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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Muslim: A compulsion for election or electoral participation??

Tainted and infamous Imam Bukhari may think of having in control the vote bank of Indian Muslims and masked secular Hindu leader (as they think voicing against Hindus is the only secularism)may cry every hour for pseudo secularism but the very fact which underlines and put question mark over the integrity and nationalism of Indian Muslims is that what they feel for country and what they want to give this country having already partitioned the country based on religion in the name of Pakistan and Bangladesh and daily terror disturbance by their own community members across the world?
During my visit across the country, I see a considerable population increase in Muslim community through infiltration from neighboring Muslim countries, polygamy and uncontrolled birth and rest by indulging in allurement and conversion via Love Jihad and communal force.
Leave the Muslim population of J& K which is sans the Hindus in the valley ;thrown out of the state and living in the refugee camp since decades ,and the eastern region where continuous infiltration is being facilitated since years by ruling state govt. in West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya and other eastern states which have now become threat to the geography of India (recent Assam riots is proof of it and in Meghalaya too repent is growing day by day), almost every part of the country is witnessing a sizable increase in population with multiple growth rate after independence.
If you would dig behind every riot in India, you will end up with conclusion that the Muslim community is at the core of conspiring the riots and massacre.
Despite all this and with national population of around 20% they are enjoying minority status and patronage of pseudo secular leaders who can go at any extent to appease Muslim community with support of true secular Hindus; who unaware of the conspiracy behind and want only development and growth.
Effort of Congress, SP, BSP, TMC, JD (U), AAP and all other regional parties is to only appease hardcore Muslim’s unconstitutional demand at behest of Hindu vote. Their seer ignorance of country’s internal security and demographic misbalance and promoting the divisive motive to bring this country again at the verge of partition like Nehru did with Jinnah ;would certainly have to bear the coming generation like we are suffering today.
These political parties are batting every second to grab this 20 % Muslim vote share in the nation and going far ahead to assure them of what misdoing they are enforcing in the country just to win the election.
Still the question is unanswered !!...What would lead and motivate Indian Muslim to come in line with nationalism? Would they get over from the Madersa preaching and Fatwa rule? What they want to give this country …Riots or Right???

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