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Monday, January 20, 2014

Lizard of politics and honest chameleon

Leaving his duty in secretariat (which after populist promises made during election campaign is burdensome and due to dream of becoming PM at the cost of Delhi, working in office is cumbersome) drama king Kejriwal is once again on Dharna. Road is the  most comfortable place to make allegations on existing system and to held all as dishonest and corrupt as you know he is the Only Honest on the earth.
His Dharna nautanki at Rail Bhawan in support of his controversial ministers and calling his aide rebel Binny as opportunistic and greedy  for his allegations of Kejri’s U Turn(you might be knowing that Road authority has planned to replace the road signals of U- Turn as Kejriwal- Turn) from every promise he made and vows with blend of high moral and honesty is only embarrassing the lizard himself of changing color and tongue so fast and probably he has forgotten his lust of power and politics before calling Binny so. Interestingly yesterday I saw one pic of Kejri on FB written with “Short term memory loss”.
Undaunted with the revelation of Vinod Kumar aka Binny and daily childish acts of his naïve team of ministry and party, Mr Nautanki is on full confidence to turn the earth with his Marxist vision and terrorist support and YES! With captioned cap AAM ADMI AuR MUJHE SWARAJ CHAHIYE!
Of which kind of Aam Admi he talks about and which Swaraj he wants to bring in is only known to his Kaushambi based team comprising a self announced national poet in designer dress, a lawyer family who are addicted to be treated with shoes and Chappals of Aam Admi,an analyst who is aspiring to become CM of Haryana pampered with the lucky draw of Delhi poll and once close aide of Rahul Gandhi, few convicted naxalists/Maoists/terrorist supporters  and rebels of regional parties and few desperate Khas Admi of corporate and media who have recently left  their job to become politician like Kejri & party.
A dirty sweter, muffler on neck and sandal with socks and XXXL size pant shirt are the definition of his self defined honesty and proof of his AAM AADMI status, its different matter what he wears in home and how his family live and what he did during the paid leave service of IRS in USA.
Kejriwal ,who was charged and penalized of not being up to the norms of his IRS service and was forced to pay for the ignorance of the regulations of the service terms; grew up in political galore with the media footage and coverage and TV appearance. And his addiction is still on to go everywhere with media like a TV actor and  While at the same time other states’ CM have started working for public for which they have been voted for, this Nautanki man is busy and busy with political stunt and new ambition of PM post.
After getting degree he ever avoided to serve for what he got the degree be it IIT or IRS although he was completely apolitical all the time so which forces are promoting Kejriwal in Indian politics? Why media is suddenly so please with Kejriwal and promoting him as a national leader despite his failure, lie and farce? Why is he being advertised so high with merely 29% vote in Delhi poll as if he has won the Delhi completely? Why his so called austerity and honesty which is already exposed in front of the nation is being promoted as nobody in India has born in politics with such traits? Why media linger behind every political stunt of AAP with manipulated news captions to mislead public and to make a good image of the party? Who are the forces working behind to make Kejriwal an opponent of Modi in coming Loksabha? Why some print and electronic media everyday projecting AAP as growing with high profile membership while at the same time other parties are also having high profile new entrants into fold?
Media sarcastically presenting his clean image but only few know his affiliations with Anti-nationals and foreign forces on whose behest he is being promoted in Indian politics to de-establish and curb the growing rise of Narender Modi -a clear threat to these foreign forces. His silence over the acts and policies of congress and other regional parties of states and a mute support to them as against a single project to oppose BJP with no facts and base speaks loudly his deal and reveals his role and character of dirty intent.
Where was he during official paid leave from IRS service? How did he get funding from Ford Foundation? For which work he got Ramon Magsaysay prize? How he managed campaigning from USA during assembly elections via Messages/calls/mails? Who were those NRI campaigned all the  time in Delhi during election ,his tie up with separatist ,terrorist ,maoist,naxalist and other NAC members of congress (Aruna Roy,Yogendra Yadav,Manish Sisodiya etc.)?.These are all a matter to be apprised to the public voted in illusion of his clean and publicized honest image.
Being apolitical and as an activist he was staging Dharna for the cleaning of political system and now as a CM he still wants to stage Dharna batting for the misdoings of his enthusiast ministers? It seems he finds niche in road shows and see himself more comfortable there than on ruling seat blaming others for the graft and claims.
No one has seen such a chameleon and honest liar who changes statement and promises every time he appears to the TV. Burdened with lots of issues pending at his desk to take action against those whom he was calling Chor and Lutera before election with proofs now maintaining a surprising mum over all and only voicing for Loksabha election and challenging BJP to contest against?

Let’s see how far this man would go to befool the high literate public of Delhi and it’s over enthusiast volunteers who have started questioning his working and governance.

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