian people who’s nurturing and education has been in such an environment that they never think proud and feel glory of our history and great patriots and infact no knowledge of the historical events of great leaders.
The man who saved India’s sovereignty and strategically united the divided states post independence across India; which was at the verge to become separate states now facing criticism for his sacrifice to the Indian people?
India; where thousands of development project and public structures are in the name of  only Nehru family and interestingly in the borrowed name of Gandhi and where acres of prime land and hundreds of govt. structure & institutions are named in the flattery of Nehru turned Gandhi family only in the National capital Delhi alone, budget allocation of mere Rs. 200 Cr for the ambitious project of Indian Pride and glory to commemorate and give honor to the great patriot is being questioned by people for whom he sacrificed his life ??
The pedagogy of school and college curriculum devoid of true Indian history and sans the great martyrdom and sacrifice of our freedom fighters puts our generation in oblivion of the knowledge which they are supposed to have to feel gut and pride about the country.
After independence the history were written by paid writers to misguide the generation and it was a clearly laid conspiracy to let Indian generation feel disgust about their own leaders and this is the reason that modern people and youngsters simply question the very cause of the building of such statue.
The statue is not only to recall the legacy of Sardar Patel but to let the whole world know the respect we give to our freedom fighters and leaders.
Every country in the world remembers their great personalities and let its generation know about them through every means they can .In turn the countrymen feel proud over the legacy of legendry and gives the country back in return in the same spirit because they know the worth of sacrifice and devotion done by the their forefathers which is taught to them since childhood and also learned by themselves because of the quest and love to the country.
It’s the tragedy of India only where people are so averse to the historical glory that they stoutly criticize any step of national pride in the name of development and such people go abroad to see and praise the similar glory of foreign nations.



Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FB post and rage

Many of us explore feelings on FB as a post, like or share regardless the legal consequences it wore and serious implications; even endangering life for the provocative one from the people or group targeted or subjected in the post or share.
Recent incident of Pune engineering student murder and past similar actions against the FB addicts from the hurt felt people or by the Police on complaint against the objectionable content is again the talk of walk in the country and on internet gallery.
Modern and liberal voices call it a damn crush of the freedom of democracy while extra modern and self assumed pleader of secularism call it shunning of Right of expression and Talibanization or a step ahead name it Saffronization.
Writer on Social & National Issues
While the so called hurt group thump it surpassing of limit to defame and deign the prestige and pride of ethos and culture. They also view it a projected continuous attack on targeted religion through the use of media writings and defaming caricature of deities.
Without prejudice to any religion, this fact should bear in mind by every one that if a torn out piece of a paper of Quran thrown knowingly or ignorantly by any one leads riots and communal disturbance every now and then round the world then it is quite imperative to attract a sharp reaction over a clear defamation of the opposite one.
But a hard to understand fact, why people resort to such things? Be it a FB post or rioting against torn out Quran paper piece or the same.
Similarly soon after such incidents political parties surviving only on such controversial politics start blaming Hindu wings and their apparent supportive political wings for the do.
They cunningly forget that in the similar cases when they or their torch bearers were flaming the fuels of communal violence across the country under the rule of their protector political wing would deny their role and still that time blamed those whom they are blaming now for the against case. It means for the sin and punishment for the same they would blame the other only.
Abu Azami said, “Modi should control Hindu separatist”. But we didn’t hear his remarks on Azad Park incidence of Mumbai or other similar incident happened hundreds of times in UP & Assam in 2013-14.
Now the question comes who would punish or be punished for such useless incidents? Wall writing on Facebook or a simple like/share can cause a death??
Does a freedom of expression mean to write and voice anything?? Before election result of Loksabha many in the country announced that they would leave country if Modi becomes PM, few in Bollywood ran a proper campaign of signing to stop Modi becoming PM, Owaisi still calling Modi Kutta in recent video post election result like his similar like minded political outfits in UP and south, few writers and academicians also voiced similar excerpts against Modi .
They were and are of the view that their bullshit speeches and useless thoughts are part and right of freedom of expression.
Question still persists; if a mere ignorant mention of their deities in their own perceived way of Defamation cause riots and outburst of their anger on road then how they can imagine defaming the culture and dignity of majority of a country publically??
Agreed!! It doesn’t mean that one should be punished death or else way treatment as there are established laws for all such issues to handle with but the fact can’t be ignored in lighter way as to why to fall victim of such non issues of defaming other’s deities just in the name of freedom of speech or so called secularism? If you claim to be secular then must behave and practice Secularism in its pure spirit.
One should realize the fact that if majority of a country is so liberal that minority gets more priority than former both in constitutional law and society and they enjoy more comfort and freedom than the countries of their own origin then why to abuse the ethos and culture of the country which sees world as Vashudhaiv Kutumbkam?
You may have a different religion and belief for the almighty but you can never ignore the fact India and its core Hinduism including all its sects is worshiped across the world for the ideology and preaches it taught to the world.
We allowed to live all other religion with us with equal respect and dignity despite knowing the bitter truth that their forefathers (whom they worship) were cruel invaders and post independence they snatched part of our land to form own country of own religion.
Would they be able to resort similar stand of “Freedom of speech” in other part of world than India??

