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Monday, April 11, 2011

Crusade of Hazare:Not purged with defects

Ahead of Ramnawmi,the passionate imagination of Ramrajya;the heriditary seeded dream of  every indian including Mahatma Gandhi and of recent again rejuvenated by Anna Hazare who conceptualize it in a way as Hope of all-Janlokpal.
It was an idyll moment to see indian youth over networking social sites and taking part of strike at Jantar-Mantar despite their hectic routine schedule.
As described and orchestrated it was an apolitical movement with a pinch of salt of presence of Agnivesh;an infamous pro-maoist and agent of maoist and foreign anti nation forces who often can be seen to stand up in strong support of inhuman maoist- hunger of bloodshed and for his pseudo secularist drama.
This ill famed and so called Swami-Agnivesh is also a trusted mediator of congress whose every stand in public is just to befool countrymen with his infatuation secularism propaganda and to be very frank always to appease congress and licking policy of congress towards a special minority community in lust of vote.
An illfamed sham Swami
Wearing saffron outfit he; in the pretext of Hindu Monk  ,is the only strong supporter of saffron Terror & Hindu Terror ;a self conceived notion of his himself oriented to protect perpetrators of terror in connivance of some cross border forces and having a tacit agreement with them to defame the hindu culture,hindu saints so as to suppress and conceal the government's anti-nation activities with the help of like minded media group preferably the HT print media.
Its really surprising as to how could organisor's of  India Against Corruption who strongly opposed other eminent and renowned social activists having their past or present belongings to some political parties ,to come with hazare for strike and expressly announced every where that this is a non-political mass-movement;shared stage and invited Agnivesh;the disgusting sham swami who is an ill known agent of congress and also was associated with politics in Haryana Government in past.
Also apropos to Anna's draft bill, ruling party's ministers are involved to be part of proposed committee for its enactment which doesn't have any scope for the opposition party in the parliament  which make it questionable to be a democratic movement at all.
Its also because  it is the opposition whose contribution in the strike of Hazare can not be ruled out to make it a grand success in a few days only by making it a mass movement across country  by urging people to join the cause.
Seemingly the proposed Bill & committee formed for its enactment with odor of dynasty in the selected members doesn't appear to be purged with all defects because it is susceptible to take shape of other existing agency of probe ;if anyhow it may come true with Act in parliament.

" Of course India is against corruption but with true motive and unbiased approach for its  accomplishment and enactment. "


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