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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rehman Malik’s equality :Pak equals to LET

Disowned Kasab, ask further proof
                                                With false commitment at every roof
We, the worst victim of peace seeker
                                                             Still invite them to self spoof.

Why to hope for humanity
                          If inhumane by birth they are
Needless effort for tranquility
                                                        Those Inured to Jihad and war.

Unsafe in their own country
                                       Everyday demise in Jehadi war life
Expecting them to stop terror
                                        Seeking smooth edge in sharp knife??

If Rehman equates –Babri to Blast
                                                            If Babri equals 26/11
  Then Pak equals to LET
                                          Terrorist hub and Jehadi  heaven.

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