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How BJP managed campaign 2014

Election 2014 would be ever remembered in the Indian history for the landslide victory of BJP strived to come at power center with full majority since the time of Jansangh and not only majority on its own their pre- poll alliance NDA got the massive mandate 336.
This magic figure proved all the bet of Modi that he would claim during his TV interviews and election rallies
across India and shattered all the conspiracy of pseudo secularist lobbying for third front or flattering the corrupt congress.
Nationalist Blogger on Political affairs 
With full use of social network and technology in advertisement (Print and Electronic) and unique style of sloganeering in ads and feature of advertisement was rare seen in Indian election before.
5827 rallies covering 3 lac KM,Modi touched 25 states and addressed the far end and deep villages with 3 D way also.
If JP Movement (Janta Party)of anti-congress was a mass movement comprising several parties in fold to root out Indira regime then this election of 2014 was a true movement of a single man oriented as "Abki Bar-Modi Sarkar" to finish UPA and it achieved this goal in the core spirit it was designed and operated by BJP.
Gandhi Ji always wanted to make Sardar Patel as India's first PM and urged to dissolve the Congress party then but after so many decades of independence we got the dream of Gandhi Ji come true as PM Modi;another Sardar and iron man from Gujrat who also has ambition to unite India like Sardar Patel united India post independence by merging British colonial provinces and more than 500 self governing princely states.
IT cell of BJP ,technocrats in the party and CAG team of BJP comprising Management and IT expert youngsters handled all this campaign with team of Piyush Pandey(world known ad GURU) & Prasoon Joshi (famous lyricist and management scholar)
It was not only election but a best example of engineering and management which would be a case study matter for the management scholars across the world.

Read the ET interview of Piyush for his toughest job in career of managing & operating this campaign and defeated every party along-with congress in their run for election campaign and modus-operandi -

Excerpts of Piyush Pandey-Ex-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather ,How he managed BJP campaign  (Click for detail Interview )
and ABP news for Vikas Pandey fo social campaign How Vikas Pandey handled social campaign

