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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Awake India from fake media

This to the demand of secession by Geelani & Arundhati Roy in a debate held at Delhi a few days ago ...................

How lean we go,to cope seclude r's fire,
                       They impeach sovereignty with secession desire .

Paralyzed govt appease those separatists,
                       Bubble    of      water and      fit   to         the fist .

'Jammu' is crying with such invaders,
                       ohh! UPA is only     with       impotent    leaders .

Pet of 'PAK' came delhi for sedition,
                        NDTV    channeled      it with   clear ambition  .

How dare They are ,to sound Anti-nation?
                        Congress!!get over from 'Muslim Profession' 

How we survive with bought media ,
       Awake India!! from Secular fob ea .    

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