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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

AAP and Its fabrication

The 16th Loksabha Election 2014 ended triggering a thumping majority to BJP and NDA with all post poll
survey .The proud of congress believing self as a reservoir of the country and its resources is at the verge to taste embarrassing defeat across the country although it had begun in the assembly polls last year itself.
Narendra Modi ,who ran this campaign in a presidential style of US; first time ever in this country, certain to get an edge with strong and stable mandate to the parliament. It would be a remarkable and landmark election in the history of modern India where country witnessed a high-tech 3D and social media campaign in a large scale covering the far end villages too.
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There are lots of hope and expectations from the new government and specially from Modi to fulfill the promises he made to the nation and to give this country the required pride we lost in few decades because of corruption, political apathy, policy paralysis, mis governance, economy slowdown, rupee fall, internal and border security challenges and home grown terror outfits like Naxal ,Indian Mujahedeen, separatist of J&K including the issue of migration and intrusion from our neighboring border of China, Pakistan, Nepal ,Burma and Bangladesh along with the people inflow of Bhutan and Tibet as refugee or political asylum.
Amid all this we cannot forget and ignore the long stretched campaigning of election 2014 full of allegations, confrontations; personal and political and most of them intentionally to change the hot topic of development and growth from the normal course of debate to the high low and meager.
Embarrassment of congress was obvious because of the fear of being ousted from the seat which they think their inheritance and as usually they tried their best to affect the honest political discourse and debate by hurling baseless, useless and core personal issues of no importance to avoid answering the charges and allegations of mis-governance and corruption deep rooted in the veins of UPA.
In the whole campaign no one from congress answered and countered the serious allegations of corruption and loot and weakening the country through worse economic and foreign policy rather kept busy projecting the Gandhi scion and with no array in hand, through some of its irresponsible leaders started personal attacks on the opposition to change the topic of media debate.
The political opportunist AAP was in no way away from these dirty tricks of falsehood and fabrication. A party which came in domain in the recently last Delhi assembly poll by surprising all political pundits with its election result was deeply busy in framing the baseless allegation as they did in the last Delhi poll.
AAP which got 28 seats in Delhi assembly poll for the projected image of Kejriwal that he framed through show offs of so called austerity and simplicity is clear to lose the faith and trust of public especially in Delhi where he was a giant killer in just few months back. It could be possible because of the effort of BJP to prove the ill mindset of AAP leaders, their hands glove with the congress party, their clear involvement in the projection of seeded vision of foreign forces and naxalists/Maoists, their sheer immaturity in running the govt. with an anarchist approach, complete absence of their vision and motive of governance and economy, their silence over the important security issues of country and their support and protection to the anti nationals and no voice on prominent national issues.
AAP has tried every possible scope to curb the Modi wave and demand of change among the national youth and centered its whole politics against Modi. Surprisingly they even lost their own words against congress and tainted UPA leaders for which they everytime sat on Dharna at Jantar- Mantar and started their sham political venture.
They claimed themselves to be a reformer and revolutionist and fighter against corruption but the undreamed and unexpected victory of Delhi poll was dancing so high into the mind of Kejriwal that he crossed all the morality and culture right from deserting and quitting Delhi Government to the Modi centric election fight.
He started hurling baseless charges against the then BJP President Nitin Gadkari for financial misdoings. Right from that day Gadkari tried his best to appease with facts of legal and financial advisor to all for the baseless charge but Kejriwal kept on garbage speaking.
Recently Income Tax authority of India has given him clean chit shown by all media that no enquiry is pending against Mr Gadkari and during election time in the early May ,congress outspoken leader Manish Tiwari has written an unconditional sorry for the same to be relieved from a defamation case by Nitin Gadkari against Tiwari.
Kejriwal with his opportunist team of liars who has thronged AAP party in dream to taste a political career enthused with the last unprecedented victory of Delhi Poll which otherwise would not be available in the main stream party so easily; did not stop and moved ahead with new phrase Ambani-Adani and his self 3 day inspection visit of whole Gujrat. He kept on ranting all these nonsense allegations throughout the election campaign without a single proof.
He and his aide tried every ditch effort to be named by Modi in his speeches but neither Modi nor other party leaders fulfilled his dirty wish of cheap popularity in media but he got one nick name as AK-49 by Modi in J&K rally equating him and his proven vision with Pakistan and AK47.
Gujrat ,which Modi is running from last 2 decades, this man explored the whole state in just 3 days and posed framed questions for the underdevelopment. The man who ran away in just 49 days from running a govt. in a small union territory-Delhi and who adorns the tag of #Deserter across India was questioning the growth of a successful and high developed state of India.
As I said, the undreamed victory of Delhi assembly poll was so high in the mind of Kejriwal that he thought, he can befool all the countrymen like he did in Delhi. And with this dream to become PM (like he is pursuing a crash course on politics) jumped into the General Election 2014 with no plan and agenda for national politics.
Populist promises, describing all as thieves, posing a sham honest Character, propaganda and show off of simplicity, false and framed allegations ,projecting himself as the only crusader of revolution in India is all exposed now and that’s why Indian voters specially Delhi public have responded in this poll for the fraud and cheat he did in the assembly election.
I’m not again going to talk the founding history of AAP, intentions of its founders and their affiliation with the anti national forces because I’ve already written a lot and apprised to the layman with the reality of AAP.
My only conclusion with utmost faith on the Indian voters that falsehood and fabrication can give you a sudden opportunity but in the long run there will not be even a single man to remember you .history is the evidence .many regional parties were formed in the past with seeded interests and self centric motive of divisive policy and today nobody even know the names of those party.
SP, BSP, JD (U) ,JD and TMC with other regional parties in different states ,who only bat on the appeasement politics of Muslim in the name of secularism by protecting and nurturing the hardcore and terror mind groups and AAP ,which was a hand ahead in this Muslim appeasement ;where one of its leader Shazia Ilmi calls Muslims to become more communal ,will soon get removed from the Indian polity if they remain stick to this dangerous politics of promoting division in the nation.
Certainly Muslims have not voted for the BJP and their vote got divided among regional parties and congress but this was only because of the false and misinformation rumored by AAP and Non BJP parties to enthuse phobia among them.
Hope soon they would also realize the truth of SP, BSP, TMC and newbie AAP whose presence is only to misguide the youth and metro city voters who rare get time to dig out the truth and honesty behind the political venture and motive by spreading false news, fractured charges against self assumed opponent and fabrication of news to promote their ill will and grab the political power not to govern but to make fun of democracy with the help of media coverage .and to remain in news orchestrate everyday a new drama to mock and break the healthy system of democracy and politics of pride and nationalism.
Kejriwal, you are the most corrupt and culprit of this election by paralleling with congress and other regional parties away from your anti-corruption movement and trying every cheap effort by centering your single agenda of opposing Narendra Modi only, to break and stop the development demand and hope of youth across India. Country should not forgive you for cheat and falsehood and I’m sure it will happen.

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