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Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Mud and Mudgaurd

Footprints of Mr Kejriwal 
Anna Ji told me, “Rajneeti Keechad(mud) Hai  Isme Mat Jao” and I replied, “Mai Iss Keechad Men  Ghus Ke Isse Saf Karunga” .it took applaud and wishes  from the audience and projected Kejriwal a real hero of politics.
He dived into the mud enjoyed the flavor and fun of diving into it with cloudy promises and unseasonal rain of praise and thunder projection from media and news channels terming everything new and good as a Kejri Effect; making the new definition of Honesty as taking AAP membership of rupee 10 and wearing rupee 10 Captioned cap, soon faded away as he realized that it’s better to throw mud from Janatr Mantar or Ramleela Ground than to be seated into the mudded seat itself.
Sanjana Paruthi -once a blind supporter called me 2 days back and in a mid of discussion outburst at her role model,”How rubbish and foolish he talks about things and administration”. she was quite annoyed with his street Dharna in the nearby days of Republic day which created problem her to commute office in the cold rainy day and miffed at  few thoughtless and befooling announcement like migrants admission in Delhi’s colleges ,electricity and water subsidy and his demand of handing over Delhi Police in his hand so that he could make his law expert (he thinks so like himself)Somnath Bharti an icon of night raid and it’s a different matter that when he was a street protestor he was advocating autonomy of CBI from government.
Lots of things have changed from being a Jantar Mantar -Dharna man up to the coronation of Delhi’s CM.His voices, his language, his tone, his promises, his commitment, his allegations, his targets, his agenda but the single thing he is still maintaining is that of his Dressing sense-The muffler, sandal and XXXL shirts & trouser.
It was not only Sanjana who surprised me of her sudden changed stand on her political hero ,my lots of friends who were once the keen and enthusiast supporter of Kejriwal across India including my industry seniors(most of them donated AAP and now asking how to get back donated money) ,now claim for the sheer immaturity and childish governance of Kejriwal and the fall of his dignity because of his own torts and inability of avoiding and ignoring  the promises which actually could not be make possible with the existing Delhi CM’s rights and constitutional /legal impediments well known to him and AAP before and after election.
It would be my repeated attempt to mention again his close association with separatist, naxalist and anti national hardcore Muslim groups and his projection from a USA based foundation but it’s pertinent to let people know of what his motive was in politics and how he’s proceeding with.
When I logged into the facebook today almost all the AAP supporters in my friend list; once the vociferous supporter are now mum and silent over AAP and activity blaming self as to whom they voted  and donated.
His keen desire to contest Loksabha to make another dreamy surprise debutant in parliament too and inability to run the job; he was unwilling to take up after election are forcing him to provoke congress and other allies to pull out support so that he can make an easy escape and step out of the governance to sit again at Jantar Mantar so that mob once again can be mobilized to vote and support his dubious cause. 
Poor Kejri probably don’t know the politics of congress .he should bear clearly in mind that he has got the hot seat by eating congress and post poll at the behest of congress itself. Congress would never allow his eradicator go an easy escape anyway. And why Kejri should be allowed to go out of govt. for which he promised so high on moral ground and fought for?
Let him prove that he is really making clean the mud as he projected not the mudguard job while enjoying the luckily got CM chair and dramatic Dharana protest every time against the opposition whom the govt. is itself responsible and answerable.

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