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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rape of Humanity

Who runs the whole universe   
                                                           Forgive us from all curse
Remove hurdles from all worse.
                                                    Never averse for any reverse.
She’s mom who give us birth
                                                 She’s sis lovely creature on earth
She’s daughter of priceless worth
                                                     Whose absence is a life dearth.
Whom you worship in Navratri
                                             To get strength and life tension free.
Whom you love and get marry
                                                Seeking your love dreaming scary.
Lechery eyes full of lust
                                     Voluptuous mind with genital gust
Who’ll cure your sick mind
                                                   Dirty gutter heart full of rust.
We lost a girl as a rape victim
                                              We lost a finest creation of God
Culprits are the whole humanity
                                     Who never demur and stand to prod.
What will happen through candle march?
                                     What you’ll change through street protest?
You need to look through your inner torch
                                       Your sexual desire and damn mind unrest.

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  1. Your anger is evident from your words. Well written.


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