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Friday, March 25, 2011

Forgotten Nationalism

Japan may get over from Tsunami & quakes ,Lybia and other Arab countries may stand up and fight for the up liftment of their country and raise voices for revolution against corrupt government but Indian public are blessed by almighty to be not worried with any wrong happenings ;known or willingly unknown because this country is supposed to run by almighty himself. 
Why should i recall figure of corruption or criminal charges against ministers of government and why i urge for the death prosecution Afjal Guru or Kasab and similar else if it has gone fade away from the mind of so called educated indian public who are accustomed of blaming government for their own personal loss of any kind or used to debate  for national issues within the closed locked rooms.they want change but at the cost of nationalism because to them nationalism is supposed to be practiced by the next immediate one except him/herself. 
Degradation or loss of nationalism is not new to this country as  its all pervading in india ;from a sweeper to the central ministers all are diving in it with full will and motion and self enjoyment.and who will dare to question him if to whom he/she supposed to be accountable/responsible  is also submerged with .
Indians get soon pleased with the salary perks and small rebate in income tax rule of every financial year and forget all corruption and price rise that has rotten and still rotting this country from the very gross root level.
Nobody can see anguish on the face of our countrymen particularly of big cities' educated people who read news paper with such news and slip all these news with the sip of tea cup.
social workers are shouting voices against govt. and staging everywhere against mis doings but govt knows the very fact of absence of nationalism among the countrymen and so is indifferent with all such demands and protests as also our PM says 'They are again in rule because of their good governance and it itself shows the manifestation of all doings of government by the public in elections".
Culprit of Nationlism
How simply we are loosing our freedom and right and ignoring the freedom fought for us by our great patriots.
with this last word i'll go to my routine work " Don't be so ignorant that you become habitual of corrupt life and you or your generation would be thrown into the next freedom war and this freedom war would not only be of independence from foreigners rule but also rule of our rotted nationalism: The forgotten Nationalism "

Saturday, March 19, 2011

India of Reservation

Any how i could manage my railway ticket from Mount Abu of rajasthan  just a day before Holi due to hault of trains caused by our Jaat community eager to be called backwards.of course their demand was inspired by the Gujjar's movement who played crucial roll to toll BJP government in rajasthan for the same demand of reservation quota in parallel with Meena community.railway department was in a pity condition in front of Jaat protesters lying over the railway tracks with full assurance that no one can dare to ran over train till the driver of his community is at the hot seat of government.
Every people of any community across the world like progress and development not only growth of self but also of country which are intertwined with each other's progress.everybody can be easily heard to claim for the ongoing revelation of corruptions ,wrongdoings of government ,cultural and ethical loss among people,damaged law & order situation of states and security aspects of country  and most often talk about the growth rate of country and try to match india with developed nations of world but what they don't want to change is the Quota they deserve allowed to them soon after Independence to come in line with the upper rich society group and to overcome from their then poverty situation so as to establish a society of egalitarian one.
By the time what was expected by the policymakers of constitution has become now a tool of such billionaire backwards who wish to stick with this privilege to exploit country's wealth and worth to the extent they can in the pretext of being poor or backword.
who will pay for hhundred of crore loss to railway due to this useless and senseless protest and demand of reservation,difficulties to lacs of people who will be deprived of to celebrate Holi with their family members with whom they rare meet except festival occasions  ?
Why should we expect to retian in our country talent and intelcts to not to go abroad if they get replaced by such quota generation ?
Mamta bainerjee is busy in her constituency to prepare for next coming election and UPA is sleeping with the blanket of corruption ;where will we go ??

Thursday, March 17, 2011

God of TSUNAMI:myth or truth

One of my friend ; preparing for Civil Services after his CA ,one day said over an ongoing debate among our colleague on a topic of Ramayana & Bhagwad Gita that he don't believe in God because his eminent teacher of IAS preparation is of belief that its the man only who is the almighty of his own because he is the architecture of all present development over the earth.and further nothing about the God will be asked in IAS examination so no need of learning ,searching about HIM.
Many other developed and learned people may agree and assent to the thought of my Friend's teacher as to if any thing is not going be part of pedagogy or not supposed to be asked for qualifying examination so whether it really meant to be practiced or worthy to dig it out for the facts and secrets behind it ?.
I'm not going to preach for atheism like any saints or monks nor wanna urge to anybody to indulge themself for deity worship but ask the simple thing "who brings tsunami like calamity and why capability of man who generates nuclear power and acclaim to be of world's architecture get helpless towards the havoc of nature".
Why the proudy and ambitious man ;busy in exploring every natural sources for the cause of development,ignoring cultural and ethical values for greed and hunger of fake rivalry,threat for the creatures of jungle and nature and also for their own human being ;don't wanna learn from the alarming bell of nature.
Ram Setu of course denotes the sentiments of a religion because it is the symbol of Lord Rama to whom Karunanidhi ignores to be exist ever however its other thing that who made possible Karunanidhi in this earth;but what if that Ram Setu would not have been  a preventive wall for the then Tsunami of December 26,2004 .nevertheless Ram setu was on target list of government to demolish it because of short route possibility for sea transport .its another matter as who will transport to whom if there would be a land of people swallowed by the ocean water.
Other than Tsunami there are so many questions which will remain to be answered by my friend or his teacher untill they'll try to realize the fact behind such calamities of nature.deadly forces of nature will never allow us to find out the post facto of Death because its out of any course syllabi and no teacher can explain and incorporate it in course untill he himself dig out its answer.
Any way you beleive or not but to me there is a God of Tsunami either myth or truth . but it cann't be a myth only which is now clear with the present scnario of Fukusima-Japan.
With the only message i want to stop my hand on keyboard -" Never try to become god of invention rather just remain the invention of GOD"........May the almighty restore the happiness of Japan as it was.