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Friday, December 27, 2013


He talks everything
             but not economics
Nor development structure
          and growth dynamics!
Nor national security
           and currency statics
Nor daily needs 
            and market tricks!!
Nor business model 
               and trade matrix
Nor inflationary trends 
                                 and policy -growth mix!!

He talks SWA-RAJ
                like Pre-Independence
He supports Marxist 
              challenges federal fence??

He wear Captioned cap 
                  for political change
And CHANGE in tacit way 
                 of Political exchange ??

What he think for Communal Violence Bill ?
How he"ll protect our coastal and Hill?
Whom he supports for riot and kill ?
Why keep mum over diplomacy skill?

Whats your view for sovereignty?
How you define Political Honesty?
 An Honesty tie with amnesty ???

1 comment:

  1. Dear Saurabh

    Your article is very relevant for National Politics.

    But for state government, some local issues relating to administration are relevant, let see if some honest benchmark can be made on local issues, it may help public in monitoring and showing examples to other national parties.

    Although I understand and support the big national parties but after listing the leaders on the day of becoming CM, it appears that they are also not mature, secondly being the largest party, they have not framed the government.

    They should play a role of elder brother, rather criticising on issues without providing evidence.

    Further if some MP of opening though process are selected, we can fine some good opposition in place. Further this party seems to better than other regional parties who are just for politics, hope some leaders from public will come to place of some dormant old faces.

    I am not a party worker of APP and even has not given my vote to APP in Delhi election, but looking into the scenario, it may result in something fresh.

    Lets keep a watch and hope for something fresh.

    May post my views on your blog.

    Best wishes

    Birjesh Bansal


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