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AAP and Its fabrication

The 16th Loksabha Election 2014 ended triggering a thumping majority to BJP and NDA with all post poll
survey .The proud of congress believing self as a reservoir of the country and its resources is at the verge to taste embarrassing defeat across the country although it had begun in the assembly polls last year itself.
Narendra Modi ,who ran this campaign in a presidential style of US; first time ever in this country, certain to get an edge with strong and stable mandate to the parliament. It would be a remarkable and landmark election in the history of modern India where country witnessed a high-tech 3D and social media campaign in a large scale covering the far end villages too.
Nationalist Blogger on Politics
There are lots of hope and expectations from the new government and specially from Modi to fulfill the promises he made to the nation and to give this country the required pride we lost in few decades because of corruption, political apathy, policy paralysis, mis governance, economy slowdown, rupee fall, internal and border security challenges and home grown terror outfits like Naxal ,Indian Mujahedeen, separatist of J&K including the issue of migration and intrusion from our neighboring border of China, Pakistan, Nepal ,Burma and Bangladesh along with the people inflow of Bhutan and Tibet as refugee or political asylum.
Amid all this we cannot forget and ignore the long stretched campaigning of election 2014 full of allegations, confrontations; personal and political and most of them intentionally to change the hot topic of development and growth from the normal course of debate to the high low and meager.
Embarrassment of congress was obvious because of the fear of being ousted from the seat which they think their inheritance and as usually they tried their best to affect the honest political discourse and debate by hurling baseless, useless and core personal issues of no importance to avoid answering the charges and allegations of mis-governance and corruption deep rooted in the veins of UPA.
In the whole campaign no one from congress answered and countered the serious allegations of corruption and loot and weakening the country through worse economic and foreign policy rather kept busy projecting the Gandhi scion and with no array in hand, through some of its irresponsible leaders started personal attacks on the opposition to change the topic of media debate.
The political opportunist AAP was in no way away from these dirty tricks of falsehood and fabrication. A party which came in domain in the recently last Delhi assembly poll by surprising all political pundits with its election result was deeply busy in framing the baseless allegation as they did in the last Delhi poll.
AAP which got 28 seats in Delhi assembly poll for the projected image of Kejriwal that he framed through show offs of so called austerity and simplicity is clear to lose the faith and trust of public especially in Delhi where he was a giant killer in just few months back. It could be possible because of the effort of BJP to prove the ill mindset of AAP leaders, their hands glove with the congress party, their clear involvement in the projection of seeded vision of foreign forces and naxalists/Maoists, their sheer immaturity in running the govt. with an anarchist approach, complete absence of their vision and motive of governance and economy, their silence over the important security issues of country and their support and protection to the anti nationals and no voice on prominent national issues.
AAP has tried every possible scope to curb the Modi wave and demand of change among the national youth and centered its whole politics against Modi. Surprisingly they even lost their own words against congress and tainted UPA leaders for which they everytime sat on Dharna at Jantar- Mantar and started their sham political venture.
They claimed themselves to be a reformer and revolutionist and fighter against corruption but the undreamed and unexpected victory of Delhi poll was dancing so high into the mind of Kejriwal that he crossed all the morality and culture right from deserting and quitting Delhi Government to the Modi centric election fight.
He started hurling baseless charges against the then BJP President Nitin Gadkari for financial misdoings. Right from that day Gadkari tried his best to appease with facts of legal and financial advisor to all for the baseless charge but Kejriwal kept on garbage speaking.
Recently Income Tax authority of India has given him clean chit shown by all media that no enquiry is pending against Mr Gadkari and during election time in the early May ,congress outspoken leader Manish Tiwari has written an unconditional sorry for the same to be relieved from a defamation case by Nitin Gadkari against Tiwari.
Kejriwal with his opportunist team of liars who has thronged AAP party in dream to taste a political career enthused with the last unprecedented victory of Delhi Poll which otherwise would not be available in the main stream party so easily; did not stop and moved ahead with new phrase Ambani-Adani and his self 3 day inspection visit of whole Gujrat. He kept on ranting all these nonsense allegations throughout the election campaign without a single proof.
He and his aide tried every ditch effort to be named by Modi in his speeches but neither Modi nor other party leaders fulfilled his dirty wish of cheap popularity in media but he got one nick name as AK-49 by Modi in J&K rally equating him and his proven vision with Pakistan and AK47.
Gujrat ,which Modi is running from last 2 decades, this man explored the whole state in just 3 days and posed framed questions for the underdevelopment. The man who ran away in just 49 days from running a govt. in a small union territory-Delhi and who adorns the tag of #Deserter across India was questioning the growth of a successful and high developed state of India.
As I said, the undreamed victory of Delhi assembly poll was so high in the mind of Kejriwal that he thought, he can befool all the countrymen like he did in Delhi. And with this dream to become PM (like he is pursuing a crash course on politics) jumped into the General Election 2014 with no plan and agenda for national politics.
Populist promises, describing all as thieves, posing a sham honest Character, propaganda and show off of simplicity, false and framed allegations ,projecting himself as the only crusader of revolution in India is all exposed now and that’s why Indian voters specially Delhi public have responded in this poll for the fraud and cheat he did in the assembly election.
I’m not again going to talk the founding history of AAP, intentions of its founders and their affiliation with the anti national forces because I’ve already written a lot and apprised to the layman with the reality of AAP.
My only conclusion with utmost faith on the Indian voters that falsehood and fabrication can give you a sudden opportunity but in the long run there will not be even a single man to remember you .history is the evidence .many regional parties were formed in the past with seeded interests and self centric motive of divisive policy and today nobody even know the names of those party.
SP, BSP, JD (U) ,JD and TMC with other regional parties in different states ,who only bat on the appeasement politics of Muslim in the name of secularism by protecting and nurturing the hardcore and terror mind groups and AAP ,which was a hand ahead in this Muslim appeasement ;where one of its leader Shazia Ilmi calls Muslims to become more communal ,will soon get removed from the Indian polity if they remain stick to this dangerous politics of promoting division in the nation.
Certainly Muslims have not voted for the BJP and their vote got divided among regional parties and congress but this was only because of the false and misinformation rumored by AAP and Non BJP parties to enthuse phobia among them.
Hope soon they would also realize the truth of SP, BSP, TMC and newbie AAP whose presence is only to misguide the youth and metro city voters who rare get time to dig out the truth and honesty behind the political venture and motive by spreading false news, fractured charges against self assumed opponent and fabrication of news to promote their ill will and grab the political power not to govern but to make fun of democracy with the help of media coverage .and to remain in news orchestrate everyday a new drama to mock and break the healthy system of democracy and politics of pride and nationalism.
Kejriwal, you are the most corrupt and culprit of this election by paralleling with congress and other regional parties away from your anti-corruption movement and trying every cheap effort by centering your single agenda of opposing Narendra Modi only, to break and stop the development demand and hope of youth across India. Country should not forgive you for cheat and falsehood and I’m sure it will happen.

