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Monday, January 6, 2014

Con-man by Common man

Year 2013 and 2014 would be seen as a change and charisma of canoodling between corrupt and new bees born at the plea to eradicate the earlier. Claimed to be stood at the high moral ground one makes debut with eye catching captioned cap and dreamy promises to clean the mud and mess of existing politics with magic stick in hand and clear head to action against the tyrants and troops of corruption and loot. However soon after swearing in as CM, he reiterated the same lines once said by our mute PM “Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion “and “I have no magic stick.”
Interestingly, he again tweeted the same wording of PM’s a day before press conference; “Modi is dangerous for nation”. Probably world’s single honest man has find out some honesty with congress as also in reply of a demand by BJP to action against corrupt as he cried and claimed before and during election He said; ‘if Mr. Harshverdhan is having any proof against Ms Sheila, then I’ll take action making all of us a laugh of his dubious character if we recall his TV footage and 700 page allegations on Ex-Delhi CM.
With all dramatic anti national team of campaign comprising naxalist, seditionist, close aids and committee members of so called sheer political and ideological opponent , colony poet turned self announced popular poet who was yesterdays pro Hindu and sycophant of RSS & BJP and honesty influenced youngsters unaware of the history and politics with under probe foreign funded NGO’s who got funding for political dis-establishment from those known in the world for their conspiracy; the high admired and media sponsored Honesty party’ power thrust is now licking the feet of corrupt and thief giving them amnesty of what provoked the IRS turned anti corruption crusader to fight against them.
With mandate of 28 seats in Delhi assembly and various vows to through away corrupts including one of swearing on own children to never ever go with congress, now the lone honesty party of the world is merged with corrupt making the 36 MLA (including congress completely ignored by poll and one of JD-U burdened with several criminal charges in court) also honest in the wield of Referendum of selected supporters and reality show type mobile message count.
Soon after swearing in the Ram-Leela ground drama and political show off of metro ride, our Honest CM announced subsidy based free- bees with calculated tainted figures befooling delhiites and the NAYAK film hero also.
Ignoring Sarkari vehicle, residence and avoiding security & red beacons (much advertised by AAP in election campaign although SC has given verdict a year before that no MLA would use red beacons), they well orchestrated the austerity and high standard moral which within a week got shattered with the minister’s new branded car with VIP no. plate and Kejriwal’s booking of twin posh flats with 3 layer personal security.
Dr Harshverdhan, leader of opposition in Delhi assembly exposed Mr. Honest during confidence voting session alleging all his relations with terrorists, funding from Ford Foundation (NGO of USA known for their funding in other countries for political disestablishment and it is under probe by investigating agencies for total fund receipt and purpose), false promises and subsidy driven policy, fake information aired during election campaign for Jan-loKPal, political necessities for tie ups, his caucus settlement with congress ,insult by him to the martyrs and efforts to allure a community by kissing the feet of infamous and hardcore Muslims, unwanted and anti nation move by his Naxal and terror supporter- controversial lawyer #Bhushan & Son and his dubious announcement for water and electricity with framed calculation of figures.
Dr Harshverdhan questioned his metro ride drama (special metro run for his swear in ceremony and 4000 security deployed at Ram-leela amounting to crore rupee expense by a leader of AAM aadmi) and show off for political gain.
With all this episode now Mr. Honest is planning to contest LS poll and challenging Mr. Modi to dare because he is confident and ready to befool nation after Delhi’s poll and thinking himself brainy that how cleverly he managed to catch vote of anti incumbency and BJP supporters in Delhi with tag line in campaign DELHI ME KEJRI AUR DESH ME MODI.
From past few days’ media especially AAJ Tak is projecting this new Nero of Delhi as the super hero of politics and few people in influence are pouring in to have the membership of AAP across the cities and with this response AAM AADMI Party is overwhelmed.
With the recent revelation of true honesty of AAP in front of the nation and their joint effort with congress and communists to curb the clear rise of Mr. Modi, we can only say to wait and watch the political development in coming months.

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