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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Corporate Theft

Your lots of work and whole night labour
                                  Your relentless effort to put endeavour

Your dream to excel and advance regular
                                   Your quality worth and diligence ever !!

Your search of thoughts and professional trait
                                  Your own unique way of working slate

Your growing image and professional weight
                                           Bring closer your enemies to hate  !!

Your immediate boss feel insecure
                                           Your fellow colleague turn impure

They'll put you down with self inure
                                             Try their best to absorb you sure !!
They forget of what they promise
                                              leave nothing good so as to miss
It's become now corporate culture
                                              Corporate theft and pet flatterer !!


  1. well... thats a debatable subject.. and as a poem, honestly, it doesnt work for me. just my personal opinion.

    but the truth of what u have written.. that can be discussed. bcs there are so few absolutes in life. :)

    1. ofcourse debatable ....the poem is not for those who never allow such people to dominate ..but for those general guys suffring the daily theft in their corporate life and dare to raise voice...


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