To read more on AAP and Kejriwal -Visit Saurabh Sarthak

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why Modi is right on the Bangladeshi migrants' issue-By Ram Madhav

I'm presenting this article written By Ram Madhav on Bangladeshi Issue ...
Why Modi is right on the Bangladeshi migrants' issue  (Click for Link or read below)

In the light of the global scenario on infiltration for economic gain what Modi said in his speeches in Assam and West Bengal recently was perfectly legitimate. Intellectual dishonesty marks this discourse in our country, argues Ram Madhav.
The issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators is a vexed one. It evokes sharp reactions every time
some reference is made to it by any leader. This time too when Narendra Modi, the Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate, raised this issue during the election campaign scorn was poured on him.
Mamata Banerjee and some other political leaders on one side and Left and other intellectuals on the other have issued strong statements censuring Modi's views. While Mamata See the video Movie on Bangledeshi Infiltration (Click It) declared that she would protect and safeguard the interests of each and every infiltrator, the intellectuals called Modi's statement a grave danger to the minorities in India.
'Apart from the sheer inhumanity of the remark, we fear that in a country in which every citizen does not possess documentary proof of citizenship, such a move would simply cause a general victimisation of persons belonging to that particular religious community,' the intellectuals averred in a statement released to the media.
Arnab Goswami, the garrulous and ebullient news anchor, referred to the BJP manifesto and raised objection to the reference to 'persecuted Hindus'. In his inimitable style he asked: 'My question to you is why only persecuted Hindus, Mr Modi and why not persecuted Buddhists, why not persecuted Sikhs, why not persecuted Jains, why not persecuted Muslims or persecuted Christians? Because if the BJP speaks the language of inclusion, then Mr Modi, your manifesto should have included all religions.'
Let us examine the facts first. That a large number of illegal migrants enter India from across the porous Bangladesh border is a well-known fact. Successive governments in New Delhi have acknowledged this phenomenon. Senior Communist leader Indrajit Gupta made a statement as Union home minister in 1996 stating that over one crore (10 million) illegal migrants have entered India from Bangladesh. These illegal migrants, or infiltrators, have become a major source of conflict and resentment in the north-east.
The All Assam Students Union movement that had rattled Assam in the early 1980s was a movement against these infiltrators. Estimates vary, but they all put the numbers of these infiltrators above two crore (20 million). Assam and West Bengal bear the major brunt of these infiltrators. They affect the economy of these states and also the livelihood of the ordinary and poor people, thus causing major resentment and leading to severe unrest, of the kind being witnessed in the Bodo areas of Assam of late.
However, there is a small section of these migrants who cross over into India not for any economic reasons but due to extreme religious persecution in Bangladesh. Almost all of them are minority Hindus and Buddhists -- the Chakmas of the Chittagong Hills. Occasionally someone like a Taslima Nasreen too may become a target of religious persecution and seek refuge in India.
Globally, a distinction is made between the economic infiltrators, namely those who sneak into another country for economic reasons like jobs, livelihood etc without proper documents, and those who come seeking asylum.
Even in the most liberal countries of the European Union and in the US immigration laws clearly prohibit infiltration for economic reasons. The European Union has recently passed a law calling for incarceration of illegal migrants. The central point in the directive was a provision in which illegals that refuse to go back can be detained for up to 18 months and then deported -- with a ban on them from re-entering the EU for five years. It doesn't apply to asylum-seekers though.
The US too faces a serious dilemma over illegal migrants from Latin American countries, especially Mexico. An estimated 12 million illegal immigrants have made the US their home today, and half of them are from Mexico alone. In fact some of the Mexican states on the US border like Yucatan encourage illegal migration by providing information about how to survive, where to get medical aid, how to get children into the education system etc through books, DVDs etc. The Mexican constitution grants its citizens freedom to cross its borders.
With a vociferous liberal intelligentsia around, the US government has been struggling with the problem of how to handle this illegal migration. It used the 1993 New York World Trade Centre bombings as an excuse to bring in the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. The Patriot Act promulgated in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks is another legislation that addresses the issue of illegal migration.
Under the Patriot Act, the attorney general was granted the power to 'certify' illegal immigrants based on the grounds that they pose a threat to national security. Once an illegal immigrant is certified they must be taken into custody and face mandatory detention which will result in a criminal charge or release.
In China the immigration laws are very strict. A new and harsher immigration law was introduced in July 2013. For the first time, the law would detain foreigners between five and 15 days if they were caught residing or working illegally in mainland China. Illegal migrants would also be fined 5,000 yuan (about Rs 48,000) to 20,000 yuan (about Rs 192,000) and face deportation. Their employers would be fined up to 100,000 yuan (about Rs 958,000) per individual illegal employee.
Even predominantly Muslim countries like Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have in the recent past thrown out illegal immigrants, most of whom are their co-religionists coming from countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India.
In the light of this global scenario on infiltrations for economic gain what Modi said in his speeches in Assam and West Bengal recently was perfectly legitimate. Intellectual dishonesty marks the discourse in our country. Modi was equated with certain ultra-right parties in Europe for arguing that infiltrators cause economic hardships to the locals whereas the world over immigrant laws prohibit illegal migration precisely for the same reason, besides, of course, the security concerns.
In a landmark judgement on July 12, 2005, the Supreme Court, while ordering for the repeal of the controversial Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) Act in Assam, had made several pertinent observations regarding the Bangladeshi infiltrators.
'The influx of Bangladeshi nationals who have illegally migrated into Assam pose a threat to the integrity and security of north-eastern region. Their presence has changed the demographic character of that region and the local people of Assam have been reduced to a status of minority in certain districts,' the court observed. It also added that 'the foremost duty of the central government (is) to protect its borders and prevent trespass by foreign nationals.'
Also on the issue of the deportation of these infiltrators, the court was categorical. 'The Bangladeshi nationals who have illegally crossed the border and have trespassed into Assam or are living in other parts of the country have no legal right of any kind to remain in India and they are liable to be deported,' the learned judges stated.
Modi too was perhaps suggesting the same. It is dubious to caricature it as 'inhuman' or 'against the minority community'. His reference to Hindus as 'persecuted asylum-seekers' is based on the historical experience with both Bangladesh and Pakistan. Of course, India has always been a safe haven for all sorts of persecuted people, be it the Jews or the Parsis or the Tibetan and Burmese Buddhists. Wu Nu, the Burmese general, lived in India in exile for several decades. The Dalai Lama and his people have been here for more than five decades.
Even persecuted liberals like Nasreen found safe asylum in India. It may not be out of place to mention here that the very same people who are attacking Modi for differentiating between the infiltrators and asylum-seekers were the ones who had thrown out Nasreen from Kolkata and never championed the cause of her human rights.

