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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tragedy Tale- FDI in Retail

To get rid of colonial rule,
                                 fought along to preserve resources pool.
In the name of globalization,
                                         indecisive  FDI to make   us    fool.

Economist PM with necessary knowledge tool,
                                seems to have lost his economy school.
Worst inflation and needless plan(Five Year Plan),
                                                    GDP stat leads us to yawn.

Nothing is left from those British trapper,
                                          again inviting via FDI plan paper
FDI in retail for sham opportunity,
                                            to vanish traditional retail unity.

Reminding the era of East India Company,
                                         came india for business and trade.
Ruled us for more than 100 years,
                                         still   carrying  the ill  they  made.

Overseeing india's economy in obsess of USA
                 bit is left from corruption rest inviting MNC to play.
What good they do we can't understand,
                                     but certain we'll beg with bowl in hand.

Facing FDI in higher education,
                                             certain to humiliate own institutions
Now target the retail sector,
                                       To make us dependant on foreign nation.


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