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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How BJP managed campaign 2014

Election 2014 would be ever remembered in the Indian history for the landslide victory of BJP strived to come at power center with full majority since the time of Jansangh and not only majority on its own their pre- poll alliance NDA got the massive mandate 336.
This magic figure proved all the bet of Modi that he would claim during his TV interviews and election rallies
across India and shattered all the conspiracy of pseudo secularist lobbying for third front or flattering the corrupt congress.
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With full use of social network and technology in advertisement (Print and Electronic) and unique style of sloganeering in ads and feature of advertisement was rare seen in Indian election before.
5827 rallies covering 3 lac KM,Modi touched 25 states and addressed the far end and deep villages with 3 D way also.
If JP Movement (Janta Party)of anti-congress was a mass movement comprising several parties in fold to root out Indira regime then this election of 2014 was a true movement of a single man oriented as "Abki Bar-Modi Sarkar" to finish UPA and it achieved this goal in the core spirit it was designed and operated by BJP.
Gandhi Ji always wanted to make Sardar Patel as India's first PM and urged to dissolve the Congress party then but after so many decades of independence we got the dream of Gandhi Ji come true as PM Modi;another Sardar and iron man from Gujrat who also has ambition to unite India like Sardar Patel united India post independence by merging British colonial provinces and more than 500 self governing princely states.
IT cell of BJP ,technocrats in the party and CAG team of BJP comprising Management and IT expert youngsters handled all this campaign with team of Piyush Pandey(world known ad GURU) & Prasoon Joshi (famous lyricist and management scholar)
It was not only election but a best example of engineering and management which would be a case study matter for the management scholars across the world.

Read the ET interview of Piyush for his toughest job in career of managing & operating this campaign and defeated every party along-with congress in their run for election campaign and modus-operandi -

Excerpts of Piyush Pandey-Ex-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather ,How he managed BJP campaign  (Click for detail Interview )
and ABP news for Vikas Pandey fo social campaign How Vikas Pandey handled social campaign


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