Ram Madhav is a member, central executive, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Today the Last Poll Day of election 2014 and your decision whom to vote ?

You might not have missed any episode of election 2014 ,from news debate to election campaign ,from political allegations to personal limitations.You might have seen the various exposure and revelation of the tainted political leaders in this election . You must have noticed the role of Indian media of deliberately suppressing the misdoings and wrongs and protecting a political class and ideology.You certainly have heard politicians openly coming support of Caste,Religion and Infiltration and have seen almost every party to throng around Muslim community to vote for them for quid pro quo. You as a vigilant voter also not have missed the political opportunist's claim and falsehood in an another try to befool you.And finally how can you forget role of Election Commission in this 2014 Poll who with tainted sycophants IAS tried their last ditch effort  to protect a political family and their ill vision-----
So Its final call before the 2014 Election ends .......
Whom you are going to Vote and handover this country again-

-Who protects,supports,nurtures infiltrators and terrorist -Mamta Banerjee ,Omar Abdulla??
-Who divide you in the name of pseudo secularism and openly support the ill will of hardcore Muslims and their un-constitutional demand just for vote-SP,BSP,TMC,Congress,JD(U) ???
-Who claim for political reforms and never disclose the truth and ideology they are working for ;Gang of Naxals ,Separatists,political opportunist and anarchist evidently working for the seeded vision of corrupt party of our country- Kejriwal and gang of liar anti nationals ??
-Who have track record of riots and massacre of Hindu majority of this country-Mulayam & Sons??
-Who never talk about development and growth and never answer the corruption allegation-Congress and UPA gang??
-Who has taken out every hard money from your pocket and still dares to ask vote for them-UPA??

Think not only for you but for your future !!

(Must see this video and decide about the future of UPA allies who played with the country in the name of pseudo secularism)-Just an example
What has secularism achieved for this country other than deepening the divide that exists between communities ?

Here is a glaring example of how those in power have abused it at the cost of India's majority. The 1990 massacre of pilgrims in Ayodhya has never been discussed, let alone having been pursued for justice to innocent victims.

What we know as a fact is that in the month of October 1990, about 11 lakh pilgrims were present in Ayodhya.

Under the instructions of the then Chief Minister of UP, Mulayam Singh Yadav, the UP Police Force and the several battalions of the RPF (Rapid Action Force) were ordered to cordon off Ayodhya.
Soon after that the police, at the behest of the State Administration, started spraying the unarmed pilgrims with real bullets !

No official inquiry was ever conducted on this massacre in which (if ground sources are to be believed) a minimum of 30-40 thousand innocent pilgrims were killed because of the police firing and stampede.

If this indeed is the video that depicts the same, then there is a need for a serious inquiry !
And the most serious question is, how is this attack on unarmed innocent civilians by SP govt. any different from 26/11 attack by terrorists i?
Look at the manner of execution and the way lives were lost. As a matter of fact it's worse - several times higher in magnitude of casualties!

Has ANY media house, NGO, intellectual or Human Rights activist raised this issue even once ?
why ?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Muslim: A compulsion for election or electoral participation??

