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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Prodding the Pride

Kalki Koechlin ;Wife of film producer Anurag Kashyap and bollywood actress who is better known for her bold scene and scripts, quotes budget allocation of 200 Cr should be for a giant sexy women instead of the Statue of Unity –Sardar Patel so that men can stare at ;I don’t know whom she wanted to refer with her lusty eyes and what sense it makes except to the TOI where her excerpts got place on the editorial page?
Kingshuk Nag of TOI writes an article on the issue sensing it as Modi mind and many others in the media are crying and calling it as wastage of public fund and diverting the money meant for else development.
TOI reported Kalki’s say in a box on the editorial page like others since the union budget has declared so. And there are many on social sites discussing and debating over the issue.
I also heard many people in my profession and during travel on office timing in the Delhi metro cursing government for the move.
While scrolling the facebook, I saw one factful shared post with thousands likes chiding the so called intellects voicing against the Statue of Unity.
The Post interestingly mocks Indians who go to have glimpse of Statue of Liberty in USA, Spring Temple Budhha in China, Eiffel Tower in France and For Cristo Redentor in Brazil.
The problem is not of allocating budget of 200 Cr for building 182 Ft statue of Sardar Patel but the mindset of Indian people who’s nurturing and education has been in such an environment that they never think proud and feel glory of our history and great patriots and infact no knowledge of the historical events of great leaders.
The man who saved India’s sovereignty and strategically united the divided states post independence across India; which was at the verge to become separate states now facing criticism for his sacrifice to the Indian people?
India; where thousands of development project and public structures are in the name of  only Nehru family and interestingly in the borrowed name of Gandhi and where acres of prime land and hundreds of govt. structure & institutions are named in the flattery of Nehru turned Gandhi family only in the National capital Delhi alone, budget allocation of mere Rs. 200 Cr for the ambitious project of Indian Pride and glory to commemorate and give honor to the great patriot is being questioned by people for whom he sacrificed his life ??
The pedagogy of school and college curriculum devoid of true Indian history and sans the great martyrdom and sacrifice of our freedom fighters puts our generation in oblivion of the knowledge which they are supposed to have to feel gut and pride about the country.
After independence the history were written by paid writers to misguide the generation and it was a clearly laid conspiracy to let Indian generation feel disgust about their own leaders and this is the reason that modern people and youngsters simply question the very cause of the building of such statue.
The statue is not only to recall the legacy of Sardar Patel but to let the whole world know the respect we give to our freedom fighters and leaders.
Every country in the world remembers their great personalities and let its generation know about them through every means they can .In turn the countrymen feel proud over the legacy of legendry and gives the country back in return in the same spirit because they know the worth of sacrifice and devotion done by the their forefathers which is taught to them since childhood and also learned by themselves because of the quest and love to the country.
It’s the tragedy of India only where people are so averse to the historical glory that they stoutly criticize any step of national pride in the name of development and such people go abroad to see and praise the similar glory of foreign nations.



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  1. I hope you know the era of statue of liberty, Eiffel tower and their economic condition too. India too has heritage structures , the temples from the Golden age( gupta period) but that was the period of where the flow of gold was at its peak. These are things to admire. But now crores of money spent on a statue isn't a great idea if you go through the figures of poverty and unemployment. Vo daur kuch or tha ye daur kuch or hai. This is pseudo nationalism and nothing else.


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