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Monday, June 18, 2012

Prez Poll:Hunt of a Pet not The Patriarch

After rollback of Mulayam Singh leaving Mamta Banerjee chastened; a fickle character of all regional parties having permutations of their seeded interest with central government and a part of political pragmatism, now UPA with dithered rebellious allies is on the go to fill the Prez Post with another party pet to play a mute role and to be duty bound to the UPA’s ill wishes.

The similar way ,the State governors are appointed to work at behest of central government and the ultimate flattering foes are deputed with the charge so as to carry on their loyalties to the ruling party, Presidential Post ;chief of all such sycophant Yes –Mans have become contagious now.

A dignity post has now become a departmental vacancy to execute the task assigned under the blessings of the patron party or to keep mum over the ill doings of the ruling government.

Now, the two representative of the country –President and Prime-minister are supposed to deliver highly elaborative illusive speeches on Independence and Republic day only written by their respective advisors; the intent and content of which have no relation with the facts and reality.

Thus the duo dignity- turned-fiduciary posts are now meant to certify and authenticate the wrong doings of the ruling party and to work like the Spoke-persons of the mentor political party at center.

Satisfied with the flattery of Pratibha Patil for which she was coroneted and no-body knows what worth she did during her tenure, hunt of new pet is further effort to traditionalize this flattery culture to be at party’s beck and call ;a must feature of Indian polity and beaurocracy.   


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