Tainted and infamous Imam Bukhari may think of having in control the vote bank of Indian Muslims and masked secular Hindu leader (as they think voicing against Hindus is the only secularism)may cry every hour for pseudo secularism but the very fact which underlines and put question mark over the integrity and nationalism of Indian Muslims is that what they feel for country and what they want to give this country having already partitioned the country based on religion in the name of Pakistan and Bangladesh and daily terror disturbance by their own community members across the world?
During my visit across the country, I see a considerable population increase in Muslim community through infiltration from neighboring Muslim countries, polygamy and uncontrolled birth and rest by indulging in allurement and conversion via Love Jihad and communal force.
Leave the Muslim population of J& K which is sans the Hindus in the valley ;thrown out of the state and living in the refugee camp since decades ,and the eastern region where continuous infiltration is being facilitated since years by ruling state govt. in West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and other eastern states which have now become threat to the geography of India (recent Assam riots is proof of it and in Meghalaya too repent is growing day by day), almost every part of the country is witnessing a sizable increase in population with multiple growth rate after independence.
If you would dig behind every riot in India, you will end up with conclusion that the Muslim community is at the core of conspiring the riots and massacre.
Despite all this and with national population of around 20% they are enjoying minority status and patronage of pseudo secular leaders who can go at any extent to appease Muslim community with support of true secular Hindus; who unaware of the conspiracy behind and want only development and growth.
Effort of Congress, SP, BSP, TMC, JD (U), AAP and all other regional parties is to only appease hardcore Muslim’s unconstitutional demand at behest of Hindu vote. Their seer ignorance of country’s internal security and demographic misbalance and promoting the divisive motive to bring this country again at the verge of partition like Nehru did with Jinnah ;would certainly have to bear the coming generation like we are suffering today.
These political parties are batting every second to grab this 20 % Muslim vote share in the nation and going far ahead to assure them of what misdoing they are enforcing in the country just to win the election.
Still the question is unanswered !!...What would lead and motivate Indian Muslim to come in line with nationalism? Would they get over from the Madersa preaching and Fatwa rule? What they want to give this country …Riots or Right???

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Mud and Mudgaurd

Footprints of Mr Kejriwal 
Anna Ji told me, “Rajneeti Keechad(mud) Hai  Isme Mat Jao” and I replied, “Mai Iss Keechad Men  Ghus Ke Isse Saf Karunga” .it took applaud and wishes  from the audience and projected Kejriwal a real hero of politics.
He dived into the mud enjoyed the flavor and fun of diving into it with cloudy promises and unseasonal rain of praise and thunder projection from media and news channels terming everything new and good as a Kejri Effect; making the new definition of Honesty as taking AAP membership of rupee 10 and wearing rupee 10 Captioned cap, soon faded away as he realized that it’s better to throw mud from Janatr Mantar or Ramleela Ground than to be seated into the mudded seat itself.
Sanjana Paruthi -once a blind supporter called me 2 days back and in a mid of discussion outburst at her role model,”How rubbish and foolish he talks about things and administration”. she was quite annoyed with his street Dharna in the nearby days of Republic day which created problem her to commute office in the cold rainy day and miffed at  few thoughtless and befooling announcement like migrants admission in Delhi’s colleges ,electricity and water subsidy and his demand of handing over Delhi Police in his hand so that he could make his law expert (he thinks so like himself)Somnath Bharti an icon of night raid and it’s a different matter that when he was a street protestor he was advocating autonomy of CBI from government.
Lots of things have changed from being a Jantar Mantar -Dharna man up to the coronation of Delhi’s CM.His voices, his language, his tone, his promises, his commitment, his allegations, his targets, his agenda but the single thing he is still maintaining is that of his Dressing sense-The muffler, sandal and XXXL shirts & trouser.
It was not only Sanjana who surprised me of her sudden changed stand on her political hero ,my lots of friends who were once the keen and enthusiast supporter of Kejriwal across India including my industry seniors(most of them donated AAP and now asking how to get back donated money) ,now claim for the sheer immaturity and childish governance of Kejriwal and the fall of his dignity because of his own torts and inability of avoiding and ignoring  the promises which actually could not be make possible with the existing Delhi CM’s rights and constitutional /legal impediments well known to him and AAP before and after election.
It would be my repeated attempt to mention again his close association with separatist, naxalist and anti national hardcore Muslim groups and his projection from a USA based foundation but it’s pertinent to let people know of what his motive was in politics and how he’s proceeding with.
When I logged into the facebook today almost all the AAP supporters in my friend list; once the vociferous supporter are now mum and silent over AAP and activity blaming self as to whom they voted  and donated.
His keen desire to contest Loksabha to make another dreamy surprise debutant in parliament too and inability to run the job; he was unwilling to take up after election are forcing him to provoke congress and other allies to pull out support so that he can make an easy escape and step out of the governance to sit again at Jantar Mantar so that mob once again can be mobilized to vote and support his dubious cause. 
Poor Kejri probably don’t know the politics of congress .he should bear clearly in mind that he has got the hot seat by eating congress and post poll at the behest of congress itself. Congress would never allow his eradicator go an easy escape anyway. And why Kejri should be allowed to go out of govt. for which he promised so high on moral ground and fought for?
Let him prove that he is really making clean the mud as he projected not the mudguard job while enjoying the luckily got CM chair and dramatic Dharana protest every time against the opposition whom the govt. is itself responsible and answerable.

