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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kasab,Afjal and the like Vs. Congress Govt.

India ;a country suffered with multiple problems either it be matter of internal security in terms of Naxallites,Maoists,ULFA,BODO and others or PAK projected Islamic Terrorism, is being ruled up by the UPA government in its second term of UPA coalition with majority of MP's and without any threat of CPI or Lalu Prasad with firm commitment to public to provide peace and prosperity all round .
UPA's commitment is much far from the fact as we  live in a country  where  terrorists sentenced to death enjoy the legal facade benefits despite their proven hands in massacre,where cruel naxallites move freely to let thousands of innocent people die their unnatural death ,where so called learned people and sudo secularists and biased political parties favour openly to the giants of humanism in lust of vote,where minority community overrule the emotions of wholeheartedness of Hinsdus ,where every week multiple crores of rupees are floated to restructure and rebuild the damages and compensation to the victims caused due to unprecedented heinous attacks every now and then ,where ministers commit high profile promises that always awaits to come out from papers itself.
In our country a long list of terrorists are with judicial authorities to hang up but they are enjoying in jail like guests from decades in hope of mercy  petition  and  surprisingly  Govt.  contends that  there is delay due to procedural  norms.
Delhi government in last 10 years didn't get time to proceed further the file of Afjal Guru because of upcoming Elections and supposed anger of Muslim voters.Kasab is sentenced to death but no doubt he too may be lucky like Afjal on the mercy of UPA government .
We are  destined to live up with such a paralyzed  Government which is celebrating its Successful Rule of  UPA-2 with  apparent failure at every front  ;continuous price rise,NAREGA  scam,Internal and Boarder security,foreign policy ,controversial statements of its trusted ministers etc.

In a nutshell India is a safe country to Pakistani terrorist and internal inhumane giants not for AAM AADMI.

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