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Saturday, March 19, 2011

India of Reservation

Any how i could manage my railway ticket from Mount Abu of rajasthan  just a day before Holi due to hault of trains caused by our Jaat community eager to be called backwards.of course their demand was inspired by the Gujjar's movement who played crucial roll to toll BJP government in rajasthan for the same demand of reservation quota in parallel with Meena community.railway department was in a pity condition in front of Jaat protesters lying over the railway tracks with full assurance that no one can dare to ran over train till the driver of his community is at the hot seat of government.
Every people of any community across the world like progress and development not only growth of self but also of country which are intertwined with each other's progress.everybody can be easily heard to claim for the ongoing revelation of corruptions ,wrongdoings of government ,cultural and ethical loss among people,damaged law & order situation of states and security aspects of country  and most often talk about the growth rate of country and try to match india with developed nations of world but what they don't want to change is the Quota they deserve allowed to them soon after Independence to come in line with the upper rich society group and to overcome from their then poverty situation so as to establish a society of egalitarian one.
By the time what was expected by the policymakers of constitution has become now a tool of such billionaire backwards who wish to stick with this privilege to exploit country's wealth and worth to the extent they can in the pretext of being poor or backword.
who will pay for hhundred of crore loss to railway due to this useless and senseless protest and demand of reservation,difficulties to lacs of people who will be deprived of to celebrate Holi with their family members with whom they rare meet except festival occasions  ?
Why should we expect to retian in our country talent and intelcts to not to go abroad if they get replaced by such quota generation ?
Mamta bainerjee is busy in her constituency to prepare for next coming election and UPA is sleeping with the blanket of corruption ;where will we go ??

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