Winning! #Conclave14

                        What Winning Means To Me

Years of failure and depressed innings
                           Collect happiness from smallest things!!
Never mind cut of my visionary wings
                          Get busy again restoring broken strings!!

Struggling for goal summer or springs
                           With broken heart and care for siblings!!
Career, life, family and such vicious rings
                                  All is purged with a bit of winnings!!

Still in seek to gain my dream
                                 When I can buzz the joy and beam
Could celebrate success with friends and team
                      With happiness and proud- I can scream!!

Winning means to me of the success door
                                  It means to me of becoming pure
It means to me for my work reward
                                     It means to me as my life award!!

Would mean to me as have been paid for
                                      For what I did and thought at par
Would give me peace and energy drive

                                To remain stood firm for success strive!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lizard of politics and honest chameleon

Leaving his duty in secretariat (which after populist promises made during election campaign is burdensome and due to dream of becoming PM at the cost of Delhi, working in office is cumbersome) drama king Kejriwal is once again on Dharna. Road is the  most comfortable place to make allegations on existing system and to held all as dishonest and corrupt as you know he is the Only Honest on the earth.
His Dharna nautanki at Rail Bhawan in support of his controversial ministers and calling his aide rebel Binny as opportunistic and greedy  for his allegations of Kejri’s U Turn(you might be knowing that Road authority has planned to replace the road signals of U- Turn as Kejriwal- Turn) from every promise he made and vows with blend of high moral and honesty is only embarrassing the lizard himself of changing color and tongue so fast and probably he has forgotten his lust of power and politics before calling Binny so. Interestingly yesterday I saw one pic of Kejri on FB written with “Short term memory loss”.
Undaunted with the revelation of Vinod Kumar aka Binny and daily childish acts of his naïve team of ministry and party, Mr Nautanki is on full confidence to turn the earth with his Marxist vision and terrorist support and YES! With captioned cap AAM ADMI AuR MUJHE SWARAJ CHAHIYE!
Of which kind of Aam Admi he talks about and which Swaraj he wants to bring in is only known to his Kaushambi based team comprising a self announced national poet in designer dress, a lawyer family who are addicted to be treated with shoes and Chappals of Aam Admi,an analyst who is aspiring to become CM of Haryana pampered with the lucky draw of Delhi poll and once close aide of Rahul Gandhi, few convicted naxalists/Maoists/terrorist supporters  and rebels of regional parties and few desperate Khas Admi of corporate and media who have recently left  their job to become politician like Kejri & party.
A dirty sweter, muffler on neck and sandal with socks and XXXL size pant shirt are the definition of his self defined honesty and proof of his AAM AADMI status, its different matter what he wears in home and how his family live and what he did during the paid leave service of IRS in USA.
Kejriwal ,who was charged and penalized of not being up to the norms of his IRS service and was forced to pay for the ignorance of the regulations of the service terms; grew up in political galore with the media footage and coverage and TV appearance. And his addiction is still on to go everywhere with media like a TV actor and  While at the same time other states’ CM have started working for public for which they have been voted for, this Nautanki man is busy and busy with political stunt and new ambition of PM post.
After getting degree he ever avoided to serve for what he got the degree be it IIT or IRS although he was completely apolitical all the time so which forces are promoting Kejriwal in Indian politics? Why media is suddenly so please with Kejriwal and promoting him as a national leader despite his failure, lie and farce? Why is he being advertised so high with merely 29% vote in Delhi poll as if he has won the Delhi completely? Why his so called austerity and honesty which is already exposed in front of the nation is being promoted as nobody in India has born in politics with such traits? Why media linger behind every political stunt of AAP with manipulated news captions to mislead public and to make a good image of the party? Who are the forces working behind to make Kejriwal an opponent of Modi in coming Loksabha? Why some print and electronic media everyday projecting AAP as growing with high profile membership while at the same time other parties are also having high profile new entrants into fold?
Media sarcastically presenting his clean image but only few know his affiliations with Anti-nationals and foreign forces on whose behest he is being promoted in Indian politics to de-establish and curb the growing rise of Narender Modi -a clear threat to these foreign forces. His silence over the acts and policies of congress and other regional parties of states and a mute support to them as against a single project to oppose BJP with no facts and base speaks loudly his deal and reveals his role and character of dirty intent.
Where was he during official paid leave from IRS service? How did he get funding from Ford Foundation? For which work he got Ramon Magsaysay prize? How he managed campaigning from USA during assembly elections via Messages/calls/mails? Who were those NRI campaigned all the  time in Delhi during election ,his tie up with separatist ,terrorist ,maoist,naxalist and other NAC members of congress (Aruna Roy,Yogendra Yadav,Manish Sisodiya etc.)?.These are all a matter to be apprised to the public voted in illusion of his clean and publicized honest image.
Being apolitical and as an activist he was staging Dharna for the cleaning of political system and now as a CM he still wants to stage Dharna batting for the misdoings of his enthusiast ministers? It seems he finds niche in road shows and see himself more comfortable there than on ruling seat blaming others for the graft and claims.
No one has seen such a chameleon and honest liar who changes statement and promises every time he appears to the TV. Burdened with lots of issues pending at his desk to take action against those whom he was calling Chor and Lutera before election with proofs now maintaining a surprising mum over all and only voicing for Loksabha election and challenging BJP to contest against?

