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Thursday, November 21, 2013


"I could  have earned crores when I was Income Tax commissioner ";probably for this remorse of resigning the post and regretting for not earning that "crores",Kejriwal strategically planned to climb the crore value ladder of becoming a public figure with Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement a few years back with controversial lawyer Bhushan & Sons.

Hazare who is miffed at Kejriwal's political ambition and use of his name for political gains in Delhi assembly polls by #AAP ,utilization of fund collected under the banner of India Against Corruption with false claims by Kejriwal that he would pass Lokpal Bill after getting victory (befooling delhites as Bill can only be passed at Parliament not in assembly);would not have smeared about the planned strategy of Arvind & friends.

Crores of fund collected during the crusade of Hazare ,database of people and mass public support which made the movement a great success wouldn't have achieved without the active and visible support of BJP,RSS,ABVP and other saffron outfits who were with Anna because of the issues BJP itself voices to.(and this is why Hazare and Kiran Bedi distanced themselves after conversion of #IAC to #AAP)

Opportunistic Kejriwal,who was apparently sheer opponent of corruption and unethical behaviour of Congress is now himself footing into the rage by appeasing hardcore muslim outfits to allure the muslim voters as he recently requested #Tauqeer Raja Khan to campaign for AAP ,who was held culprit in #Muzaffarnagar riot and appealed to various muslim groups for the AAP kind of justice in the Bathla House encounter case calling it fake (See video- which his close aide Bhushan had also filed a PIL in the court and this way denying the martyrdom of brave delhi police officers even knowing the fact that Bathla House encounter was declared right by court.
He is stooping such low that recently he has released a pamphlet urging delhi's muslims to vote only to AAP as according to the pamphlet- only AAP  is secular and can secure their seeded interest for which Election Commission has also slapped a show cause notice for violating the moral code of conduct of campaigning on communal lines and below political standard.

His manifesto talks about electricity and corruption which is already one of the core concern of BJP and being a national party with its good track record of ruling state government and NDA ,what else AAP is going to give for the employment, national security ,development and economy?
His close aide Bhushan advocates for the referendum in Kashmir and joins hand with separatists of J&K and Kejriwal keeps mum over the alarming issues of country's security rather follows a cheap politics like Congress & SP in UP to appease muslims and promoting divisive policy in the country and dividing the countrymen on caste and religion.

Kejriwal & Co has nothing to do with the fair politics but to spread rumour of falsification with tainted aides and news like congress and to destroy the growing imgae of #BJP and clearly he is playing a character role of congress to divide vote percentage of BJP in Delhi for which #AAP is getting huge funding even from unidentified foreign donors.


  1. Thank you for giving these reason to vote for #AAP

    1. to inform is my duty,to vote is ur right..thnku too

  2. since when did residents of delhi become"hardcore muslim outfits" asshole???

    1. since u Fu****g guys r blind knowing the fact that Netaz of seeded interests and residents of Bathla Hose and Muslim outfits of delhi repeatedly calling it fake at every front ....nonsense!!

  3. I was a BJP supporter till the last week but when I saw how low media can fall and how badly BJP representative were supporting sting operation with no logical reasoning, they lost my faith. BJP I thought was a party with a difference but it was appalling to see them joining hands with congress . Don't you think APP will pose a better competition for BJP than congress. It seems you love your country a lot..for its betterment only I feel BJP vs AAP is way healthier competition than BJP vs corrupt Congress. Come out of your narrow outlook, make it broad for the love of your motherland.

