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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beef hungry Karnataka voted for congress: Defeated nation not the BJP

With the proven record of whole system failure of congress government at center having great appetite to loot and corrupt India the extent they can as they are doing since more than 50 years with this helpless country ,the state Karnataka Congress was in hunger of beef much eager than those community who declares themselves to be the passionate consumer for the beef ,as soon after resuming CM post Siddaramaiah announced reversal of Anti cow slaughter act advocating  the taste and passion of beef eaters and leather need shows his alacrity to appease and play caste game-in which the whole congress is expert and has a bloody history ;the very reason MK Gandhi was of the view to dissolve the then congress after independence because he knew the fact that then congress led by Nehru has taken a shape that would destroy this country and certainly the fact is visible today.

Still recalling the speech of Narendra Modi in Belgaum-south Karnataka during state election campaign and the scornful factual public address in Bangalore on 28th of April -the day I landed in Bangalore; what he warned Karnataka men has started taking shape just after a day of Siddaramaiah’s sworn as the state CM.

Siddaramaiah announced to waive off loan dues of SC/ST/ backwards and Minorities and moved to reverse back the prevention of cow slaughter act with some other waving announcement with a sheer and definite target of 2014 election to lure voters the same way congress did in 2009 by waving of agriculture loan.

Innocent people forget the fact that how congress will recover this huge coffer loss which in sudden instance seem to voters as a benevolent government. But Public soon realize this conspiracy when they live with scarcity and force to cut off even their daily needs through the government tenor with high price rise and corruption all round.  Where you are not even able to count the loot figure of taxpayer’s hard money anyway. 

Advani may write in his blog of the expected poll outcome in Karnataka due to division of state BJP in KJP and BSR Congress and sharing of total BJP vote percentage, I also don’t want to be indulge in after poll analysis as the Karnataka people are enough literate to decide their fate; what is an alarming havoc at the country face is to how to curb anti-national forces to come into power. 

In an environment where government is being jeered on daily basis by SC for the alleged maligning of governmental agencies and inaction for the revelation of daily corruption in every ministry and impotency of foreign ministry in dealing with neighboring countries and to the world, where the common man is striving to cope the family demands even after earning more than he could, where national security is at the brisk, where the cultural harmony and education system is at the verge of loss, where home grown Islamic terror outfits are being nourished so as to suppress the majority of this country just to attract their community votes ,where every policy decisions are community centric to appease them with elections in mind ;they are still getting full majority despite the giant failure and inaction and attested political impotency.

With an ambition of bringing Pink Revolution (slaughter of cow and other animals)in the country for which UPA is offering huge financial support to butcher houses and announcement of cow slaughter act by newly elected Karnataka congress govt. is not only to appetite the watering mouth of Muslims and the backward community to which Siddaramaiah belongs to but it’s an effort to hammer the cultural ethos of this country .

A country which was once known for its agricultural and animal prosperity, a country respected around the world for its preaching’s of compassion and peace and purity of life,a country where we see god in trees and animals is now moving to supply flesh with Pink Revolution to the world.

Karnataka! Keep in mind, congress is not only going to slaughter the cows, but gradually proceeding to assassinate your dreams and needs and of course the slaughter of the India’s culture and tradition.


  1. This is what happens when people don't have enough option while they go for vote. Obviously people were not so happy with BJP government in Karnataka so to uproot that government people voted for Congress. Sadly now the appeasement process and other damaging policies will be applied in Karnataka too.

  2. ofcourse BJP paid for what Yeddu and sons did but what Karnataka people get uprooting BJP in State?.... a worse politics of corruption and caste !!....and yes it was the partition of BJP vote among KJP and BSR that ousted BJP not the public support to UPA ..Thanks for comment

  3. Well written article Saurabh..!! I absolutely echo your expressed views and feel very bad for the state of Karnataka in general and cows in particular.

    I have also tried to explore this topic in my blog article at the below given link:


  4. its true that this image is from bangladesh , but its circulated in india especially on social sites saying its from up,karnataka,hyderabad etc. 


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