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Monday, May 12, 2014

Today the Last Poll Day of election 2014 and your decision whom to vote ?

You might not have missed any episode of election 2014 ,from news debate to election campaign ,from political allegations to personal limitations.You might have seen the various exposure and revelation of the tainted political leaders in this election . You must have noticed the role of Indian media of deliberately suppressing the misdoings and wrongs and protecting a political class and ideology.You certainly have heard politicians openly coming support of Caste,Religion and Infiltration and have seen almost every party to throng around Muslim community to vote for them for quid pro quo. You as a vigilant voter also not have missed the political opportunist's claim and falsehood in an another try to befool you.And finally how can you forget role of Election Commission in this 2014 Poll who with tainted sycophants IAS tried their last ditch effort  to protect a political family and their ill vision-----
So Its final call before the 2014 Election ends .......
Whom you are going to Vote and handover this country again-

-Who protects,supports,nurtures infiltrators and terrorist -Mamta Banerjee ,Omar Abdulla??
-Who divide you in the name of pseudo secularism and openly support the ill will of hardcore Muslims and their un-constitutional demand just for vote-SP,BSP,TMC,Congress,JD(U) ???
-Who claim for political reforms and never disclose the truth and ideology they are working for ;Gang of Naxals ,Separatists,political opportunist and anarchist evidently working for the seeded vision of corrupt party of our country- Kejriwal and gang of liar anti nationals ??
-Who have track record of riots and massacre of Hindu majority of this country-Mulayam & Sons??
-Who never talk about development and growth and never answer the corruption allegation-Congress and UPA gang??
-Who has taken out every hard money from your pocket and still dares to ask vote for them-UPA??

Think not only for you but for your future !!

(Must see this video and decide about the future of UPA allies who played with the country in the name of pseudo secularism)-Just an example
What has secularism achieved for this country other than deepening the divide that exists between communities ?

Here is a glaring example of how those in power have abused it at the cost of India's majority. The 1990 massacre of pilgrims in Ayodhya has never been discussed, let alone having been pursued for justice to innocent victims.

What we know as a fact is that in the month of October 1990, about 11 lakh pilgrims were present in Ayodhya.

Under the instructions of the then Chief Minister of UP, Mulayam Singh Yadav, the UP Police Force and the several battalions of the RPF (Rapid Action Force) were ordered to cordon off Ayodhya.
Soon after that the police, at the behest of the State Administration, started spraying the unarmed pilgrims with real bullets !

No official inquiry was ever conducted on this massacre in which (if ground sources are to be believed) a minimum of 30-40 thousand innocent pilgrims were killed because of the police firing and stampede.

If this indeed is the video that depicts the same, then there is a need for a serious inquiry !
And the most serious question is, how is this attack on unarmed innocent civilians by SP govt. any different from 26/11 attack by terrorists i?
Look at the manner of execution and the way lives were lost. As a matter of fact it's worse - several times higher in magnitude of casualties!

Has ANY media house, NGO, intellectual or Human Rights activist raised this issue even once ?
why ?


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