    1. first of all thanks fr the read n ur valuable comment...sting on AAP is illogical and was logical of what Kejriwal stung on innocent BJP leaders from where he started career of his daily exposure (as it was an easy means to defame BJP and to climb politics quickly with media coverage) and framed/doctored allegations and today they r blaming BJP for the alleged sting ? nowhere I have said that its congress better than AAP.I'm just pointing out the said moral n ethics that AAP people were supposed to bear to.i definitely want to bring a fair competition in politics that's why I attended every gathering of India Against Corruption despite my hectic office schedules for the honesty they were presenting that time at the starting phase of Anna's movement.but they are doing now-read AAP's manifesto pls. they crossed the appeasement of what SP n Congress r in india just to allure muslim votes? defaming BJP just because they want to stand in politics?with no agenda for employment and most importantly national security n economy hez just mum?.. m not in narrow thought r vision ..its the public who r in just sarcastic influence of an opportunistic naïve man having high political ambitions in attire of said AAM aadmi.if he is so pure n honest so y he left Anna n bedi and not followed Annaz instruction ?it the Anna with whom he gained name n fame and he left his hands just for political desire? his aide Kumar Vishwas has been strong follower of BJP and now tone is changed just bcz of dream that he wud become a minister in delhi?...why they forgot depicting high moral during sting to collect amount in cash ? and further more in front of media a AAP candidate says that we"ll protest and defame anyone just for Donation..Bullshit honesty... and how and why r saying that vedio is doctored .. every sting has a doctored feature ..and Anuranjan Jha has asked to every media and constitutional outfit to come and watch raw footage ..still u r blaming fr sting.. hope u ll rethink of what u said.. always welcome fr a healthy debate.thnx

    2. As I told you that I was a BJP supporter till the last week..I want to tell you my experience when Gadkari episode was going on. I used to switch channel just to avoid bashing of BJP by news channels. I just didn't want to see how drivers and others became company directors and all. It was very difficult to watch bashing of the party that you love. This was the extent I used to love BJP even if everybody knew there was a scam but surely not up to congress standards. I totally ignored it and carried on. But lately I started thinking that these guys have come to politics to be a minister or for the service of the nation. If you want to serve people why do you have to have become a minister and perform some unethical and illegal things and then fight back for your position/seat. In the process these people forget about the NATION and the ppl. According to me selfless people should be there in politics and thats what I learnt till the time I was associated with RSS..yes RSS.

      And seriously you really think IAC was going any where..??? Even I attended their gatherings but did govt buzz at all?? No!! and thats y you also stopped going to their gatherings and again got busy with ur office schedules. It was the ideal time for BJP to capture people's imagination. But ..and a big but there were lot of things which IAC i.e. ppl of India (including me for sure and you perhaps) wanted, which BJP simply could give them (or promise them). I don't want to mention that big list. I expected a lot from BJP but they failed to promise..But my faith carried on..

      You say AAP doesn't have a vision..I agree with you but they seem to have something that I feel no other party has. They have will to do. And you really think that they play with India' security with such a vibrant modern media. Also I am sure these guys have much better vision than Mulayam, Maya, Nitish, pappu etc..That is why I was talking about BJP vs AAP. Since they can provide a lot of things, which BJP right now cannot provide at all (mainly transparency). And when Lalu, Mulayam, Maya, Yeddurappa can rule states. don't these guys deserve one chance in Delhi. May be these guys are fake..but what if they are not. And thats how my affection towards my beloved party started fading and it grew towards the will to change/improve the nation.
      And then the sting dear learned friend..please plz don't try to defend it in anyway. we all know the background of Anuranjan Jha and Deepak Chaurasia. They have made the journalistic standards so low that tomorrow you and I may be caught for buying a pepsi in cash or saying 'yes' 'yes' or 'OK'.

      I really appreciate the points that you made.. Few days back I was also having the same line of reasoning. The only difference is your bond is still strong with the party and mine is not. Thats where line of reasoning changes.

      You asked me to rethink, I ask BJP to rethink. You call AAP opportunistic, I attribute it to BJP's failure to get the pulse of the nation. Still there is a lot of time for them to address ppl's demand for transparency, accountability, swift action. We can chat all day long..but that wont result in judicial reforms (first priority in my list)..Some one need to commit to change and change it fast. Be it BJP or AAP, I rally don't care now. First class people of India, cannot be governed by second (BJP) or third class (Congress) parties. I don't have a voice in BJP but if you have .. Please convey my concerns to BJP. I wish them all the best for 2014.

    3. Correction in 2nd para: which BJP simply could "not" give them (or promise them).


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