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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Think Tankers of India- Really They Are ?

Some days ago read an article in a leading news paper of india and also heard a lot about the Rangnath Misra Committee's report ;a reflection of the odour of appeasement like ever .as per the report minority in India are being tolerated by Hindu hardcore and they are unable to come in line with the development of the country due to such suppression .report says they are not getting privileges of government grants/benefits and they suffer & face harassment in the country than in the other part of the world .

Can i ask to such torchbearers of so called tripidated Minorities that what they'd call to those Militants caught in blasts over the world having degree of' Engnng. or studying in national/International universities .despite government's continuous call for pedagogy appraisal of Madarsa Board they deny to cope with just because of fundamentalist approach and that of Paggamber's Order .
They fire national flags ,oppose openly to reciprocate national anthem,made expatriate Kasmiri Pandit in their own homeland ,sound anti national slogans ,support anti national activities,deny to follow population eradication movement,accustomed of polygamy and specially with Hindu girl ;are they still being exploited by majority community or everyday maligning the emotions of latter ??.

Oh!!!  think tankers of India stop sudo secularism !!! don't spoil this country again in the name of caste/creed and for Vote lust .

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