Let’s see how far this man would go to befool the high literate public of Delhi and it’s over enthusiast volunteers who have started questioning his working and governance.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Con-man by Common man

Year 2013 and 2014 would be seen as a change and charisma of canoodling between corrupt and new bees born at the plea to eradicate the earlier. Claimed to be stood at the high moral ground one makes debut with eye catching captioned cap and dreamy promises to clean the mud and mess of existing politics with magic stick in hand and clear head to action against the tyrants and troops of corruption and loot. However soon after swearing in as CM, he reiterated the same lines once said by our mute PM “Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion “and “I have no magic stick.”
Interestingly, he again tweeted the same wording of PM’s a day before press conference; “Modi is dangerous for nation”. Probably world’s single honest man has find out some honesty with congress as also in reply of a demand by BJP to action against corrupt as he cried and claimed before and during election He said; ‘if Mr. Harshverdhan is having any proof against Ms Sheila, then I’ll take action making all of us a laugh of his dubious character if we recall his TV footage and 700 page allegations on Ex-Delhi CM.
With all dramatic anti national team of campaign comprising naxalist, seditionist, close aids and committee members of so called sheer political and ideological opponent , colony poet turned self announced popular poet who was yesterdays pro Hindu and sycophant of RSS & BJP and honesty influenced youngsters unaware of the history and politics with under probe foreign funded NGO’s who got funding for political dis-establishment from those known in the world for their conspiracy; the high admired and media sponsored Honesty party’ power thrust is now licking the feet of corrupt and thief giving them amnesty of what provoked the IRS turned anti corruption crusader to fight against them.
With mandate of 28 seats in Delhi assembly and various vows to through away corrupts including one of swearing on own children to never ever go with congress, now the lone honesty party of the world is merged with corrupt making the 36 MLA (including congress completely ignored by poll and one of JD-U burdened with several criminal charges in court) also honest in the wield of Referendum of selected supporters and reality show type mobile message count.
Soon after swearing in the Ram-Leela ground drama and political show off of metro ride, our Honest CM announced subsidy based free- bees with calculated tainted figures befooling delhiites and the NAYAK film hero also.
Ignoring Sarkari vehicle, residence and avoiding security & red beacons (much advertised by AAP in election campaign although SC has given verdict a year before that no MLA would use red beacons), they well orchestrated the austerity and high standard moral which within a week got shattered with the minister’s new branded car with VIP no. plate and Kejriwal’s booking of twin posh flats with 3 layer personal security.
Dr Harshverdhan, leader of opposition in Delhi assembly exposed Mr. Honest during confidence voting session alleging all his relations with terrorists, funding from Ford Foundation (NGO of USA known for their funding in other countries for political disestablishment and it is under probe by investigating agencies for total fund receipt and purpose), false promises and subsidy driven policy, fake information aired during election campaign for Jan-loKPal, political necessities for tie ups, his caucus settlement with congress ,insult by him to the martyrs and efforts to allure a community by kissing the feet of infamous and hardcore Muslims, unwanted and anti nation move by his Naxal and terror supporter- controversial lawyer #Bhushan & Son and his dubious announcement for water and electricity with framed calculation of figures.
Dr Harshverdhan questioned his metro ride drama (special metro run for his swear in ceremony and 4000 security deployed at Ram-leela amounting to crore rupee expense by a leader of AAM aadmi) and show off for political gain.
With all this episode now Mr. Honest is planning to contest LS poll and challenging Mr. Modi to dare because he is confident and ready to befool nation after Delhi’s poll and thinking himself brainy that how cleverly he managed to catch vote of anti incumbency and BJP supporters in Delhi with tag line in campaign DELHI ME KEJRI AUR DESH ME MODI.
From past few days’ media especially AAJ Tak is projecting this new Nero of Delhi as the super hero of politics and few people in influence are pouring in to have the membership of AAP across the cities and with this response AAM AADMI Party is overwhelmed.
With the recent revelation of true honesty of AAP in front of the nation and their joint effort with congress and communists to curb the clear rise of Mr. Modi, we can only say to wait and watch the political development in coming months.