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Monday, June 7, 2010

Shiela Dixit's allegation on Patil......Shame Congress...Shame

A day before delhi's CM Mrs. Shiela Dixit accepted in an interview the open secret for which during elections congress has contended that there is delay in hanging out Afjal due to legal procedure but now she has accepted that its due to Shivraj Patil for delay in File proceedings................Mrs. Shiela Dixit & Mr. Patil are responsible to the Indian people to reply for their moral duty with which they are bound to serve for the nation and for what nation gives them the power to rule upon no way they can scape for the only reason that someone has not forwarded something .
This incidence again reveals out the truth of congress that it has the only policy of appeasement in its very core at the cost of national sovereignty ,dignity and security .
Country needs answer from UPA Govt. as to for them whether "Afjal is important or countrymen".whether they have mercy for Kasab or for the Martyrs of country ???
Patil and Shiela both should come to the public to answer otherwise it would be construed that terrorist have connivance with congress...........A shameful act towards country !!!!!

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