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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Unending Cry: Islam and women

Yesterday while reading about Ebola, I came across the term FVM on Google and related pics. Although my quest was to dig out the facts behind the deadly viral Ebola spreading in African countries and serious threat to India too. But the mutilation pics and literature in Google which incidentally took my attention and Meerut-UP incidence of rape and conversion in madersa; raised by MP-Meerut Mr. Rajendra Aggarwal in parliament yesterday, was the only nightmare I dreamt last night.
Circumcision in Islam was known to me since schooling when I used to hear abusing Hindu guys to Muslims for their cut foreskin and after grown up I also realized the cruelty over women in Islam through polygamy, multiple child production and Burka(Mask).
But this vaginal mutilation term was so heinous and cruel than to imagine and see in reality the dirty and inhuman thought.
The havoc doesn't end only to rape and force conversion but to the removal of Fallopian tube of the victim lady of Meerut like in Nirbhaya case.
This incidence is not new as there are lacks of such victim Hindu girls alone in India who have been forcefully eloped and converted to Islam and then left away after the sexual satisfaction and child birth because of their available Sariyat Law ;mocking the common civil code of Indian government.
Allurement of Hindu girls and forceful religion conversion is continue since Mughal empire in India and the present population of Indian Muslims including those in Bangladesh & Pakistan are generation of their timid Hindu forefathers, who adopted Islam in seek of safety and protection from the Mughal cruelty then.
A single religion on earth centered only on human genital part and sickness of lustful mind which observes women only as a means of population increase and sexual desire.
I could recall an incidence .I was returning from Bangalore in Karnatka Exp. last month and my berth was among the Madrasa student going Pune. In a day long journey my fellow -a Sikh passenger started chatting with those student studying in Madrasa. It was really a surprise that most of them aged 18-20, with long beard were married and were of full mood for the second and subsequent marriage having 2-3 kids at present itself.
They were so keen and excited citing this and on our surprise about this fact they laughed at and explained this is necessary for “expanding Jamat”.
When I asked,”where did you learn and who taught all this”. He awfully quoted Quran and preaching of Madrasa priest .We also inquired his view on Jihad and tried to know the thinking of Madrasa, it was exact the same that I once read in a book written by Dr Praveen Togadia and an English version of Quran written by a British Muslim. They do Jihad for Jannat and Hoor (beautiful girls) in Jannat. And Jihad is war against Kafir (all religion except Muslims).
However, in the backdrop of recent Meerut incidence or the hundreds of rape victims only in this quarter after the election, we cannot paint rapist to a particular religion but UP in the rule of SP has now become the hub of rape and riots.
Thanks to the Election 2014 for the Modi mandate to rout appeasement and fake secularism politics but still the ruling regional parties like SP and Trinmool Congress are leaving no stone left to appease Muslims and surprise silence over the barbaric incidence of majority of the country in the name of pseudo secularism to preserve the Muslim vote bank.
The situation becomes more worse when media section keep mum and maintain silence on such issues done by Muslims and cry day-night for a minor non issue done by a Hindu against Muslim.
The Roti-Ramjan issue is most recent example of media’s sham reporting where a forceful bread feeding by an MP to the mess in charge for mismanagement becomes national prime and a forceful rape and conversion with cruelty find no place in media prime reporting.
During election campaign, I watched Modi’s last media interaction with Arnab Goswami on Times Now where he stoutly scolded Arnab over his question of secularism and communalism and called it news trading and warned as to when the media section and the sick political class would get over from narrow mindset. Unfortunately after the formation of Modi govt. still it’s going on and I hope Modi soon will curb the double standard politics and reporting by media.
Rape and sexual assault against women is a burning issue and it’s really out of control if we talk about UP and Akhilesh Rule but it is a matter of mindset and thinking rather a cruelty and sexual desire.
Loss of morality, faith and fear from almighty is breeding all this and it is growing day by day as we are losing educational and spiritual values.
 Where in Hindu religion we believe “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Devtah” and we worship goddess as a power and wisdom source, still the devils are roaming then what about a religion which talks about Noor in Jannat to justify Jihad and genital mutilation as a religious symbol ?? Where the whole Quran is based on sexuality and genital desire then how could we expect protection in society??
I would sum up with this poem written during Nirbhaya case –Rape of Humanity
Who runs the whole universe
                                     Forgive us from all curse
Remove hurdles from all worse.
                                   Never averse for any reverse.
She’s mom who give us birth
                                 She’s sis lovely creature on earth
She’s daughter of priceless worth
                                         Whose absence is a life dearth.
Whom you worship in Navratri
                                       To get strength and life tension free.
Whom you love and get marry
                                                Seeking your love dreaming scary.
Lechery eyes full of lust
                                               Voluptuous mind with genital gust
Who’ll cure your sick mind
                                                          Dirty gutter heart full of rust.
We lost a girl as a rape victim
                                         We lost a finest creation of God
Culprits are the whole humanity
                                   Who never demur and stand to prod.
What will happen through candle march?
                             What you’ll change through street protest?
You need to look through your inner torch
                                 Your sexual desire and damn mind unrest.


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